The Best Rain Boots for Keeping Your Feet Dry and Comfortable, According to Podiatrists

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Rain boots have traditionally had one job to do: Keep your feet dry. But according to Miguel Cunha, DPM, a board-certified podiatric surgeon and founder of Gotham Footcare, that's only one of the things you should be looking for when shopping for a new pair. While your favorite pair of wellies might be A-plus for keeping your feet dry, like flip flops and high heels, these waterproof boots aren't great for the well-being of your feet.

"Rain boots can be hard on your feet because the majority of them do not offer the proper shock absorption, arch support, and cushioning," says Dr. Cunha. Because of this, he suggests putting any pair you're thinking about buying through a "bend test," and making sure the boot doesn't easily flex at the arch. "[A solid arch] will provide more shock absorption, and in turn will result in less foot pain," says Dr. Cunha.

In addition to opting for something arch friendly, Dr. Cunha recommends rain boots that have a slight, three-fourth inch heel. "It's actually better for you than shoes that are completely flat because it takes the stress off the Achilles tendon, which can help with the alignment of your posture, ankles, knees, and spine," he says. "When we wear shoes that are completely flat we pronate for a longer period of time, which then alters the biomechanics and distribution of pressure and weight across the foot." This imbalance can cause pain in your arch, heels, and shins, and even lead to longterm issues like bunions, hammertoes, and Achilles tendonitis.

The final thing to look for when selecting rain boots is an extra-large toe box. "Rain boots should have wide a toe box to give the forefoot more wiggle room," says Dr. Cunha. This aggravates feet that have hammertoes and bunions less than other options.

Ahead, find the best women's rain boots to keep you feet dry and comfortable on wet days.

Best Women's Tall Rain Boots

BOGS Neo Classic Boots
BOGS Neo Classic Rain Boots — $114.00

Dr. Cunha gives the BOGS Neo Classic Rain Boots his podiatrist stamp of approval, thanks to the fact that they’re shock-absorbing, offer arch support, and are made with a moisture-wicking liner to keep your feet dry. Plus, they’re pretty dang cute. The foot-friendly features come in different styles and colors, which means you can fill your closet with a different pair to wear every time it rains. Your comfortable, dry feet will thank you for it.

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot
Hunter Women's Original Tall Rain Boot — $76.00

it’s hard to go wrong with a classic pair of wellies. Hunter has been around since 1856 so the brand knows a thing or two about making a good rain boot. These tall rubber boots will keep your feet and legs and dry and they come in a variety of colors to match almost any outfit. Plus, a cushioned footbed and seamless shaft will make sure you’re comfortable.

Western Chief Tall Rain Boot
Western Chief Tall Rain Boot — $30.00

Made with rubber and using handmade vulcanized construction, these tall boots will make sure no water seeps into your boot even on the rainiest days. They have a polyester/cotton lining to keep your feet warm and dry, EVA insoles, and an adjustable strap so you can extend or cinch the boot around your calves, and they come in lots of colors and prints.

Fitflop Women's Wellington Boots
Fitflop Women's Wellington Boots — $117.00

Yes, these tall wellies will keep you dry, but they’re also engineered to be extra comfortable. They have a contoured sole to evenly distribute your bodyweight and a honeycomb design in the heel to absorb the impact of every step. Go ahead and jump in a puddle (or a few).

Best Women's Mid-Length Rain Boots

UGG Women's Sienna Boot
UGG Sienna Boot — $63.00

These boots have UGG’s comfy sheepskin insole so no matter how wet the ground is, your feet will be warm and cozy. With a glossy, waterproof exterior, you’ll be ready for any rainy day.

Kamik Women's Heidi Rain Boot
Kamik Heidi Rain Boot — $42.00

Made with recycled rubber, these high gloss boots are good for the rain and the environment. The rubber soles have traction so you don’t slip on wet surfaces.

