The Best Shoes for a Day at Disneyland, According to Someone Who’s Visited 300 Times in the Last 8 Years

Photo: Jamie Sanders
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I’ve been to Disneyland around 300 times in the last eight years (I’ll wait for you to pick your jaw up off the floor). Such is the life of a Magic Key Holder (aka, annual pass holder) who only lives 35 miles from the parks. When it comes to the best shoes for Disneyland, I’ve found some that not only stand the test of time, but stand up to a full day of walking, walking, and more walking. Not to mention standing in lines for rides and watching parades or fireworks. That’s a lot of standing—but that’s also exactly what will happen during your Disneyland day. Read on to discover a few of the best shoes I've put to the test at Disneyland, plus tips from a podiatrist on how to choose the right pair for you.

Experts In This Article
  • Brad Schaeffer, DPM, board-certified foot surgeon at Sole Podiatry NYC and star of TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me

The best shoes for Disneyland, at a glance:

Why you need good shoes for Disney parks

The amount of steps I get in a day at Disneyland is staggering, but probably not surprising. I average at least 12,000 every time I head to Disneyland and California Adventure. While some of those days have seen upwards of 20,000 steps—that’s a sun-up to sun-down type of day with friends or family from out of town—even a “normal” shorter day for me still gains a minimum of 10,000. It stands to reason that the shoes I’m wearing had better be comfortable. Additionally, I broke my ankle seven years ago, and still have residual pain from that. So my sneakers need to take that into account, too.

“Our feet are our foundation and serve as our body’s shock absorbers,” says board-certified podiatrist and foot surgeon Dr. Bradley Schaeffer, DPM. “They can take a lot, but they also need a break from weight bearing and relentless pounding, especially for a long day and night at Disneyland.” Luckily, I’ve found a host of sneakers and sandals that make the Disneyland grade—so all I have to do is slip them on, climb into an enchanted pirate ship, and ride off into starry-filled London with Peter Pan.

What are the top factors to consider when choosing a pair of shoes for Disneyland?

In between snacking on churros and riding Space Mountain, you’ll do a lot of walking at Disneyland. An average day could be anywhere from 15,000-20,000 steps, which means you need to keep a few important things in mind when choosing the right shoes to take you through the day.

Arch support

The arch provides both support and balance. Arch support is “the most critical feature that affects comfort and can help prevent a myriad of issues,” says Dr. Schaeffer. Improper arch support can lead to issues like plantar fasciitis, pain in the lower legs and back, and hammertoe.

Good cushioning

This helps your feet absorb shock and avoid further tissue irritation and damage. But Dr. Schaeffer cautions that your shoes shouldn’t overcompensate. “Sometimes, too squishy means less or replaced support,” he says.

Proper size

The right shoe size should take both length and width into account. “You don’t want your heel or foot slipping around,” Dr. Schaeffer warns. He recommends trying shoes on after you’ve been walking around a store for awhile, and with the same kind of socks you’re planning to wear.

Break-in period

Schaeffer says you probably wouldn’t want to stand in new heels for hours on end at an event—and that goes for wearing new sneakers to an amusement park like Disneyland, too. “New shoes, whether they fit properly or not, will tend to be stiffer,” he says, which “could cause blisters and irritation.”

Now that you’re armed with info about how to choose the best shoes for Disneyland (or footed, as the case may be), it’s time to find the pair that’s right for you. Below, discover a few of my favorites.

Shop 10 of the best shoes to wear to Disneyland, according to a frequent visitor

the author wearing kizik sneakers, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Photo: Author, wearing Kiziks

kizik athens sneakers, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best overall: Kizik, Athens — $129.00

Available sizes: 5-13

When it comes to sneakers that let you do it all during a day at Disneyland, Kizik’s Athens are the way to go. Not only are they designed with the brand’s signature Rabbit Foam® on the outsole for slight lift and added cushioning, but the hands-free, slip-on silhouette lets you slide your foot right in with immediate heel bounce back and no lace-up tightness lost. They come in 19 different colors, my favorite being the pretty pastel Pink Lemonade.

During one long Disneyland day, I stood in them for an hour to watch the Magic Happens parade, waited in two different 25-minute ride lines, and walked 12,000 steps, all without a hint of discomfort. And, for anyone worried about a break-in period, that was my first day wearing them! No blisters, no tightness around the toes, just a full day of Mickey-loving fun.

