5 Non-Aerosol Hairsprays That Actually Work—and Better for the Planet

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Hairspray has come a long way from the stiff, crunchy products your mom used in the '80s. The latest and greatest options not only give you hold without the crunch, but they're also much better for the environment because they're dispensed via non-aerosol propellants. The term "aerosol" refers to the delivery system of traditional hairsprays, which have historically been packaged in containers using compressed gas.

The biggest contributors of aerosols into the atmosphere are from cars, planes, and factories, but small contributors like hair products can also add up over time. This is a problem because when used en masse, they contribute to climate change, and we should all be doing our part to help reduce our carbon footprints, and opting for a non-aerosol hairspray is an easy way to do it.

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The new class of non-aerosol hairsprays will help you reduce your carbon footprint while still holding your hairstyles in place. These formulas are packaged as a liquid—instead of a liquid suspended in a gas—and feature an "atomizer attachment," like a pump sprayer, that uses springs, valves, and tubes to mix the liquid with air and emit the liquid as small droplets propelled in short bursts.

While non-aerosol hairsprays are the clear winner when it comes to eco-friendly options, there's a common misconception that they don't work as well as their aerosol-style counterparts.  But according to hairstylists, that's not the case. To help you settle on a formula that's good for the environment and your strands, we tapped five celebrity hairstylists for non-aerosol hairsprays that work. Their picks ahead.

1. Bumble And Bumble Holding Spray, $22

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"I love Bumble And Bumble Holding Spray because it has amazing holding power while remaining brushable and lightweight in the hair," says celebrity hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz. He adds that it also contains an ingredient called "dimethicone copolyol," a polymer that helps to reduce frizz. "A lot of sprays without this ingredient can actually exacerbate or cause frizz," he says.

Shop now: Bumble And Bumble Holding Spray, $22

2. Biolage Finishing Spritz, $19

Photo: Biolage


If you're looking for a hairspray that dries quickly, locks your style in place, and stands up to even the most intense humidity, celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook is a major fan of this one. "I love that it's infused with blue agave nectar because the spray acts as a hair treatment, strengthening and repairing damaged hair, while also locking in your style,"  she says. She loves to use it for taming flyaways, and suggests spritzing it on your brush then combing it through your strands.

Shop now: Biolage Finishing Spritz, $19

3. Tresemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray, $11

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"This hairspray creates an ultra-fine mist that helps with product distribution without the aerosol," says celebrity hairstylist and Tresemmé ambassador Justine Marjan. She loves the fact that it stands up to humidity without leaving behind a sticky residue or stiff-looking hair. Because it doesn't leave your hair crunchy, it's also a good hairspray for fine hair.

Shop now: Tresemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray, $11

 4. Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay Intense Hold Fast Dry Non-Aerosol Hairspray, $17

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"Big Sexy Hair's Spritz & Stay Intense Hold Fast Dry Non-Aerosol Hairspray is amazing because it's not too sticky and gives you a good hold," says celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko. "I like to spray it directly onto my fingers or on a comb and run over flyaways at the root for a polished look. Or if you prefer a bit of texture, it can also give you that." When trying it out for yourself, be sure to hold the can six to 10 inches away from your hair to ensure the product is evenly distributed.

Shop now: Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay Intense Hold Fast Dry Non-Aerosol Hairspray, $17

5. Kenra Super Hold Finishing Spray Volume Spray, $19

Photo: Kenra

ManeAddict Hairstylist Sabrina Porsche ranks this spray as one of her top three favorites (the other two include previously mentioned products by Big Sexy Hair and Tresemmé). “It's a great non-aerosol option from a trusted brand.” She adds, “the hold has a light feel to it, with more of a grit, perfect for texture and medium hair types. I typically use this on soft waves to set the look.”

Shop now: Kenra’s Super Hold Finishing Spray Volume Spray, $19

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