The 10 Best Portable Humidifiers for On-the-Go Moisture When You Need It Most

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Growing up, a humidifier was a clunky machine your mom pulled out when you had a stuffy nose or sore throat. It lived under the sink or boxed away in the linen closet, an over-complicated tangle of filters and buttons and wires our parents would break out on feverish nights. The idea of lugging the machine anywhere further than the closest bedroom or even having a portable humidifier? Totally farfetched.

Thankfully, humidifiers have since gotten a makeover, and are now so streamlined and simple to use that you can (and should) keep them out regularly to breathe a little moisture back into your space. Yes, there are even portable humidifiers that provide some extra moisture wherever you need it—your car, the office, a hotel room—without relying on an outlet. Just charge 'em up before you go out, and breathe easier wherever you roam. Our childhood humidifiers could never... 

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A quick look at the best portable humidifiers

What types of portable humidifiers are there?

Portable or not, it helps to know the different types of humidifiers out there. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are four types of humidifiers: evaporative, impeller, ultrasonic, and steam vaporizer. Evaporative humidifiers speed up the evaporation process of the water in the tank via a belt, wick, or filter. Impeller humidifiers, aka “cool mist,” use a high-speed rotating disc. Ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic sound vibrations to create mist, and steam vaporizer humidifiers heat the water in the tank and then cool the water just before it exists through the nozzle.

What are the benefits of using a portable humidifier?

Dealing with congestion, battling allergies, or feeling a little under the weather? A humidifier helps keep you physically feeling your best. “If you suffer from congestion or sinus problems, humidifiers can help to thin mucus and make it easier to breathe,” says Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD, a holistic physician at Nature's Rise. “The added moisture in the air also helps to lubricate your nasal passages and reduce irritation.”

Humidifiers also keep your hair, nails, skin and lips moisturized. Low-humidity environments contribute to skin dryness and roughness—in as little as 30 minutes1 in low relative humidity, your skin will start to decrease in moisture and elasticity. Portable humidifiers combat dry air wherever you are by providing targeted humidity for your personal space. Even on the go, or somewhere like a hotel where you can’t really control the environment, you can prevent these negative skin impacts, sleep better, and feel better, all with one little portable device.

Shop 10 of the best portable humidifiers

canopy portable humidifier
Best overall: Canopy, Portable Humidifier — $100.00

Canopy is renowned for its beautiful bedside humidifier, and now the brand has developed an easy-to-clean, high-quality portable humidifier that looks just as good. Currently available in three gorgeous colors, this humidifier stands out from the crowd. Typical humidifiers use low-quality piezos to create their mist, but those parts are notorious for clogging and breaking at the first sign of dust. instead, Canopy’s version uses an industrial-quality piezo to prevent any clogs or breaks. It can also function as a humidifier and a diffuser in one (other humidifiers can corrode with essential oil use); simply lay the brand’s aroma oil puck over its top to create a relaxing scentscape.

Capacity: 500 ml

Settings: 3

Run time: 11 hour battery life on the lowest setting


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Dermatologist-recommended
  • TSA-approved
  • High-velocity air flow ensures no water is left behind, reducing chances of mold
  • Portable humidifier and diffuser in one
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Long-lasting battery life (11-24 hours)


  • Expensive
hey dewy portable humidifier
Best wireless: Hey Dewey, Wireless Facial Humidifier — $60.00

The Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidifier looks and feels sleek, especially with its silky soft-touch shell. It’s small but mighty—wireless, rechargeable, and delivering up to eight hours of mist on a single charge. Currently available in five colors, the humidifier uses ultrasonic wave technology to deliver a quiet, efficient cool mist to your space while you’re on the go. You won’t have to worry about it spilling, either, thanks to its secure silicone base. It also offers an optional night light built in if you want to put it on your nightstand or in your bathroom.

Capacity: 11.3 oz

Settings: 2

Run time: Up to 8 hours on a single charge


  • Wireless and rechargeable via included USB charger
  • Sleek and beautiful design with five colors available
  • Extra wide funnel spout makes it easy to fill
  • Fully charges in four hours
  • Extended 90-day return window


  • Slightly shorter battery life than some others (8 hours)
  • Not dishwasher safe / can’t take apart to wash
homedics portable humidifier
Best for carry-on travel: HoMedics, Portable Humidifier — $27.00

Sleek and small enough to fit in a backpack, the HoMedics portable humidifier is a favorite for travel thanks to how quiet and small it is. The 8.5-ounce water tank provides 10 hours of runtime when plugged in or 3.5 hours when run on its battery. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you’re protected against any unexpected breaks or issues. This humidifier only comes in two colors (black and white) but it does have a built-in color-changing accent light that’ll set the mood, whatever that may be.

Capacity: 8.5 fl oz

Settings: 2

Run time: 10 hours plugged in, 3.5 on battery


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to pack
  • Includes USB charger, 3 wicks, and a limited one-year warranty
  • Built-in color-changing light for extra ambiance
  • Both continuous and intermittent mist modes available


  • Wireless runtime is short (only 3.5 hours)
  • Trickier to clean
Best for the car: MightyDuty, Car Humidifier — $14.00

Small but mighty, the MightyDuty Car Humidifier pops into your car’s power outlet (aka, the lighter port) to minimize dryness while you’re on the road. At under 7 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide, it’s ready to go when you are.

