Zodiac Sex Positions (Based on Your Sign) That Are Out of This World

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Because your astrological chart can shed light on key elements of your personality, desires, and goals, it has much to reveal about your compatibility with romantic partners—both broadly and in the bedroom. That’s right: Your astrological makeup flavors all areas of your life, including your sex life. And learning the best astrological sex positions and top kinks and turn-ons for your zodiac sign can help you put that sex life on a path toward out-of-this-world pleasure.

To understand just how certain zodiac signs are star-sanctioned to enjoy one sex position over another, even though there are many different sex positions, it’s helpful to think about their core tendencies and temperaments. For example, Aries, a cardinal fire sign with go-get-’em energy is bound to enjoy more active and adventures sex positions, while Cancer, a water sign known for its emotional disposition is more likely to thrive in the kinds of sensual position that promote maximum intimacy.

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But that’s really just grazing the surface of sex-trology, says astrologer and sexologist Stefanie Iris Weiss, whose interests lie in the interplay of sexual proclivities and astrology. “Each of our astrological charts has so much variety within it, and all of the zodiac signs can theoretically participate in any sex position,” she says. Caveat aside, she says there are certainly key facets of each zodiac sign (and how they show up in a person’s chart) that can influence the sex positions they most enjoy—and the sexual acts that’ll really get them going.

What determines sex drive in astrology?

Sun sign

Likely the sign you know best as your zodiac sign or star sign, and the one you’d read a horoscope for, your sun sign is most definitely linked with your sexual preferences, as the sign that primarily drives identity. “Your sun sign is really helpful for deciphering your ‘desire matrix’ because it reflects your core instincts,” says Weiss. “The sun embodies warmth and heat, and in that sense, it really is the beating heart of what you desire.”

As a result, the key characteristics of your sun sign can translate into your overall sexual vibe. For instance, just as a Taurus sun is sensory-oriented in non-sexual situations, they’re probably going to be pretty sensual between the sheets, too. And in the same way that a Leo likes to be perceived at work or in social settings, they’re likely going to enjoy being the focus of adoration in the bedroom, too.

Considering the astrological house of your sun sign, or the area of life that’ll play a role in your key identity, can also indicate how your sexual desire shows up, says Weiss. In particular, if your sun is in the seventh house of one-on-one relationships, the fifth house of love and pleasure, or the eighth house of deep emotional intimacy, there’s a high chance that sex or intimate connection is a key part of your life—as these are all considered “sex” houses, says Weiss.

Venus sign

Because Venus is the planet of love, romance, and receptivity, your Venus sign can also offer some deep insights into your sexual preferences, says Weiss. In this case, the sign it’s in will more closely reflect the way you show and receive affection and love. So, if your Venus is in a fire sign like Sagittarius, but your sun is in a grounded Earth sign like Virgo, it’s still possible that your personality in sexual scenarios gets a tinge of that fiery Sagittarian energy, particularly when love is involved.

Mars sign

Similar to Venus, Mars plays a role in how you act in the bedroom and in relationships—but in this case, it’s more about your animalistic impulses, or the kinds of sexual needs and desires you might experience if you could turn off the rational thinking part of your brain. “Mars is the planet of forward-focused passion and desire, and the things you instinctively go after,” says Weiss. That’s why looking at the sign that Mars occupies in your chart can also lend some insight into the sex positions and acts you enjoy.

For instance, having Mars in the deep and sensual sign of Scorpio could make you all the more likely to dominant in bed or to be a sex-initiator. And the same goes for having your Mars located in the eighth house of intimacy, which likely means “you have a higher sex drive or a lust, passionate desire for sex, and the potential for dominant behavior in bed,” says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach.

Which zodiac signs are the most sexual and sexually dominant?

There may be a lot of stereotypes about the misunderstood sign of Scorpio, but the one about how sexual they are has its roots in the truth, according to Kovach. “Scorpio combines the intensity of Pluto [its modern-day ruling planet] and the emotional sensitivity of the water element,” she says. “The sign of the Scorpion is also a sign that is all about intimacy on every level.” And that makes sense given that the area of the body over which Scorpio rules is the genitals, says Weiss.

But if you were to rank signs based on their sexuality, Aries would follow right on Scorpio’s tail. “Aries is ruled by Mars which also makes this fire sign particularly sexual and sexually dominant,” says Weiss. The other two fire signs—Leo and Sagittarius—also tend to be highly dominating in the bedroom, “in large part because they are dominating in all aspects of life,” says Kovach. “Fire signs are consumed by passion, and sex is no exception to that.”

