Pop in Your Earbuds, Single Ladies: We Rounded up the 7 Best Podcasts for You

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While everyone has different goals and ideas about their ideal romantic situation, mine is not to be single forever. I've been regarding it as a fleeting, temporary status—like having braces. Basically I feel that being single will (like braces) ultimately benefit me, and though it's not my favorite thing ever, it’s also not something to lose my head over. As of late though, I’m actually into it.

Still, the status isn't without its emotional hardships, and us unattached ladies need a life raft here and there. When we’ve worn out our friends, it’s time to turn to some choice podcasts, so ahead find a roundup of perfect listening material for a singles gal's ear. Some are hilarious, others are informative, but all of them are insanely entertaining. After all, being single can also be a blast.

Check out 7 podcasts every single gal should know about.

1. How Cum

At 28 years old, comedian Remy Kassimir had never had an orgasm. So she kicked off this podcast to try and figure out why. She interviews people about their first times coming, and even has her boyfriend on to discuss their sex lives. (Spoiler: Remy has successfully had an orgasm since the podcast's debut. Hooray!)

2. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Comedian Nicole Byer (who you may know as the host of Nailed It! on Netflix) wants to know one thing: Why you won’t date her. Each week, she sits down with a different guest and riffs on the wonders of online dating. Nicole finishes each podcast by asking her guest the one question you’ve always wanted to ask someone who rejected you. Yep, you guessed it: Why won’t you date me?

3. Call Your Girlfriend

CYG isn’t a dating podcast. It is, however, a podcast hosted by two besties: one living in NYC and the other in LA. They talk about politics, pop culture, and everything in-between. This is one bit of listening material that will make you want to reconnect with your bestie ASAP, no matter if you're single, committed, or otherwise engaged.

4. Guys We F****d

This self-described “anti-slut shaming podcast” features Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson talking about, well, the men they’ve had sex with. They interview these guys and talk about everything from sex and pubes to vagina issues and more. Sex-positivity has never been so hilarious.

5. Hysteria

While also not a dating podcast, the whip-smart ladies behind Hysteria are the political dynamos womankind needs now. They talk all things reproductive rights, female anger, and other stuff you no doubt rant about with your BFFs on a daily basis. It’s the most-fun way to stay informed and focus on things that matter more than your relationship status.

6. Where Should We Begin?

What do you get when rockstar relationship therapist and general badass Esther Perel records her counseling sessions? The most intimate look into relationships you could ever ask for. This podcast provides a peek into coupledom in a way that no other podcast is able to. Give it a listen—you'll see (or, er, hear).

7. Savage Lovecast

This is a classic love podcast if there ever was one. Dan Savage, a veteran advice columnist, answers call-in questions from listeners, and the queries cover everything from love and kink to anal sex. Dan seems to have all the answers, and you’ll learn something different every time you call in or just listen via your earbuds.

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