Planners so Pretty, You Might *Actually* Stick With Them Through the End of 2019

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
January 1st is your annual excuse to purchase a shiny-new planner, and start applying Marie Kondo-level organization to your TDL. After all, grabbing your gel pens and going to town with writing down your weekly action items might help boost your ZZZs and minimize your stress levels. Before you do anything though, you'll need to go ahead and choose a 365-day paper companion that matches your aesthetic *and* that you won't grow tired of by March (really, it's such a problem).

Below, we've rounded up nine of the best planners for starting 2019 out on the most organized of notes. And whether you're partial to inspirational messages, plant lady-chic designs, or a can't-be-beat millennial pink color scheme, you'll find something to add a modicum of order to the daily grind.

If you prefer to freestyle your to-dos, here's how to start a bullet journal. And while you're already restoring order to your day, here's how to organize your pantry, too

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