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Best of 2014: Most Controversial

Sarah Sarway

Naked Yoga
Co-ed naked yoga debuted in New York this year. (Photo: Mylifemyculture.com)

It’s been a big wellness year. A fact we’re highlighting in our most popular stories of 2014 in categories like Good Sweat and Good Looks, plus the most controversial stories, most interesting Refrigerator Look Books, and more.

All of these “best-of” articles made our readers click, comment, think, and smile (or frown). Some probably led to diet or workout changes—or heated discussions at the dinner table. Like these….

Check out our Most Controversial stories from 2014, here:

1. SoulCycle bans fitness instructors from its classes
A hidden fitness-world policy of banning instructors is brought into the spotlight. See what people are saying about the controversial practice, here.

2. Why more vegans are putting meat back on their plates
Is grass-fed steak the new kale?

3. The battle that could put yoga studios out of business 
New York State wants a say in how yoga teachers are paid, but yogis say they don’t have a handle on how the industry works. Savasana will have to wait.

4. What really happens during a co-ed naked yoga class? 
Do sun salutations include ogling? Do your boobs get in the way during side angle? We rolled out a mat and bared all to find out.

5. The Coachella Diet
Music, art…and skimpy clothes. Why lots of women are cutting carbs and ramping up their workouts before hitting the Cali festival.


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