The 10 Best Reusable Grocery Bags That’ll Never Break on You

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Reusable bags are a great investment for yourself and the environment. Not only do they create less waste, but they've become a necessary accessory as more cities enact single-use plastic and paper bag bans (or charge a small fee to buy one like New York City). Plus, who among us hasn't ended up with a bagful of grocery on the floor after a handle fails or the bottom of a paper bag rips open? The best reusable grocery bags make that kind of disaster a thing of the past.

Best reusable grocery bags at-a-glance

No matter if you prefer a simple cotton canvas tote or a thin nylon bag, the best reusable grocery bags often hold up to 50 pounds of food and easily sling over your shoulder. But if you're not sure which reusable grocery bags are worth adding to your cart (literally), ahead you'll find some of our top picks to take on your next grocery run.

Best reusable grocery bags

Best reinforced bottom: Creative Green Life Grocery Bag — $27.00

If you make family-size trips to the supermarket, the Creative Green Life grocery bags are just what you need before you make your way to Trader Joe’s. Each bag holds up to six gallons of milk or 36 canned items. And you don’t have to worry about your groceries spilling over in your car. The bags stand upright once you open them and collapse for easy storage once you’re finished unloading your groceries.

Best organic: Five Two Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags - Set of 8 — $29.00

You can use Five Two bags for standard grocery shopping, but because they’re made of cotton mesh, you can use them to keep fresh produce organized in the fridge, too.

Best canvas: Lands End Medium Natural Open Top Canvas Tote Bag — $10.00

When it comes to sturdy grocery bags, this canvas tote from Lands’ End is your best bet. In fact, it’s been tested up to 200 pounds without breaking. (A major plus for those who like to pack up all of their groceries in one trip.) The tote has a special water-resistant base to help protect other non-perishable goods from dampness. It’s available in small, medium, large and extra large.


Best recycled: Glob Primary Morph Ripstop Bag — $36.00

Glob’s reusable grocery bags are extra large with six pockets to make unpacking a cinch. Put your heavy bottles on the outside to avoid crushing more delicate items in the larger compartment. The bag is made entirely of recycled plastic, making it a sustainable choice.

Best set: BeeGreen Black Reusable Shopping Bags — $15.00

With over 3,000 five-star reviews, the BeeGreen bags are a true Amazon fan-favorite—and for good reason. Many of the best reviews mention sturdy construction and machine-washability. This set comes with five bags, and each bag holds up to 50 pounds of groceries thanks to reinforced bias tape to ensure they don’t rip.

Best insulated: Artic Zone Food Thermal — $24.00

If you’ve scooped up a hot plate at your local supermarket, the Artic Zone Food thermal bag keeps your food warm as you’re in transit. The tote has a special Therma-Flect interior barrier that insulates your food to keep it fresh for longer. The bag is leak-proof with a special lining to prevent bacterial odors from lingering.

Best with pockets: Farmers Market Multi-Purpose Bag with Pockets — $18.00

This handmade cotton canvas grocery bag is the most organized way to go shopping. While some canvas totes have one main compartment, this one also comes with six organizational pockets inside for you to separate your foods when shopping.

Best design: Baggu Standard Bag — $9.00

Who says grocery bags have to be boring? If this funky print isn’t your style, you also have the option to choose from more than a dozen different designs. This best-selling Baggu bag is an easy go-to if you find yourself hauling groceries every two days. It’s spacious enough to carry up to 50 pounds worth of goods. The handles make it easy to sling comfortably around your shoulder.

Best large: Baleine Soft Extra Large Utility Tote — $20.00

This bag is all about convenience. It has room for plenty of groceries as well as several compartments that allow you to carry some of your personal valuables, including an interior zipper pocket for your wallet, phone, and keys. The exterior is waterproof and comes with a handy mesh pocket for you to conveniently store a water bottle.

Best mesh: Ahyuan Ecology Reusable Cotton Mesh Grocery Bags — $11.00

The main reason why mesh bags are often great for produce trips is that they are often stretchy, durable and allow for the best air circulation for your fruits and vegetables. These cotton bags in particular are perfect for perusing your farmer’s market and getting in some light grocery shopping. As you put more items inside, the bags actually expand to accommodate more and more foods.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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