Outside of dominance and intensity, though, the two signs ruled by Venus, the planet of love—Libra and Taurus—also tend to be highly sexual, adds Weiss, but in a different way. “I would consider Libra the most romantic sign and Taurus the most sensual sign,” she says.

How do I have the best sex according to my zodiac sign?

Below, astrologers break down the best astrological sex positions for every zodiac sign, plus common kinks and turn-ons that are popular for each. Before you scroll, just a quick note on consent: No matter your sign or the sign of your sexual partner, any actions you take in the course of partnered sex should be done only with the full consent of your partner.


astrological sex position aries

As the self-starter sign kicking off the zodiac calendar, Aries is nothing if not initiatory and in control. They tend to love being on top and in a dominant position in bed, which is why both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions are often among their top choices, says Weiss. “As a sign ruled by energetic Mars, Aries doesn’t often run out of steam in the bedroom, either,” she says. “They can have a lot of sex in one session, and they’re also cool with an intense quickie.”

Aries kinks

“Because Aries is turned on by the thrill of the chase, they often enjoy playing games of conquest related to their sexual encounters,” says Kovach, adding that at the same time, they may be turned off by people who attempt to dominate them. In that realm, Aries may also be into light bondage or BDSM in situations where they can be in control, says Weiss.

How to turn on an Aries

In astrological body rulership, Aries rules over the head, which means that head massage and gentle hair pulling are often surefire Aries turn-ons, says Weiss. “Whispering in their ears or tickling their ears can also do the trick,” she adds.


astrological sex position taurus

Of all the signs, Taurus is the most sensual—which means they love it when all their senses are engaged during sex, says Kovach. “Bringing scented oils, candles, or even foods like chocolate into the bedroom is a turn-on for them.” For the same sensorial reason, they appreciate as much physical contact as possible during sex, which is why Kovach recommends the classic missionary position, lying down with full-body contact. But because Taurus has a preference for control during sex, they’ll fare best on top, she adds.

Taurus kinks

Taurus loves being fully pampered, and they’re turned on by admiration, praise, and attention, says Kovach. As a result, any role play or sexual fantasy that puts them in the position of flattery or worship will be one they can get behind. At the same time, she adds, they tend to appreciate the finer things: gourmet food, sweets, wine, and luxury. And putting them in a position to enjoy all of the above surrounding sex (hotel sex, anyone?) will get them revved up all the more.

How to turn on a Taurus

Taurus rules over the neck, throat, and vocal cords, so paying a little extra attention to that region of the body tends to be a turn-on, says Weiss. “Kissing of the neck, stroking of the neck, or putting a hand on the back of the neck as a way to initiate sex are all good practices for Taurus,” she says, “and assuming full consent, they might also be into gentle choking.”


astrological sex position gemini

Gemini gets bored quickly, so to keep things spicy in the love department, Kovach suggests positions that involve some acrobatics and don’t confine them to one space. Take the ballet dancer, for example, which is a standing position involving one person wrapping a leg around the other. From there, you might prepare to switch it up and move around a bit, too: “With Gemini, you’re going to start one way and finish in a very different way,” says Weiss.

Gemini kinks

Ruled by the communication-oriented Mercury, Gemini loves all things language-based in the bedroom. “They may have a fetish for talking or hearing the sound of your voice during sex or could be turned on by certain words,” says Kovach. In this realm, sexual ASMR, audio erotica, sexting, and sexy video chats are all in Gemini’s wheelhouse, too.

How to turn on a Gemini

Ruling over the hands, fingers, and arms, Gemini loves a good hand-hold or for their hands and fingers to be stroked or licked before sex, says Weiss. “They also may enjoy being wrapped up in someone’s arms and kissing or sucking on their partner’s fingers,” she adds.


astrological sex position cancer

Sensitive and nurturing in nature, Cancer prefers slow, romantic, and affectionate love-making, says Kovach. The closer the body connection, the better—which is why spooning is one of the best sex positions for Cancer. “This is such a loving, cuddle-y position, and Cancers love this kind of embrace,” says Weiss. “With Cancer, there typically has to be a pre- and post-coital cuddle, too.”

Cancer kinks

Because Cancer is the classic caretaker of the zodiac, they tend to enjoy roleplay around playing nurse or doctor for a partner, says Kovach, referencing their desire to serve others. In other cases, Cancer can be turned on by being similarly cared for by their partner, she adds. Picking up some chores around the house or making them their favorite meal may be just the thing to get them in the mood.

