7 Pillows on Amazon That Over 70,000 Shoppers Say *Actually* Help Improve Their Quality of Sleep

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If you’re tossing and turning all night, and finding that you’re perpetually exhausted every morning, it’s time to do a deep dive into your bedtime habits. We’ve learned that a restful night’s sleep starts with a solid morning routine and better sleep hygiene— but if you’re just uncomfortable in bed (and you’ve already invested in a high-quality mattress and cooling pajamas), your pillow could be to blame.

According to Chris Winter, MD, sleep specialist at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How To Fix It, the best pillows enhance your sleeping style to properly support our bodies. "Proper spine alignment, comfort, and in some cases temperature control, all sum to help improve sleep quality," he says. "Choosing a pillow that is right for your body and sleeping position is essential."

If you’ve been burned by blindly purchasing a pillow you thought would be the solution to your sleepy time prayers, you might be hesitant to try again. But that’s what crowdsourcing is for—and few crowds are quite as reliable as the reviewers on Amazon. Here, we’ve gathered a selection of pillows from Amazon that shoppers claim have actually helped to improve their sleep. Keep reading: Whether you’re a side sleeper, sweaty sleeper, or somewhere in between, you’re bound to find a pillow that will finally help you catch some Zzzs.

The best 7 pillows on Amazon for improving sleep

Casper Sleep Original Pillow — $65.00

Designed to support all sleeping positions, this unique design from Casper features a gusset, as well as a pillow inside a pillow—both filled with down-alternative microfiber—for the perfect blend of firm cushion and soft fluff.

“I’ve struggled with insomnia most of my life, and I’ve tried just about every pillow out there to try to make my bed as comfortable as possible, but I can’t remember the last time I got a good night’s sleep before getting this pillow,” says one Amazon reviewer. “The first night you get a really great night’s sleep with one of these, you’ll agree with me that they are worth every penny.”

Marlow Bed Pillow - Cooling Infused Memory Foam Pillow With Adjustable Firmness — $85.00

The 80/20 blend of cooling-infused memory foam and polyester fiber is just one of the alluring features of this pillow. Marlow, a sleepcare line by the experts behind Brooklinen, developed a unique design with two zippers that allows you to customize your comfort. Unzip both to make the pillow feel softer, keep them zipped for a firmer sensation, or unzip one for the best of both worlds.

“I was surprised by just how supple the pillow could be made by fully opening the sides,” says one fan, who adds, “The gel truly does an unbelievable job of keeping it cold and refreshing. [I] received this pillow around the time I fell ill with a fever and the cooling was mercifully ever-present.”

Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper Curved Bed Pillow — $80.00

If you’re a side sleeper, you know just how easy it is to get a sore neck from the wrong pillow. This one from Zoey Sleep has a curved edge that nicely tucks between the neck and shoulder, reducing strain, as well as shredded memory foam that can be added or removed as desired to customize the loft of your pillow.

After adjusting their pillow, one Amazon reviewer, who was used to getting four hours of sleep a night, says, “I removed about five-ish decent handfuls of the memory foam fill and got seven solid hours of sleep . . . I am actually looking forward to going to sleep now.”

Three Geese Adjustable Layer Goose Feather Pillow — $60.00

What looks like one pillow is actually three—stuffed inside a shell filled with soft polyester is three slim insert pillows, all packed with goose feathers for maximum fluff. If it’s too bulky for you, you can take out one or two of the inserts to make the height of your pillow lower, but according to reviewers, it won’t fall flat; many find that just one insert provides just the right amount of cushion.

Says one shopper, “My first night trying this pillow was the first night of complete (comfortable) rest. I actually woke up well rested and better yet…..no neck pain and no headache!”

Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow for Sleeping — $72.00

Over 50,000 reviews can’t be wrong. This machine-washable pillow from Coop Home Goods features removable cross-cut memory foam and microfiber to adjust your pillow’s density and height—and comes with an extra half-pound bag of foam if your preference is ultra-firm.

Need pointers? The brand suggests removing a quarter of the foam from the pillow if you’re a back sleeper, a third if you sleep on your stomach, and, should you sleep on your side, testing as is. Many reviewers ended up buying these pillows for themselves and their spouses, including one superfan who says, “Our sleep quality was greatly improved. It was the first time since our toddler was born (almost 2 years ago) that we both slept through the night and one of us didn’t end up on the couch!”

Fern and Willow Pillows for Sleeping - Set of 2 — $49.00

This affordable duo of gel-infused microfiber pillows are as soft as those filled with down, but without the allergenicity. The pillow’s cushiony filling (which can be customized, thanks to a zipper) is also highly breathable to keep you from overheating overnight—and, even though it’s fully machine washable, it’ll stay plump and supportive. With all these characteristics, it’s no wonder this set has received over 11,000 reviews.

“I’m a side sleeper and typically wake up a few times during the night,” says one shopper who wrote a five-star review. “Last night, I slept straight through and woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. I’m a believer.”

Lincove Cloud Natural Canadian White Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow — $149.00

Though this pillow may have the steepest price tag on our list, it boasts some pretty impressive stats: a 500 thread count cotton shell, a 625 fill power of premium, ethically-sourced Canadian white down, and some seriously satisfied reviewers.

“I am so glad I gave this pillow a chance, because I can honestly say that it’s the best, most comfortable pillow I’ve tried in all the 40 years I’ve been alive,” says one Amazon purchaser. “The first night I slept with it, I nearly cried. I’d finally found my pillow soulmate after years of failed ‘relationships’ with other pillows…This pillow literally changed my life.” Sold.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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