Colors: 19


  • Easy, slip-on styling
  • Removable and washable insoles
  • All-day comfort
  • Similarly priced to other sneakers
  • No break-in period required
  • Available in half sizes


  • Some people might not like the colors available

Photo: Author, wearing Allbirds

allbirds tree dasher 2, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best sustainable sneaker: Allbirds, Tree Dasher 2 — $135.00

Available sizes: 5-11

Last year, I polled my Instagram followers about their recommendations for the most comfortable sneakers for a full day of walking around the parks. Allbirds won by a mile (pun intended). The Tree Dasher 2 features a no-slip heel fit, a cushy SweetFoam® midsole, and a unique one-piece upper in lightweight, breathable mesh that’s made from FSC® certified eucalyptus trees.

I’d recommend breaking them in ahead of your long day at the parks, since the insole’s slight rocking feeling made them take a little while to feel right. This disappeared within about an hour, and then they were incredibly light and comfortable. With the aforementioned tree upper, a midsole made from sugarcane-based green EVA, and even shoe laces made from recycled plastic bottles, Allbirds is the most sustainable option for Disneyland shoes.

Colors: 15+


  • Made from sustainable materials, with a low carbon footprint of 6.01 kg CO2e
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Available in half sizes
  • 11 different colors, with both basics/neutrals and fun fashion colors


  • Need about an hour of breaking in before a long day of walking

new balance
Photo: Author, wearing New Balance

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13, best shoes for disneyland
Best classic sneaker: New Balance, Fresh Foam X 1080v13 — $165.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (in narrow, standard, wide, and extra wide)

If you’re looking for classic sneakers that are as functional as they are comfortable, these ones by New Balance are a perfect option. With availability in both standard, narrow, wide, and extra-wide widths, and expanded sizing (think whole and half sizes from 5-13), this style stands both the test of time and a long Disneyland day.

They feature midsole mapping, which applies more foam to wider areas of the midsole and provides increased flexibility at narrower points of the foot. The Hypoknit mesh upper makes them supremely soft and breathable throughout long days of waiting in ride lines. While they’re offered in a variety of different neutral and colorful colors, I’m personally drawn to the brighter hues, since they stand out even if you’re in a more neutral outfit. (People who are into #DisneyStyle, like me, will definitely appreciate this.)

Colors: 11


  • Out-of-the-box comfort with no need to break in
  • Comfortable for both walking and standing
  • Available in both standard and wide widths


  • Runs a bit big, so you may want to go down a half size
  • Design may be a bit clunky/outdated for some

pink lily rylee air sneakers, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best affordable sneaker: Pink Lily, Rylee Air — $42.00

Available sizes: 5-10

Fun, colorful, bright—Pink Lily’s Rylee Air sneakers are definitely ones to watch. Truth be told, I love them as much for their pink and orange colorblocked design as I do for their comfort level. They’re easy to slip into and walk multitudes of steps, but photograph well in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle or with a coordinating Dole Whip swirl, so it’s a win-win. While they are comfortable right out of the box, they do also run a bit big, so you may need to size down.

Colors: 2


  • Very affordable
  • No breaking-in required


  • Sizing is a bit limited — only 5-10 with no half sizes
  • Runs big, so may need to size down

reebok floatride energy 5, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best neutral sneaker: Reebok, Floatride Energy 5 — $110.00

Available sizes: 5-11

Reebok has long been one of my go-to Disneyland sneaker brands. I have a pair from 2012 that I’ve basically run into the ground, so I was beyond happy to discover the Floatride Energy 5. These sneakers feature a comfortable, breathable mesh and synthetic upper, and a removable cushioned insole. Reebok’s signature Floatride Energy Foam helps provide additional lightweight and ultra-responsive cushioning. They also feature very modest logo detailing, which is nice if you don’t like large emblazoned logos.

I will caution that they run a bit big, so I would recommend sizing down either a half or full size. Once you find the right fit, though, they’re exceedingly comfortable while also matching every single Disneyland outfit you can think of. I’d say that makes them Mickey-approved.

Colors: 4


  • Crafted with comfortable and lightweight cushioning


  • Runs a bit big, so size down
  • Only available in two colors

brooks ghost 15, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best athletic sneaker: Brooks, Ghost 15 — $140.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (in narrow, medium, and wide)

I’d been curious about Brooks for awhile, since one of my friends raves about them—in particular, the brand’s best-selling Ghost 15s, which are ideal for walking long hours (and running). These sneakers are designed with soft cushioning, including DNA LOFT v2 cushioning in the midsole, for the perfect distribution of bounce and plushness while still feeling substantial.

Crafted with 57 percent recycled materials in the upper and 6.58 plastic bottles diverted from landfills, they’re also sustainable. With almost 30 colors to choose from, it’s fairly impossible not to find at least one you want to take to Disneyland.