How to turn on a Cancer

The chest and breasts are Cancer’s most erogenous zones, given that the sign rules over this region of the body. “They love to have their breasts touched and massaged, regardless of gender, and may enjoy nipple play or nipple clamps,” says Weiss.


astrological sex position leo

With a flair for the dramatic, Leos can be into all kinds of acrobatic and standing sex positions. But of the utmost importance for Leo is that they be fully perceived and admired, says Weiss. That’s why she recommends sex in front of a mirror for Leo, and particularly a position like doggy style where both partners can face the same direction and gaze upon the Leo’s reflection together.

Leo kinks

As the sign ruled by the sun, which reflects identity and ego, Leo loves to be praised and recognized in bed. “They’re often into worship play, or any kind of position where their partner can gaze at them in adoration or lavish lots of attention on them,” says Weiss. Naturally creative and passionate, Leos are also into experimenting with role play of different kinds, says Kovach.

How to turn on a Leo

Leo rules over the upper back, spine, and heart. To get them in the mood, try scratching their back, says Weiss, “and with consent, you can also try getting a little rough with that.” A more tender option? “Try placing a hand on their heart and having them place their hand on yours, so you can feel your connection, heartbeat to heartbeat to heartbeat,” says Weiss.


astrological sex position virgo

As the sign ruling over the house of work and routines, Virgo loves to serve or be of service—which is why they tend to enjoy lengthy oral sex sessions, says Weiss. Though it’s become something of a Virgo stereotype, they also appreciate cleanliness, tidiness, and good hygiene. In turn, the best astrological sex position for a Virgo will always be one on fresh sheets in a clean room.

Virgo kinks

Like Cancers, Virgos may be into playing nurse or doctor in the bedroom—anything that puts them in the position of serving or being the recipient of service in that way. “They may see sexual encounters as an opportunity to please a partner, not as a source of pleasure alone,” says Kovach.

How to turn on a Virgo

Because Virgo rules over the sympathetic nervous system, they can often find themselves too anxious or preoccupied to fully enjoy sex. As a result, the best way to turn on a Virgo is to calm them down first, says Weiss. This might mean using a technique to stimulate their Vagus nerve, perhaps massage behind or under the ears or at the jawline, or deep breathwork, she suggests. Another idea? Popping a CBD gummy or two with a Virgo to shift into a more serene state of mind ahead of time.


astrological sex position libra

Sure, it might sound vanilla, but a Libra can vibe with missionary on the bottom. “It’s traditional, it’s romantic, and it lets them stare into their partner’s eyes from a close distance,” says Weiss. And for the sign of love and relationships, this is all too fitting. In that realm, Libra also loves a “Hollywood movie kind of make-out session,” says Weiss. Lovey-dovey kissing, to them, can feel just as romantic, if not more so, than actual sex.

Libra kinks

Talking dirty and sexting are major kinks for Libra, as a cerebral air sign with a knack for imagination. “They are often turned on more by image and fantasy than by direct physical contact,” says Kovach.

How to turn on a Libra

Libra rules the lumbar region and lower back, which tends to make them a major fan of back massage before sex, says Weiss. “Another good option is to wrap your body completely around them from the back or be the big spoon so that your belly is close to their lower back,” she says. Also, dimming the lights, turning on their favorite sexy song, and lighting a candle will help get them in the mood. After all, Libra is known to be a classic romantic.


astrological sex position scorpio

Known to be the most sexually dominant sign, Scorpio is active and dynamic in bed, and doesn’t shy away from anything deeply and intimately sexual, thanks to their rulership by the eighth house. While some of the more acrobatic positions might come to mind instantly (and they’re bound to enjoy those, too), Weiss says that a tantric sex position like the yab-yum (aka the lotus) may be particularly powerful for Scorpio. “Pair it with in-sync breathing and tantric eye gazing to really level it up,” she says. “That type of thing tends to come naturally for Scorpio.”

Scorpio kinks

Particularly with newer partners, Scorpios are often dynamic and playful in bed, says Kovach. “They enjoy playing sex games related to power, mystery, and chasing their love interest,” she says, “and they can also be turned on by domination games.” In general, they’re usually the ones who are open to really “going there” as you’ll rarely reach a level that’s too sexually deep or eccentric for a Scorpio.

