The 5 Best Shoes for Cycling to Give You That Studio Bike Experience Right at Home

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Finding the perfect cycling shoes can be tricky, especially when you're choosing a pair for a home set-up. Many at-home spin bikes have cages for your shoes instead of clips, so using the trusty pair you bring to Soul Cycle isn't really the best option. Instead, Jen Tallman, a spin instructor and personal trainer in New York City, says you'll want to find something that mimics a cycling shoe in order to give you a great studio bike experience in your own space.

"To mimic a real cycling shoe, you'll want to look for a sneaker that provides a lot of support and is a bit on the 'thicker' side versus a really lightweight, 'thin' sneaker. This will prevent you from feeling the cage through your sneaker while you ride. You'll also feel a lot more comfortable—especially while standing up and riding out of the saddle," says Tallman. "In addition, a solid, thicker heel of a sneaker helps support the power you need when you push down for the pedal strokes."

Even with these qualities, where do you begin? Start with Tallman's top recommendations for cycling shoes.

The 5 best shoes for cycling indoors

1. TIEM LATUS, $130

Photo: TIEM

Tiem's line of studio sneakers is a great option for anyone who doesn't ever want to—or need to!—add a cleat. If you still want the option, there's also the Slipstream line—my personal favorite. They look like normal, cute sneakers, but they have a very discreet spot to add a cleat. They're much sleeker than a normal, clunky cycling shoe.

2. Brooks Launch 7, $100

best shoes for cycling
Photo: Brooks

Not only do these Brooks come in fun colors and prints, but they're a perfect sneaker to tackle an indoor cycling session with their firm heel support and super-breathable top. Bonus: You can also use them on a run, walk, or even do a HIIT session in them with full support.


best shoes for cycling
Photo: Adidas

This is another great sneaker for multi-activity purposes. The supportive heel works great for indoor cycling, and it doubles as one of the best running sneakers on the market.

4. Nike Joyride Fly Knit, $144

Photo: Nike

Unlike the regular Fly Knits that have too thin of a sneaker to feel comfortable in a sneaker cage, the Joyride is specifically made for running so you'll get the heel support you need for a good indoor cycling sneaker.


best cycling shoes
Photo: Nike

Nike just released its first indoor cycling shoe. They're easy to get on and off, have vents for airflow, and are designed to support you whether you're riding hard in or out of the saddle. (If you get them, just make sure to go up a whole size as they run small.)

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