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9 Dreamy Scented Hand Lotions That Are Also Good for Your Skin

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Scented hand lotions (and face creams, and cleansers...) aren't always skin-friendly. Until recently, many smell-good body products were made with artificial extracts and synthetics that dried out our hands, leaving sensitive skin in a tizzy. On the contrary, not all of the healthiest hand creams smell good. (While natural, organic ingredients feel great, they can smell too natural, if you know what I mean.)

The best scented hand lotions combine utility and fragrance in one beautiful package. Scroll down to find a fragrance you'll love.

For classic floral scents

Byredo La Tulipe hand lotion
Byredo La Tulipe Hand Cream — $44.00

Like the name suggests, Byredo’s La Tulipe hand lotion smells of fresh-picked bunch of spring blooms. Underneath classic floral scents of freesia you’ll find notes of sweet cyclamen and tart rhubarb for a unique blend you’ll want to wear again and again.

Tube of Fresh honeysuckle lotion
Fresh Honeysuckle Hand Cream — $15.00

If you like sweeter florals, get your hands on this ultra-nourishing lotion by Fresh. Its honeysuckle scent has undertones of citrus and, of course, honey, to create a tasteful flowery smell. It’s infused with shea butter, too, so your hands will love the 24-hour hydration and extra nourishment.

Aerin Rose Cream
Estée Lauder Aerin Beauty Rose Hand & Body Cream — $55.00

This silky, smooth lotion is practically a bouquet for your hands and body. Featuring a floral infusion of classic rose, magnolia, and peony, it smells as good as it feels on dry, tired skin.

For fresh, clean scents

Jar of Burts Bees hand cream
Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream — $9.99

This rich hand cream is largely clean with occasional sweet undertones. It’s ultra-moisturizing and a lifesaver for rough, callused hands. Pro tip: Rub it on before you go to bed and wear under cotton gloves to treat your hands to an overnight soak.

Glossier Hand Cream
Glossier Hand Cream — $15.00

For fans of the editor-approved fragrance Glossier You, here’s the hand cream version. It comes in a sleek palm-sized pod that allows for quick and easy application. As for the smell, it’s light and very subtle, perfect for everyday wear.

For fruit and citrus scents

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Hand Cream — $65.00

For a luxurious hand lotion that smells of summer, look no further than Jo Malone’s Lime-Basil-Mandarin blend. It’s zesty and tart, giving you feel-good fruity smells without overdoing it. It’s enriched with skin saving ingredients, too, like apricot kernel oil, clary sage extract, and vitamin E.

Tube of Capri Blue Volcano hand lotion
Capri Blue Volcano Hand Lotion — $17.60

Capri Blue’s hand cream is bursting with fruity flavors, like sugared citrus, lemon zest, and fresh grapefruit. It’s also packed with nourishment, using a plant-based glycerin base that’s enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter for healthy, happier hands.

Tube of L'Occitane shea hand cream
L'Occitane Invigorating Hand Shea Cream — $12.50

This decadent moisturizer has “a joyful citrus scent that’s like a vitamin C shot for your soul.” Throw it in your purse, your beach bag, your carry on—wherever you can—for smooth hands and protection on-the-go.

For woodsy, earthy scents

Bottle of Williams Sonoma hand lotion
Williams Sonoma Cedar & Cardamom Hand Lotion — $24.95

Inspired by their signature home scents, Williams Sonoma’s woodsy hand lotion takes you on an afternoon hike with notes of cedar, grass, and spice. Plus, your hands will thank you for the all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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