The Best Self-Care Ritual for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Despite the "everybody's doing it" vibes from the wellness trends you see on Instagram (flower-petal baths and matcha lattes galore), not every self-care ritual is for everyone. If sitting in a steamy bath sounds like your own personal torture, then maybe you're more of a massage gal (to each their own chill pill).

To help you find the ways to best care for yourself, we turned to the stars and tapped astrologer and success coach Jennifer Racioppi to give us the lowdown on why your horoscope might have an impact on your preferred methods of R&R—and which one is your zodiac match.

And to really lock down that mind-body-spirit connection that self care is all about, we found you the perfect plant-rich product (courtesy of Weleda) to pair with your ritual. Because if you don't actually enjoy it, does it really count as self care?

Scroll down to find out which self-care ritual is right for your zodiac sign—plus the product to help you find your Zen.

self care horoscope aquarius

Aquarius: Morning routine + One-Step Cleanser & Toner

As an Aquarius, you've got off-the-charts problem solving capacities and are a natural-born leader. But before you start worrying about helping others, start your day by taking care of yourself with a morning skin-care routine.

"As an air sign and a very quick thinker, a morning routine helps you to feel grounded, and allows you to connect with your emotional world before you take on the problems of the world," Racioppi says.

Adding this cleanser-toner combo (which couples olive oil soap for cleansing with witch hazel for toning) to your routine will help you carve out some me-time in the morning, while still getting you out the door ASAP—so you can get back to saving the world.

self care horoscope pisces

Pisces: Pedicure + Hydrating Hand Cream

Being super sensitive is one of your strongest assets as a Pisces, and your emotional intelligence and empathy make you a great friend. But to make sure you don't get too caught up in your feelings, a grounding self-care ritual is essential.

"Pisces rules the feet so getting a pedicure is key for you," Racioppi explains. "It provides a sense of feeling grounded!"

Slather a nourishing cream on your feet (and your hands too, while you're at it) to give your toes the spa treatment thanks to quick-absorbing sea buckthorn and sesame oils. Because your feet are sensitive, just like you.

self care horoscope aries

Aries: Workout + Citrus 24H Roll-On Deodorant

Aries have a "take-charge-make-it-happen-mindset," Racioppi explains, and your motivating presence makes you a natural boss or team leader—which is why taking time out for yourself is so important.

"Ruled by Mars, this sun sign needs physical focus," Racioppi says. "Working out is a go-to for any Aries (even if you don’t think so)." Channel your fiery energy into a sweaty workout like HIIT or hot yoga, and stay smelling fresh with a deodorant scented with lemon essential oils that's as zesty as you are.


Taurus: At-home facial + Sensitive Care Facial Cream + Cleansing Lotion

You're no stranger to self care as a Taurus, a Venus-ruled sign Racioppi says is an expert at taking care of herself and others. Your affinity for the finer things in life is why Racioppi suggests leveling up your self-care practice with an at-home facial—complete with a cleansing lotion and facial cream that use sweet almond oil to carefully nourish the most delicate, dry skin.

"Taurus has an incredible capacity to support others. You provide stability with a twist of luxury and comfort," Racioppi says. "Allow your sense of beauty to guide you to relish luxury. Taking care of skin on face and neck helps them immensely, especially if they need support with speaking their truth."

self care horoscope gemini

Gemini: Journaling + Sensitive Care Calming Oil

If you've ever met a chatty Gemini, you know communication is her jam. As a master networker and community-builder ruled by Mercury (the messenger planet of the zodiac), your power lies in your ability to collaborate with just about anyone, fostering connection while expanding ideas, Racioppi says.

Channeling those communication skills into a journaling ritual (accompanied by a soothing face oil that will get you in your feels while keeping your skin from getting too sensitive) will make sure you're keeping an open line of communication with the most important person in your life—yourself.

"Known for your multifaceted wit, you are high energy and can move so quickly you sometimes forget to keep up with yourself. Writing helps you to not override red flags," Racioppi says. "Gemini rules arms and hands, making writing a great self care practice for this verbose, smart, and opinionated sign."

self care horoscope cancer

Cancer: Massage + Muscle Massage Oil

Despite your crabby archetype, Cancers are among the most nurturing signs of the zodiac, excelling at creating safety and security for those you love, according to Racioppi.

