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7 Rabbit Vibrators for Serving Up the Blended Orgasms of Your Dreams

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There are a number of different types of vibrators on the market, each providing specific strengths to a person's pleasure repertoire. If you want a trusty basic, a wand massager might be your go-to. And if you wan't something discreet and portable (or packable!) a bullet vibe may be more your speed. Of course, there's no harm in bulking up your pleasure chest with any number of tools to help you enjoy sex sessions, whether partnered or solo. And for folks interested in blended orgasms, in particular, a rabbit vibrator is a must-have.

“Rabbit vibrators are dual-action vibrators,” says sex educator Angie Rowntree, founder and director of ethical porn hub site This is important to know because are designed to stimulate two or more erogenous zones simultaneously—specifically, the external clitoris and internal vaginal canal.

The rabbit sex toy category was dubbed such when, in 1983, sex toy company Vibratex released sex toy meant to simultaneously tantalize your clitoral and G-zone. The OG toy was named The Rabbit Pearl, a cutesy nod to the fact that the clitoral tickler looked eerily like silicone casts of Peter Rabbit's listeners, says Lisa Finn, a sex educator with sex toy purveyor Babeland. “Similar dual-stimulation toys released around that time also sported fluttering rabbit-like ears that were soft enough to provide pleasurable clitoral stimulation,” she says.

These days most rabbit vibrators don't have any parts that resemble rodent ears. “Dual-action vibrators now come in so many styles and materials, so you can now find ones that don't look like a rabbit,” says Rowntree. Actually, many of the more luxe options look like legit pieces of art (peep the Lelo Soraya below for proof).

“By stimulating internal pleasure points like the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, rabbit vibrators are able to help vagina-owners experience a blended orgasm.” —Lisa Finn, sex educator

As for the reason for their staying power? Rabbit vibrators may have remained so... buzzy throughout the years due to their apt ability to pleasure more than one erogenous zone at once. And in doing so, they have the power to provide earth-shattering orgasms. “By stimulating internal pleasure points like the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, rabbit vibrators are able to help vagina-owners experience a blended orgasm,” says Finn, which is what it’s called when someone experiences a vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time.

If you’re eager to get your hands (or, er, other parts) on a rabbit vibrator, read on. Rounded up below are seven of the best rabbit vibrators in particular that the sex educators recommend.

7 best rabbit vibrators for blended orgasms

le wand dual attachment, best rabbit vibrators
Le Wand Dual Original Silicone Attachment — $45.00

The Le Wand Duel Attachment transforms your favorite external powerhouse into a two-in-one internal stimulator with a silky silicone attachment that fits over the bulbous bit of the wand vibrator. Each shaft features a weighted tip, which allows the sheath to deliver pleasurable pressure to your internal and external bits, says Finn.

A big benefit of this attachment is that its long handle combines the reach of a typical wand vibrator (something few rabbit vibrators offer) with the clitoral stimulation of a rabbit, she says. “The fact that it is an attachment also means you can easily take it off mid-play, which is another benefit” she adds. “Just pop off the attachment and enjoy the external stimulation when you’re done.”

To be clear, in order to use this pretty blue transformer, you’ll need a Le Wand wand vibrator to attach it to. But, given that the Le Wand is the most luxe, high-intensity wand vibe on the market, if you’re a person who craves intensity, it’s high-time you invest in a massager anyhow.

happy rabit vibrating dildo, best rabbit vibrators
Happy Rabbit Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo — $110.00

If you’ve tried strap-on sex or pegging before and enjoyed it, consider intensifying the experience with this double-ended dildo. What sets this strapless strap-on apart from the many others on the market is the fact that it both vibrates and features fluttering silicone “ears.” It has two separate motors, one in each dildo, which means the giver and receiver are able to experience the sensation at the same time.

