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This Is the One Type of Sandal To Avoid if You Have Wide Feet—Plus 16 Recommendations From Podiatrists

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Repeat after us: no more pinched toes, no more pinched toes, no more pinched toes. If your feet are on the wider side, you know the cramped pinkie toe feeling well. Or, even worse—your footbed is so narrow, your toes fall off the whole sole itself! This summer, when searching for sandals, how about you vow to never squish your tootsies into too-narrow shoes again?

When shopping for sandals, Bruce Pinker, DPM, podiatrist and owner of Progressive Foot Care, says the first thing to assess is whether they have adequate room for your toes. “If the sandals have a closed toe box, it is important that the toes are not cramped, especially if one has hammertoes.” He also recommends, whenever possible, to purchase sandals with an ankle strap. “Ankle straps add stability to help prevent injuries, such as ankle sprains,” he says.

Now, time for the fun part: shopping. Dr. Pinker recommends sandals from brands like New Balance, Orthofeet, Teva, and Mephisto, since they can often comfortably accommodate wide feet. And if those don't tickle your fancy, we have a slew of additional recommendations below. Just note—the one sandal to stay away from? Flip flops. “They usually offer a lack of stability and can irritate feet,” says Dr. Pinker.

Ready, set, shop!

16 of the best sandals for wide feet

adidas adissage, sandals for wide feet
Adidas, Unisex Adissage Sandals — $23.00

Like it or not, the 90s are back, including these Adidas slides that may or may not give you flashbacks to middle school. They run wide—hooray!—with an adjustable upper that lets you get just the right fit. The open-toed situation is a good fit for wide feet too, since it allows your toes plenty of room to breathe. And that massaging footbed…ahh.

What reviews say: I use these shoes as my home slippers. They are comfortable and made very well. The small nubs which line the soles, are a great foot massage, increasing circulation and hitting those pressure points. This is my 3rd pair!” — Amazon customer

Dolce Vita, Paily Slide Sandal — $125.00

A sandal that is both sexy and comfortable = our dream shoe. These block heels include chunky braided straps, with a little give and lots of wiggle room for your toes, especially if you go with a wide width. The selection of 18 colors includes an array of neutrals, but we’re especially loving the soft pastel versions, like the lilac and rose. Scroll through the reviews to read how other buyers rave about how comfortable they are. (Like dance-all-night-in-them comfortable.)

What reviews say:I have a slightly wide foot so often wear a size 7 shoe. However a size 7 was waaaay too long so I reordered in a 6.5. These have enough give to accommodate a wider foot. Would definitely order your regular size.” — Amazon customer

birkenstock footbed, sandals for wide feet
Birkenstock, Arizona Soft Footbed Sandals — $135.00

Thank goodness Birkenstocks are back in style—they are every wide foot’s best friend. What’s not to love? Birkenstocks are the best everyday summer shoe, whether you’re walking the dog or attending a backyard shindig. They’re super comfy, with a cushy footbed, plenty of width, and (once again) are considered cool. Personally, we think Birkenstocks never went out of style…

What reviews say: “These are adorable and fit perfect. They took a day or two to break in, do not be alarmed if they feel a little stiff or uncomfortable at first. I flexed the foot bed a few times, which really help to soften them up.” — Nordstrom customer

everlane renew sport, best sandals wide feet
Everlane, The ReNew Sport Sandal — $75.00

All-day comfort: that’s the goal of these strappy, sporty Everlane sandals. The adjustable velcro straps ensure you can give your feet the extra lovin’ width that they need, while the cushioned insole and extra soft lining make for easy all-day wear, without exhausting or cramping your feet. Don’t believe us? Scroll through the comments; reviewers rave that they’re great for wide feet.

What reviews say: “Great adjustable fit (with velcro straps it’s easy to adjust for odd-sized feet, or if your feet adjust in the heat), comfortable, and very durable.” — Everlane customer

madewell louisa slide sandal, sandals for wide feet
Madewell, Louisa Slide Sandal in Woven Leather — $110.00

Trust us: add Madewell’s Louisa slides to your cart and you’ll love them this summer and for many more summers to come. The wide woven leather strap will naturally stretch over time, making this pair of sandals an especially good fit for wide feet. (The flexible molded footbed makes them all-the-more comfortable too.)

What reviews say:These are really cute sandals and I’m looking forward to wearing the in the summer with dresses.My only issue with them is I have a high arch on my foot, and so they are tight there and it causes pain while walking … they are leather so I am counting on them stretching and then being a perfect fit, but until then they need some breaking in.” — Madewell customer

aldo eowiliwia, sandals for wide feet
Aldo, Eowiliwia Slingback Sandal — $75.00

Remember: when you have wide feet, velcro is your friend. These casual slingback sandals fit the bill, which are wide-foot approved since you can adjust the velcro to fit your tootsies just right. They’ll be your new summer staple, we promise.

What reviews say:Love them! Cute and comfy!!! Will probably buy them in another color!” — Amazon customer

bernardo gala sandal, sandals for wide feet
Bernardo, Gala Sandal — $165.00

We love everything about these slingback sandals: the adjustable ankle strap, the cushioned footbed, the slight block heel, and the cool leather upper. But most of all, we love the openness of it that’s extra friendly to wide feet. Now, to get black, white, or cognac…It’s a tough choice!