Joules Molly Welly Rain Boot
Joules Molly Welly Rain Boot — $40.00

Rainy days don’t always have to be dreary. When the weather calls for rain boots, grab a pair with a fun print, like this one that’s appropriate for days when it’s raining cats and dogs. There’s a water-dispersing outsole so you can walk more safely, and an adjustable side strap and buckle to make sure the boot fits just right.

L.L. Bean Fleece-Lined Boots
L.L. Bean Fleece-Lined Boots — $179.00

You’ll love going out in cold, rainy weather while wearing these 10″ boots. They have a waterproof leather and suede upper, a rubber chain-thread bottom, and soft fleece lining with insulation.

Sloggers Rain and Garden Boot
Sloggers Rain and Garden Boot — $40.00

These boots can handle rainy streets or muddy backyards with their deep-lug tread. Plus, they have a comfortable insole, a wide calf to fit over your pants, and come in colorful prints to brighten your day.


Best Women's Ankle Rain Boots

OOMG Bootie
OOfos OOmg Bootie — $180.00

Water-resistant and packable, these booties are easy to bring with you when you think the weather may take a turn. They have the brand’s OOfoam technology that absorbs impact to reduce stress on your feet and joints. Dr. Ashley Lee, DPM, of Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists, recommends these booties, calling them “oh so comfortable.”

Sperry Women's Saltwater Quilted Duck Boot
Sperry Saltwater Quilted Duck Boot — $41.00

Duck boots are easier to walk around in than a traditional rubber boot, but they still provide waterproof protection from rain and mud. This pair has an attractive quilted top and laces for a tight fit, but there’s also a side zipper to help you slip them on and off, too. Dr. Lee says these fit like a shoe, support like a boot, and are stylish and slip resistant.

everlane rain boot
Everlane The Rain Boot — $75.00

These ankle height boots have stretch side panels and pull tabs to make them a cinch to put on and take off, and you don’t have to worry about stuffing your pant legs inside them. They’re designed to be roomy so you can wear thick socks, and there’s a cushioned insole so you can walk in them all day.

Crocs Jaunt Shorty Boot
Crocs Jaunt Shorty Boot — $35.00

Whether you love them or love to hate them, you have to admit that Crocs are comfy, and these rain boots are no exception. These boots are made with Croslite foam so they’re cushioned and lightweight, and there are pull holes at the top to make them easy to pull on and off your feet. The rubber outsoles will make sure you don’t slip, and there’s a racing stripe along the bottom.

Sorel Lennox Lace Boots
Sorel Lennox Lace Boots

If you don’t love the look of rain boots, these cool, lace-up moto-inspired leather boots are a great alternative you can wear on rainy or sunny days. They have a waterproof full-grain leather upper, a canvas lining, EVA footbed, and waterproof construction so you can walk in comfort and style both in the city or on a mountain.

Asgard Chelsea Boots
Asgard Chelsea Boots — $20.00

Great with jeans or rain gear, these Chelsea boots are waterproof without the bulk and have a nice, matte finish. They have a roomy toe area and are lightweight enough to wear all day long, and they come in several colors.

Timberland Women's 6 Premium Waterproof Boots
Timberland 6" Waterproof Boots — $126.00

These classic Timberlands are made with waterproof and abrasion-resistant leather and match with jeans, leggings, and other casual outfits. They’ve got a padded collar and footbed to keep you walking comfortably, rain or shine.

Jeffery Campbell Hurricane Waterproof Boot
Jeffrey Campbell Hurricane Waterproof Boot — $65.00

Chelsea boot inspired and with a taller heel, these pull-on waterproof boots will help dress up your rainy day wear. They have stretch panels on the sides to make them easy to slip on and go.

Rag & Bone Moto Rain Boot
Rag & Bone Moto Rain Boot — $225.00

A rubber boot that looks like a moto boot? Yes, please. These boots have an effortless cool style, as well as a rugged sole, size zipper and pull tab, and textile lining with a pop of color.


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