Level up Your Health and Wellness Knowledge in 2020 With These 8 Online Courses

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As much as I love a good Netflix binge, after a few hours of being a couch potato, I often feel wish I had an avenue for channeling some quality productivity…preferably while still remaining comfortably recumbent on my couch. Enter: digital learning.

Thanks to a number of online courses and memberships spanning an endless spectrum of topics and interests, it's now entirely possible to gain empowering knowledge and know-how, right from your own home. So, in the spirit of a new year, new you mentality, rounded up below are eight of the best online courses covering a variety of wellness, spirituality, and personal-development topics to add to your queue.

Check out the 8 best online courses to level up your health and wellness needs in the new year.

1. "The Journey by Pause Breathwork"

Breath work is mindfulness tool that asks your body and your breathing patterns to do the healing work for you. "The Journey by Pause Breathwork," taught by speaker, author, and wellness coach Samantha Skelly, is a great place to start for learning more about this. During the six-week online course, Skelly shares a powerful breath pattern to unlock and release stagnant emotions and empower you to feel safe in your own body. Pro tip: Keep some tissues handy.

Duration: Six weeks (weekly modules with a brief video lecture, breathwork aduio, and worksheet)

Available: Year-round

Price: $197

2. "Life-Force Academy"

With any mindful or movement practice, the most important component is consistency. Dubbed as “the ultimate home Kundalini yoga experience,” teacher Jai Dev Singh’s Life-Force Academy makes achieving such consistency actually doable. Designed for both experienced and novice yogis, the membership site features various live broadcasts, yoga class series, power practices, and 40-day challenges focusing on different themes, such as self-love, prosperity, purpose, and activating your third eye.

Duration: Ongoing monthly membership

Available: Year-round

Price: Starting at $19 per month, paid annually

3. "Money Mentality Makeover"

If you've named 2020 the year of leveling up your financial wellness, and you’re open to getting a little (or, okay, a lot) woo, you’ll be in good hands with Amanda Frances. The spiritual coach's online course is essentially a makeover for your money mind-set. In the six-module video course (complete with journaling homework and affirmations), she offers advice on improving your relationship with money and how to feeling worthy of earning more.

Duration: Six weeks (weekly video modules of 50-plus minutes, plus 17 hours of bonus video content)

Available: Open for enrollment in late January

Price: Available when enrollment opens

4. "Crystal Healing"

Still don't quite understand the deal with crystals and how they can be used for energetic healing? Energy Muse co-founder Heather Askinosie’s course is the gemstone-beginner's boot camp for you. In it, she dives into the history of crystals, how they work, how to program your crystals with intentions, the process for cleansing your crystals, and rituals and daily practices you can practice using the classic crystals that are probably already in your spiritual toolkit (hello, rose quartz, amethyst, and selenite). There are also meditations and worksheets to help deepen your crystal learning.

Duration: Five self-paced video modules

Available: Year-round

Price: $139

5. "Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul"

The Balanced Blonde blogger and podcaster Jordan Younger created this nine-week course to help people return to their authentic selves and learn how to live intentionally. Slated to relaunch in the first week of January, the course features pre-recorded webinars, meditations, an e-book, and nine audio modules during which Younger dives deep into spiritual principles (think: law of attraction and surrendering), honoring your ancestors, developing a better relationship with your body, tapping into your inner child, and more.

Duration: Nine weeks (weekly audio modules and meditations)

Available: Open for enrollment in January

Price: $222

6. "Human Design Blueprint"

Although human design expert Erin Claire Jones’s Blueprint offering is not technically a course but rather a PDF guide, it’s filled with personalized information based on your own human design chart that makes you feel like you’re taking a 101 crash course about yourself. With just your birth date, birth time, and birth location, she personally whips up a comprehensive guide for you that details how you are uniquely designed to lead, communicate, make decisions, cultivate relationships, and create ease and flow in your life. Prepare for lots of aha moments.

Duration: 30-plus page self-guided PDF document

Available: Year-round

Price: $95

7. "The Art of Alignment"

Need some help balancing your chakras? Check out astrologer and spiritual psychologist Danielle Beinstein’s new course. Beinstein breaks down intel about the seven energy centers in a way that’s both easy to understand and digest. The course is inclusive of an experiential twist, meaning you’re not just learning about the chakras, but you’re also balancing them as you go, thanks to immersion meditations and journal prompts designed to help you connect with your higher self.

Duration: Nine self-paced modules with journal prompts and chakra immersion meditations

Available: Year-round

Price: $55

8. "Women’s Empowerment: Life Purpose, Spirituality, and Self-Confidence"

Want to discover your life purpose, bust through the feelings of not being good enough, and incorporate more spirituality in your life? Astrologer and women’s empowerment coach Natalia Benson covers all those bases in her course via video lectures, guided meditations, journal prompts, and more practical tools and steps to help you embody an elevated you in 2020.

Duration: Eight self-paced video modules with guided meditations and journal prompts

Available: Year-round

Price: $220

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