What reviews say: “These are similar style to another brand I had in the past. However, these blow theirs away. So much more quality. Expensive, but thinking worth it.” — DSW customer

seychelles sandals, sandals for wide feet
Seychelles, Low Key Glow Up Sandals — $99.00

Get in on the puff style sandal trend with these woven Seychelles slides. The leather upper and insole will soften over time, making them extra appealing since they’ll mold to your foot shape. They’re available in a handful of cool colors, from sky blue to a hot pink and orange combo to classic black. (We want one of each!) Sandals that make you look fancy and feel comfy? The best.

What reviews say: “These are super cute, very comfortable, and on trend! The are well made and I have a feeling that I’ll be living in them this spring & summer.” — Zappos customer

teva hurricane xlt 2, sandals for wide feet
Teva, Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal — $75.00

Teva sandals are notoriously wide-foot friendly, and this pair is no different. The quick-drying straps, which are available in four colors and patterns, allow you to adjust them to just the right fit for you. The anatomic footbed and padded heel ensure you’re extra comfy as you go on all sorts of outdoor adventures – camping, hiking, you name it – too. They’re fun and functional.

What reviews say: “This is my second pair. I wear them hiking, walking, working in a bakery, and traveling. I have back issues because of an injury. They give great stability and are very comfortable.” — DSW customer

donnie camel suede, sandals for wide feet
Lulus, Donnie Camel Suede Espadrille Wedges — $38.00

Backyard parties of all kinds, from grill outs to weddings, beg for you to wear a pair of wedges. (Ever walk in grass in heels?) These suede espadrille wedges feature a cute criss-cross peep-toe upper and matching heel cup, with lots of open space on the sides for wide feet to relax. Plus, the ankle strap provides much-needed support.

What reviews say: “I did read the reviews on these running a bit large, I wear size 7 and I went ahead and purchased 6 1/2 based on the reviews and good thing I did they fit perfect and they are very comfortable most importantly they look amazing way prettier in person!” — Lulu’s customer

cushionaire lela cork, sandals for wide feet
Cushionaire, Lela Cork Footbed Sandal — $28.00

Bless the brands who create shoes specifically in wide sizes, like Cushionaire did with these easygoing 3-strap sandals. After a few wears, the suede insoles perfectly contour to your feet, and the cork footbed is especially flexible so there’s no painful breaking in, period.

What reviews say: “My feet are wide and it’s hard for me to find sandals that fit well and are in my price range. The soles are cushioned and comfy. Highly recommend buying these!” — Amazon customer

madewell cady lugsole, sandals for wide feet
Madewell, Cady Lugsole Sandal — $118.00

Everyone deserves a comfortable sandal, and this lugsole design, with wide leather straps and chunky hardware, is the wear-all-day sandal of our dreams. The adjustable straps accommodate wide feet and the “cloudlift lite” padding feels like walking on a (you guessed it) cloud.

What reviews say: “I was skeptical getting these due to having wider feet, but going up a half size helped,” says one reviewer. “Worth every penny. These sandals are timeless and truly do feel like you’re walking on a cloud—the sole is so soft.”— Madewell customer

amazon essentials, best sandals for wide feet
Amazon Essentials, Women's H Band Flat Sandal — $20.00

We did it. We’ve found your easy, casual, everyday sandal for this summer. And good news: they’re super inexpensive and come in a slew of colors. Oh, and they fit wide feet spectacularly. Sometimes simple really is better.

What reviews say: “Wider foot? No problem. These sandals are great! They fit well on wider feet, like mine,” Amazon customer

New Balance, 202v2 Slides — $40.00

Fun fact: these 2-strap sandals can transform into 3-strap sandals in a blink of an eye. That’s thanks to the super stretchy uppers that can either be layered on top to cover the toes, or pulled back to give you additional heel support. Since they’re stretchy, you’ll never worry about squished toes while you stride.

What reviews say: “I love the versatility that comes with the back strap. I have found that when using the back strap I need to size up.” — New Balance customer

francine wedge sandal, sandals for wide feet
Cole Haan, Francine Wedge Sandal — $100.00

All hail adjustable buckles! These Cole Haan sandals have two buckles, both on the leather upper and the ankle strap, which are especially accommodating for wide feet so you can ensure a customized fit. Plus, they’re oh-so pretty. What more could you want?

What reviews say: “I am loving this sandal . Actually bought it in both colors. Ankle strap for support & also when you walk, there’s no annoying ‘snapping sound’ (like you get from some flip flops or slippers.) Clean supple leather with small gold colored accent buckle. Classy and timeless.” — DSW customer

dolce vita ilene sandal, sandals for wide feet
Dolce Vita, Ilene Sandal — $50.00

T-strap sandals—just like this Dolce Vita design—are often a great fit for wide feet, since much of the foot is comfortably exposed and not trapped in too-tight straps. This elegant (and relatively inexpensive) sandal, with the squared-off toe and decorative buckle, will keep your feet comfortable and fashionable. Win/win.

What reviews say: “Love this sandal ,I got them in black. It is a little wide and the buckle doesn’t adjust, so I downsized a half size to get a better fit. They are very comfortable, I wore them on vacation walking all day on Caribbean islands…no blisters or red marks! Oh, and the metal buckles did not get hot to burn me.” — DSW customer

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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