Best of Summer: Fitness News

Jill&Alex_NYC Engagement Session_We assume you've been reading Well+Good religiously all summer long. But if you happened to enjoy a relaxing digital detox that involved poolside lounging, beach time, or sunset watching—and that caused you to miss a few (dozen) fabulous stories—we totally understand.

So, we’ve rounded up our best stories of the summer to give you another chance to catch up before fall brings a whole other crop of healthy news.

Here are the must-read fitness stories you may have missed this summer:

5 couples who found love at the gym
With wedding season in full swing, we're noticing more couples walking down the aisle who met in run club, during a WOD, and covered in sweat. Meet five now.

Why you really should stop bragging about how sore you are
Sure, it's a badge of post-workout pride. But experts say that can't-move-a-muscle feeling is not, in fact, a reliable measure of fitness progress.

3 super-effective TRX moves you can do 3 different ways
Randy Hetrick, the creator of the TRX (yes, creator), shows us simple, multitasking moves on the suspension training system that work your back, glutes, and abs.

How not to be bored on the treadmill ever again (workout download included!)
David Siik, creator of Equinox's new Precision Running class, shares a 30-minute treadmill workout you can turn to on 90-degree days. Or any time.

7 white-hot mat workouts you need to try
Who needs high-tech fitness equipment when you've got arms, legs, and a rectangle of space to sweat?

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