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The Best Sex Position for Each Zodiac Sign, According to a Relationship Astrologer

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Astrology can be super helpful for finding your most compatible romantic partner, but did you know it can also help you discover ultimate satisfaction in the bedroom? Your astrological personality and flavor influences all areas of life, including your sex life. So, once you know the best sex position for your zodiac sign, you're more likely to experience out-of-this-world pleasure.

For instance, some signs are down to get steamy standing up, while others live for slow, romantic lovemaking via the always-classic missionary position. Other signs may be more predisposed to kink (we’re looking at you, Scorpio) and are, thus, turned on by sex positions that shock and surprise, in the best way.

Keep scrolling to learn what the best sex position is for your sun sign (aka the sign you look to for when you read your horoscope), according to relationship-focused astrologer Anna Kovach. (Also, be sure to check out the your partner's sun sign, too.)

Get hot and heavy with the best sex position for your zodiac sign, according to an astrologer

Aries: outdoor adventures

Aries is the adventurer of the zodiac who loves excitement and a good adrenaline rush, Kovach says, so making love outdoors or someplace other than the bedroom will undoubtedly keep them captivated. As for the ideal sex position, Aries likes being on top. “Whatever the position, Aries loves to show passion and tends to keep a fast pace,” Kovach says. “If you want to satisfy Aries in the bedroom, remember they need to be on top and in control.”

Taurus: missionary on top

Taurus, too, loves being on top and in control during sex. However, they prefer a slow and steady pace to lovemaking, which is why Kovach recommends the classic missionary position lying down with full-body contact. “Be sure to run your hands all over Taurus’s body, or everywhere within reach, during sex,” Kovach says. “Taurus needs to have all senses engaged, so bringing scented oils or even foods like chocolate into the bedroom is a turn-on for Taurus.”

Gemini: standing spoon

Gemini gets bored quickly, so to keep things spicy in the love department, Kovach suggests positions that involve some acrobatics and don’t confine them to one space. Take the standing spoon, for instance, which involves one person standing and the other up against a wall. “Start out making love up against a wall, then move onto a table, the floor, a chair, and so forth,” Kovach says. “Make sure you swap positions and change who is on top or in a dominant position as well. [Gemini] wants to see things from every perspective.”

Cancer: missionary on the bottom

Kovach says that this sign is sensitive and nurturing in nature and prefers slow, romantic, and affectionate lovemaking. So, there’s no need to get fancy when it comes to sex positions—missionary will work just fine for this sign. Furthermore, Kovach adds, they rarely want to be on top. “They prefer to feel safe underneath their partner,” she says.

Leo: freestanding

“Since Leo loves to show off their strength and has a flair for the dramatic, their favorite position involves standing,” Kovach says. “Leos love to feel powerful and to be seen. Also, make sure you face Leo during sex, as they want to be admired.”

Virgo: spooning

For Virgo, direct eye contact may be too much during sex; Kovach notes they prefer to remain modest and humble. For that reason, she recommends the spooning sex position, where both partners face the same direction, as this sign’s ideal sex position because it provides enough affection without overwhelming them with the intimacy of eye contact.

Libra: 69

“Libras are conscious of sharing and are compassionate and loving,” Kovach says. “They want to make sure everything is equal in the sexual encounter.” This is why she recommends the 69 position, where both partners engage in oral sex simultaneously in a head-to-foot position, so both parties are giving and receiving pleasure at once.

Scorpio: doggy-style

“As the sign obsessed with power and intimacy, Scorpio loves [the doggy-style] position,” Kovach says. Spice things up even more by varying the position. “Start out on equal ground but then advance to have the receiving person on the edge of the bed while their partner stands on the floor behind them.” Kovach also suggests that for some Scorpios, adding in toys and perhaps BDSM accessories may cater to a lust for kink.

Sagittarius: the corkscrew

Thanks to Sagittarius’ affinity for flexibility and adventure, Kovach says putting a (literal) twist on a common sex position is the way to go. Case in point: the corkscrew. “In this position, the receiving partner lies on their side with legs bent, facing away from their partner, who stands at the edge of the bed and enters from behind,” Kovach says. “They will enjoy the full range of sensations this position allows.”

Capricorn: the flatiron

For Capricorn, an ideal sex position involves simplicity with a hint of raciness, making the flatiron position a winner. “This position is similar to doggy-style, but rather than the receiving partner on their knees, both partners lie flat, facing the same direction,” Kovach says. “This is perfect for sensual Capricorn, a sign that enjoys pleasure but also prefers the slight emotional distance provided by avoiding eye contact.”

Aquarius: pinball wizard

“Aquarius is pleasure-seeking and loves to shock and surprise, so be sure to switch among various positions frequently,” Kovach says. To get you started, she recommends trying the pinball wizard sex position where the receiving partner lays on their back and lifts their hips and legs into a bridge position, while the other partner kneels in front facing them.

Pisces: the om

Mystical Pisces has a spiritual side and craves intimacy and connection, which means they want to be as close to their partner as possible, making the om sex position ideal.In this position, both partners face each other,” Kovach says. “One partner sits with legs wrapped around the other partner, who is sitting cross-legged. This allows for optimal intimacy and full-body contact while also giving the opportunity for deep kissing and eye contact.”

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