9 Post-Workout Miracle Beauty Products to Stash in Your Makeup Bag

Graphic: Katherine Sokolova
After a kickass boot camp, the last thing you want to do is spend as much effort primping your post-gym complexion as you did on your jump squats. For days when you're not pulling an Alicia Keys, a little makeup-bag magic is key when you're short on time and running from workout to work. (After all, your sweat-drenched tresses won't style themselves.)

Cue only the essentials for freshening up post-sweat sesh. We're talking odor-neutralizers (nobody needs to smell you after HIIT), refreshing mists that double as toners, and the hair products that'll take your locks from the pool to the office (and leave the chlorine behind).

Keep reading for the 9 most efficient beauty products to keep in your gym bag for an easy primp-and-go, no matter how sweaty you get after your workout.

underarm deodorant wipes
Photo: Pacifica

For the shower-less studio

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes, $9

These wipes are a life-saver if you find yourself a little sweaty après HIIT and don't have access to a full bathroom. The coconut milk and essential oil blend smells delicious, ensuring that you won't have that had-to-skip-a-shower anxiety when your boss sits down next to you at a meeting later in the day.

dry shampoo
Photo: Captain Blankenship

For a 30-second post-workout hair fix

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo, $24

A light dusting makes it look like you just washed your hair—as opposed to sweat-soaking it—thanks to the aluminum-free baking soda and organic arrowroot powder (which also adds volume). You just sprinkle some into your tresses, blend it in with your fingers, and—like magic—your hair will look and smell fab. (Seriously—it has rose geranium and palmarosa, which give off a sweet, beachy aroma.)

rahua hair mask
Photo: Rahua

For handling that chlorine like a boss

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, $58

This mask is vital if you've added swim laps to your workout—and want to go the natural route when it comes to getting chlorine out of your hair (no easy feat). The omegas are super restorative and the shea butter and natural oil extracts provide hydration—leave it in post-shampoo for 10 minutes and your locks will feel noticeably softer.

w3ll people
Photo: W3ll People

To look immediately more polished

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara, $22

One coat of this is all you need to make your eyes pop post-workout, thanks to the cascading-shaped wand that has a knack for coating each and every lash with the organic beeswax formula. Bonus: It's non-toxic, meaning no harsh artificial chemicals or petroleum derivatives that could irritate eyes.

post gym beauty
Photo: Josh Rosebrook

To cool and tone your face with one spritz

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator, $20

This powerful mist—which contains vitamin-infused aloe vera along with anti-inflammatory fennel and healing fatty acids—is a perfect multi-tasker. Spray it all over your face when your skin's too hot to apply anything else, and in the process you'll be priming it before you apply your tinted moisturizer (below).

marie veronique
Photo: Marie Veronique

To reduce that post-cardio redness

Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen, $48

The last thing you want after heavy sweating is heavy makeup. This tinted moisturizer is super nourishing (with sea buckthorn and rosehip seed oils for that hydrating kick), offers just enough coverage, and hides redness while letting your skin breathe (important post-workout)—plus it has SPF.

kari gran
Photo: Kari Gran

To moisturize those parched lips

Kari Gran Lip Whip Tinted Peppermint, $16

You've been sweating like crazy for the last 45 minutes, so your body will take any hydration it can get. And the peppermint oil in this super-nourishing lip whip (which is also loaded with botanical oils for moisture) is refreshingly cool after a hot and heavy sesh.

post gym beauty
Photo: Little Barn Apothecary

To give you a head-to-toe refresh after even the toughest class

Little Barn Apothecary Coconut + Mint Cooling Mineral Body Mist, $22

This body mist not only feels amazing on your skin (that cooling claim is no joke—pure aloe water, ocean minerals, and mint are a powerfully soothing mix), but the coconut-mint scent combo works some major aromatherapy magic—you'll feel like you just did a full-body reset.

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