"Whether you’re offering solid advice or practicing other focused listening your presence supports others," Racioppi says. "Your empathetic and compassionate qualities make you a giver, but you need to receive, too. What better way than with a massage?"

Turn those nurturing vibes back on yourself with a warming muscle massage oil, formulated with arnica oil to revive tired muscles. Your body will thank you.

self care horoscope leo

Leo: Bake a treat + Skin Food

Leos have an incredible capacity for leadership (lions aren't called king of the jungle for nothing), but an all work, no play lifestyle just won't fly with your fun-loving side. "Leos absolutely must experience life from a place of creativity, self-expression, and straight up fun," Racioppi says.

Give yourself some play time by finally baking those black bean brownies you've had bookmarked forever. "What better way than to play in the kitchen, nourishing their inner child or the actual children in their life?" Racioppi says.

While you're at it, feed your skin with a cream with legit ingredients like calendula and chamomile for max nourishment and a major glow boost—to make your skin and your inner child happy.

self care horoscope virgo

Virgo: Meditation + Relaxing Body & Beauty Oil

Virgos love their routines and expertly organized schedules, which makes breaking out of those routines every once in a while important for balance.

"Because your tendencies to lead towards perfectionism, developing a self-care practice such as meditation brings you back to moment-to-moment presence," Racioppi explains. "Remember that a strong self-care ritual aids you in your service to others."

Dip into relaxation by rubbing lavender oil in your palms before you begin your meditation session (or all over your body to seal in skin-soothing hydration). Take a deep breath and feel the pressure of your rigid schedule melt away.

self care horoscope libra

Libra: Manicure + Soothing Hand Cream

"Relationship-oriented Libras appreciate art, beauty, culture, and anything that honors the sophistication of the soul," Racioppi says. "You believe in justice, harmony, and often have a great sense of style."

Work that sense of style (and find your beloved balance) by giving yourself an artsy manicure. Break out the paintbrushes or go for wabi sabi colors, and finish the whole thing off with a fast-absorbing cream to keep hands soft and supple. "A great manicure might just bring out your inner artist!" Racioppi says.

self care horoscope scorpio

Scorpio: Nap + Renewing Eye Cream

As a Scorpio, you're a go-getter, and your fierce ambition and independence often put you in a place of power. You thrive when you're digging deep, and waste no time on the superficial, according to Racioppi.

While you're sending all that strong energy out into the world, don't forget to recharge with a good old fashioned nap (and a snooze-approved eye cream that helps smooth puffiness).

"Healthy Scorpios love to indulge in alone time," Racioppi says. "Sleeping is one of the absolute best ways to rejuvenate for this often introverted sign, so don’t be afraid of a midday nap."

self care horoscope sagittarius

Sagittarius: Spa Shower + Lavender Creamy Body Wash

"More than any other sign in the zodiac, it’s easy for you to see the higher Truth of any situation," Racioppi says of optimistic Sagittarius. "This allows you to go after your dream with little resistance.You love independence, big-picture ideas, adventure, travel, and philosophy."

Use your big ideas on your self-care practice and take your sense of adventure into the shower. Wrap some eucalyptus around your shower head to create an aromatic steam, then lather up with a lavender body wash (formulated with nourishing sesame oil seed essential oils) for ultimate relaxation vibes.

"Why not make something as mundane as showering even better?" Racioppi says.

self care horoscope capricorn

Capricorn: Warm bath + Pampering Body & Beauty Oil

As a Cardinal Earth sign, you keep your nose to the grindstone and are no enemy to hard work. "[But] you work too hard to not take care of yourself," Racioppi says.

"Capricorn rules the bones, and a warm bath does the trick to bring you right back to center." Smooth on some wild rose oil after your soak to complete the ritual and give your skin an extra bump of radiance—plus feel the sense of harmony that the flower essence brings. Because some people actually do enjoy flower-petal baths.

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