Capacity: 0.5 ml

Settings: 1

Run time: 2 hours


  • Flexibly molds to your cars port as to not get in the way of your gear shift
  • Affordable
  • Doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Single button control


  • Super small capacity
  • Short run time
pure enrichment cloud portable humidifier
Best for kids: Pure Enrichment, Cloud Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier — $50.00

If you’re heading out on a road trip with your kiddos, this cloud humidifier is a perfect choice. It has a playful design that also doubles as a night light with multiple color options. The humidifier runs for up to 24 hours at a time, moisturizing the air in areas up to 250 square feet. It also comes with a five-year warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind purchasing this humidifier for your little one.

Capacity: 8.5 fl oz


Run time:


  • Cute and playful kid-friendly design
  • Mist control knob lets you adjust moisture output and angle the nozzle 360°
  • Includes AC power adapter, cleaning brush, and a guaranteed five-year warranty
  • Doubles as a night light with 7+ colored light options
  • 24 hours of runtime for long-lasting relief


  • Larger size makes it slightly harder to travel with
a set of 2 bluestone ceramic portable humidifiers
Best battery-free: Bluestone, Ceramic Humidifiers (Set of 2) — $19.00

If you’re looking for a small humidifier to use around your home or while on short trips taken in the car, this natural humidifier is a great battery-free option.Simply pour water in the black bowl or on top of the clay sphere and start humidifying any room. It uses complete natural evaporation to moisturize the space around you, making it silent, cordless, non-electric, and battery-free.

Capacity: Not specified

Settings: N/A

Run time: N/A


  • Not battery- or electric-powered, so easy for off-the-grid trips or camping
  • Small enough to travel with
  • Silent, so good for babies sleeping through the night
  • Completely natural evaporation
  • Affordable


  • Unclear how effective a natural humidifier can be
  • Water could linger on the stones and create mold if not cleaned and dried properly
pure enrichment mistaire cool mist portable humidifier
Most durable: Pure Enrichment, MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier — $30.00

For an option that’s bound to stand the test of time, Pure Enrichment’s 160,000+ 5-star reviews speak volumes. This small portable humidifier packs a big punch, spanning over 250 square feet of coverage while still being compact and lightweight. It’s really quiet, and also has a soothing blue light built-in, plus the humidifier automatically turns off when the water level is low or the tank is removed, so you don’t have to worry about it running on empty.

Capacity: 0.7 liters

Settings: 2

Run time: 10 hours


  • Includes AC power adapter, disk cleaning brush, and a guaranteed five-year warranty
  • Doubles as a night light with soothing blue hue
  • BPA-free
  • Convenient automatic shut-off feature
  • 10 hours of runtime


  • Only high and low settings available (not intermittent or continuous)
Most versatile: Homdis, 3-in-1 Mini Humidifier — $19.00

Hitting the happy trails? Pack Homdis’s 3-in-1 Humidifier with you. At just 11 ounces, it features a nozzle for your water bottle to attach to, two spray spouts, a night light, and a phone charger. Set it up and enjoy up to 10 hours of quietly flowing mist. To charge it, just use the included USB cable.

Capacity: 500 ml

Settings: 1

Run time: Unspecified


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with most 500 ml water bottles
  • Doubles as a night light and charger


  • Only one setting
raydrop cool mist portable humidifier
Easiest setup: Raydrop, Cool Mist Humidifier — $23.00

If you want a simple, easy-to-use humidifier, the Raydrop is your best bet. It’s affordable, straightforward, and doesn’t have any frills about it, but does get the job done in terms of delivering moisture to your space. Made with BPA-free plastic, this humidifier will run for about six hours at a time on high (you can control the mist output with the dial knob on the front).

Capacity: 1 liter

Settings: Customizable knob allows you to control mist flow

Run time: 6 hours


  • Very quiet—operates at a low noise level
  • Variety of sizes available to choose from (ranges from 1L to 4L)
  • Includes a five-year warranty
  • Dial knob control lets you select your mist output


  • Shorter runtime than other portable humidifiers (~6 hours)
  • Only one color available
geniani erie portable humidifier
Most quiet: Geniani, Erie Small Humidifier — $28.00

The perfect balance between power and portability, the Geniani humidifier offers two mist modes (intermittent and continuous), both delivered at 38dB noise level. It’s as quiet as a ticking clock, so it won’t disrupt your work or sleep. The sleek, compact humidifier also comes with a one-year warranty.

Capacity: 250 mL

Settings: 2

Run time: 8 hours


  • Very quiet—operates at a low noise level
  • Two mist modes to choose from
  • Includes a one-year warranty
  • Small, compact design is perfect for traveling
  • Easy to fill with removable water tank


  • Smaller water capacity than similar humidifiers
  • Lack of bright colors available

What to look for in a portable humidifier

The best humidifier is something you will use and keep using, so a beautiful humidifier is as important as the features it offers. Beyond the aesthetics, you’ll want to look for:

  • Mold-inhibiting features
  • Purified and filtered humidification
  • Ease of cleaning (especially dishwasher-safe parts)
  • Modern user experience
  • Warranty

After all, if something goes wrong with your humidifier, you should trust that you’ll be taken care of. Investing in a nicer portable humidifier is worthwhile if you plan to use it for years to come. If you’re just looking to get through one trip with it, a more affordable option will likely cover your bases.

Well+Good articles reference scientific, reliable, recent, robust studies to back up the information we share. You can trust us along your wellness journey.
  1. Tsukahara, Kazue et al. “Effect of room humidity on the formation of fine wrinkles in the facial skin of Japanese.” Skin research and technology : official journal of International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin (ISBS) [and] International Society for Digital Imaging of Skin (ISDIS) [and] International Society for Skin Imaging (ISSI) vol. 13,2 (2007): 184-8. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0846.2007.00209.x

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