The 4 Best Exercises You Can Do Anywhere (Especially Outside), According to a Trainer

The only thing better than working out with a friend? Working out with a friend...outside.

Because let's face it, these #99DaysofSummer aren't going to last forever, so you might as well make the most of the sunshine while you can—instead of being trapped inside a dark gym.

To get intel on the best ways to take your sweat sesh outdoors, we tapped Switch Playground founder Steve Uria—as the guy who created a studio that's basically an adult playground, he knows a little something about making workouts fun.

For added motivation—and added BFF time—Uria recommends working out with a partner, which is why he got Switch instructor Seth Maynard to demonstrate the moves with him.

So grab your workout buddy and get outside—celebratory post-workout aperol spritz optional.

Scroll down for the 4 best exercises to do al fresco—and watch each video for instructions on exactly how to execute each move.

Lower body circuit

Everyone loves leg day, right? All you need for this three-move circuit is a flat surface, and you'll have some serious muscle burn coming your way. Do 15 of each move, per leg, and repeat the entire circuit two times.


The HIIT move will never win any popularity contests, but it's an undeniably effective total-body workout. (Why else would we keep making ourselves do them?) Form is paramount with burpees, however, to avoid injury and ensure you're getting the most out of it—watch the video to see how to do them perfectly.

Tricep dips

If you have a park bench or a chair handy, tricep dips are a killer way to leverage your own body weight to work out your arms. Just don't rush them—and definitely don't skimp on form when you start getting tired.

Plank variations

Real talk: Basic planks are boring. Turn these three variations into a plank circuit workout and you'll be feeling the burn in your core—and having a little extra fun with your workout buddy.

Another reason to do partner workouts: BFF time can make you a whole lot healthier. And a recent study shows that the quality of your friendships might even be the key to longevity

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