Pro tip: Use this dildo with a strap-style harness, such as the Spareparts Joque ($138) or Low Rider Harness ($99). Strapless strap-ons like this can, in theory, be used without a harness. But doing so takes an inordinate amount of pelvic floor muscle strength and endurance, says Finn. Even if you have that strength and endurance, you may still lose the ability to hold the dildo inside the body during orgasm, due to the fact that orgasm is typically accompanied by pelvic floor spasms. “The harness keeps the vibrator sturdy throughout play,” notes Finn.

amorino vibe, best rabbit vibrators
Fun Factory Amorino Vibe — $105.00

Notorious for their silky, long-lasting silicone, Fun Factory has an impressive catalog of thrusters, cock rings, dildos, and dual stimulators. Its most unique rabbit vibrator is the Amorino Vibe, which offers notable customization.

Here’s how it works: The base of the toy is a basic rabbit shape, with a longer shaft for vaginal (or anal) stimulation and a shorter shaft for clitoral (or perennial) stimulation. The thing that looks like a rubber band is actually a stretchy silicone device that allows pleasure-seekers to customize where vibration lands, says Finn: “Silicone transmits vibration incredibly well, so the band is able to deliver different kinds of vibration intensity and touch depending on how you configure it on the toy,” she explains. You can twist, criss-cross, or hook the band between the two shafts. Or, you can get rid of it altogether, if you’re easily over-stimulated. “The more times you cross the band over itself, the more pressure you’ll feel on your genitals,” she adds.

lioness, best rabbit vibrators
Lioness Vibrator 2.0 — $229.00

Also dubbed a smart vibrator, the Lioness Vibrator 2.0 internal-external stimulator has built-in technology that allows you to track your pleasure in real-time with its accompanying app. (You can also look at the data after the fact, if you’d prefer to use your phone for other things while you play).

With the motto, never measure, never improve, Lioness’s goal is that by offering qualitative feedback on your orgasm, you’ll be able to level up your masturbation session. Is this pricey pick for everybody? Probably not. But if you’re a sucker for an excel spreadsheet, data, and real-time tracking, this rabbit vibe could be worth the investment.

we-vibe nova, best rabbit vibrators
We-Vibe Nova Vibrator — $149.00

A common complaint pleasure-seekers have when they invest in their first rabbit vibrator is that it doesn’t quite fit their anatomy. Most rabbit vibrators are not adjustable, which means if the distance of your clit and internal hot-spot is not the same as the distance between the two shafts, it won’t be optimally user-friendly.

Luxury sex-tech company We-Vibe set out to course-correct this common issue with its release of the Nova, an adjustable rabbit vibrator. “The Nova is a sculptural work of art that has a built-in wire core in the shaft that allows you to customize the distance between the shafts to match your unique internal anatomy,” says Rowntree. And, because this is a We-Vibe product, it can also be synced up to the We-Vibe app. “You or your partner can control this app-compatible sex toy from anywhere in the world, regardless of distance,” she says.

purple snailvibe, best rabbit vibrators
Purple SnailVibe — $160.00

Aesthetically true to its name, the SnailVibe proves that sex toys don’t have to look like penises or rabbits to bring you pleasure. The curled end is designed to rest against your clit, and the “folded end” of the toy is designed to slide in and out of your body as deep as you desire (up to nine inches!). “This toy is an awesome option for people who want to experience penetrative pleasure, but don’t want to be reminded of various genital parts,” says queer sex educator Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers.

Because you can customize how deep the toy goes, it’s also a good pick for people who find the shaft of traditional rabbit vibrators too long or thick, she adds.

lelo soraya wave black, best rabbit vibrators
Lelo Soraya Rabbit Wave Vibrator — $249.00

This option is sleek and looks good on (er, in) anybody. Anal safe, the curved shaft of the the Lelo Soraya Rabbit Wave is ideal for G-zone or prostate stimulation, says Rowntree. Regardless of where you use the toy, lather it with a water-based lube to enhance the sensation its moving with your body, she suggests.

Spread throughout the two shafts are three different motors, which you can set to one of eight different vibrational settings. Charge it for just two hours, and play for that same amount of time whether you use the highest or lowest intensity.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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