How to turn on a Scorpio

A large part of why Scorpios are so sexual is because they rule the genitals. So, it’s extra important to make a Scorpio feel very appreciated in that department, says Weiss. “If you’re dealing with a Scorpio with a vulva, you certainly want to be sure that their clitoris is being stimulated, and that you don’t end up skipping it with just penetrative sex.”


astrological sex position sagittarius

Ever the adventurer of the zodiac, Sagittarius tends to be into all kinds of positions and kinks in the bedroom—and beyond. “This is the sign that loves to have sex in hotels or outdoors or while traveling to switch things up,” says Weiss. Wherever they’re having sex, though, they also tend to be pretty athletic with it, and aren’t afraid to stretch their legs into unique positions. Cue: Missionary with one leg up in a split, or with both legs up over their head as Sagittarius’s ideal sex position.

Sagittarius kinks

“Sagittarius may be turned on by the idea of sex in public or sexual encounters in places where they could get caught or seen by others,” says Kovach. (Their adventurous spirit will stop at nothing for an adrenaline rush.) “They’re often voyueristic and exhibitionists,” she adds.

How to turn on a Sagittarius

Another reason why Sagittarius often loves to get their legs moving into unique positions in bed is because this sign rules over the thighs, butt, and hips. “Lavishing love on their thighs, kissing their thighs, or otherwise paying attention to them is sure to turn them on,” says Weiss. In the same vein, running a hand along the hip of a Sagittarius while they’re fully dressed can get them instantly in the mood, she adds. And once you’re having sex, expect to do a lot of hip circling and thrusting, too.


astrological sex position capricorn

Work-centric Capricorns tend to be in a very dominant role during their everyday life, which can leave them eager to switch into a more submissive role when the time for sex arrives, says Weiss. As the sign of boundaries and structure, they can also appreciate the (literal) boundary of a wall—and being pushed up against one—which makes any from-behind standing position an ideal one for Capricorn.

Capricorn kinks

Because, again, Capricorn might play the more submissive role in bed, they tend to enjoy some element of light bondage. “Restraint is a very Saturnian word, and Saturn is Capricorn’s ruler,” says Weiss. “So, having their wrists tied back in a silk scarf, for example, might be something they enjoy.” (Again, this assumes you’ve asked for and received their consent to do so.)

How to turn on a Capricorn

Because Capricorn rules over the skin, they can get turned on by sensual touch and massage of all sorts. The teeth (and bones) are another area over which Capricorn rules, so you also might arouse a Capricorn with some gentle biting, whether that’s on the lip during kissing or on another body part, adds Weiss.


astrological sex position aquarius

As the most future-forward and experimental sign, Aquarius is no stranger to a sexual device or toy. “Anything that brings machines into bed in some way is a total Aquarius thing,” says Weiss. They also appreciate spicing things up, including the location where sex is happening. That’s why chair sex tends to be beloved by Aquarians who’ve perhaps gotten bored by traditional sex in the bed, says Weiss.

Aquarius kinks

“Aquarius tends to get turned on by unusual situations as one of the kinkiest signs in the zodiac,” says Kovach. As a result, their kinks tend to be surprising, unique, or change often, she says. In any case, they are turned off by limitations and traditional sex encounters, she adds.

How to turn on an Aquarius

Suggesting a new sex game, incorporating a device into your sexual encounter, or switching up your position for sex can all turn on a novelty-seeking Aquarius. Beyond that, however, Aquarius rules the calves, shins, and ankles, so be sure to pay extra attention to these regions, perhaps by finding positions where you can hold onto that part of the body, says Weiss.


astrological sex position pisces

Mystical Pisces has a deeply spiritual side when it comes to sex. And similar to Scorpio, there are few sexual positions that would feel too deep or too intimate to a Pisces. In that realm, their best sex position is any that puts them face-to-face with their partner with full-body contact, says Weiss, like the classic missionary or the seated face-off, where one partner is sitting on the edge of the bed and the other is straddling them on top.

Pisces kinks

Given their dreamy and spiritual edge, Pisces may crave “changes of consciousness as part of the ecstatic sexual process,” says Kovach. In turn, they’re often very into role play and the use of mind-altering substances as part of the sexual experience, she says. Additionally, Pisces may have a foot fetish, as the sign rules over the feet and toes.

How to turn on a Pisces

Tantra techniques may be very arousing for Pisces, who appreciates sex as an emotional experience. You might also offer them a foot massage (or accept an offer to receive one from them), or even take things a step further by giving a foot job or incorporating other foot-play techniques into your sexual encounter.

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