Colors: 20+


  • Available in medium, narrow, and wide widths
  • Fit true to size


  • Style may look a bit bulky to some
  • Not all colors are available in all sizes or widths
  • On the more expensive end

fitflop f-mode leather sandal, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best fashion sandal: FitFlop, F-Mode Leather Flatform Back-Strap Sandals — $130.00

Available sizes: 5-11

Let’s face it—sometimes you just want to look a little cuter while walking around the parks. And especially when the weather is warm, you may want something open-toed. On those days, opt for these FitFlop F-Mode flatforms, which blend comfort with style in an on-trend, flatform silhouette. The adjustable buckled back strap stays put without digging in, and the brand’s signature Microwobbleboard™ midsole delivers the utmost in ergonomics and cushioning.

While you may not want to walk a full 20,000 steps in these, they are actually very comfortable for a long park day (with a possible change to sneakers at night). They’re especially ideal for days when you want to grab some Disneyland popcorn, stroll through the shops, take some #DisneyStyle photos, and do some people watching.

Colors: 3


  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • The buckle is adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Fit true to size


  • Only available in four neutral colors
  • May not be best for extremely large step counts

Photo: Author

teva midform universal sandals, best shoes for disneyland
Best for Disney water rides: Teva, Midform Universal — $65.00

Available sizes: 5-11

I still remember my first pair of Tevas. I was a junior in high school, and my grandparents bought me a pair to wear on summer vacation. While that pair is long gone, the Midform Universal sandals are still my go-tos for long-distance comfort. Whenever I know I have a long park day in extreme summer temperatures ahead, I opt for these. Plus, they’re great for water rides because your feet will dry quickly (there’s no time for soggy socks at Disney!).

Two adjustable straps across the vamp and ankle ensure a perfect fit, the rubber outsole has fantastic traction, and the Midform style offers enough height and cushioning in the EVA footbed to keep me going all day and night. I’ve also found that the straps of the Midform style don’t cut into my skin, while the lower Original Universal style offers less comfort. The colors continually update, too, so you can find new ones to love.

Colors: 10


  • An affordable, everyday option
  • Fit true to size
  • The higher midform style keeps straps from digging into skin


  • Colors sell out and aren’t replaced
  • No half sizes or wide width available

Photo: Author, wearing Clarks

clarks dashlite cross sandals, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best sporty sandal: Clarks, Dashlite Cross — $60.00

Available sizes: 5.5-11

When it’s too hot for sneakers, but you still need the ultimate in comfort, the Clarks Dash Lite Cross is a perfect pick. The open-toe sandals are, in fact, light, while the ergonomic MI-X footbed gives them a supportive, cloud-like fit.

They feature two adjustable Velcro straps and a treaded rubber outsole that keeps you moving without tripping or sliding. I also love the padded underlay at the heel, which ensures that they won’t cause rubbing, irritation, or blisters. Something tells me Minnie and Daisy would love them, too.

Colors: 2


  • A bright and colorful option for a park day
  • Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit


  • Only available in two colors
  • A bit expensive at $90

oofos oomg sport, one of the best shoes for disneyland
Best recovery shoe: Oofos, Oomg Sport — $140.00

Available sizes: 5-11

Walking around Disneyland for an entire day can be a hot, sweaty experience, especially in the dead of summer. The Oofos Oomg Sport shoes are perfect for days like this, since the closed-cell foam is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. They feature Oofos’ patented OOfoam™ technology and footbed geometry, along with a 4-way stretch upper that conforms to the way you move. It almost feels like you’re rocking back and forth, which admittedly can take a little getting used to.

One of my friends who runs many Disney races also loves them as a post-run recovery option. While you may not want to wander the parks in these from sun-up to sun-down, they’re great as a mid-afternoon into evening pair. They do also take some breaking in, especially since they conform so well to your feet, so wearing them out of the box and straight to Fantasyland isn’t recommended. However, they are a great option for water rides like Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run!

Colors: 4


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • The rocking feel can be off-putting
  • On the pricier side

How to choose a pair of shoes for Disneyland

  • Your foot type: As with shoes for any occasion, it's important to keep your foot type in mind when shopping. If you have wide feet, narrow feet, or a special condition like bunions or plantar fasciitis, those considerations should lead your decision—above all, you'll want to be comfortable while you roam the park.
  • Weather: OK, so the weather isn't that unpredictable in California. But still, if you're headed out in cooler, December weather, you might want to opt for closed-toe shoes over sandals. Or, if it's a toasty July day, you'll definitely appreciate a pair with extra ventilation.
  • Ride preferences: Splash Mountain anyone? If you're planning to hit the water rides over and over, your feet have a high chance of getting wet, so plan on a pair of shoes that will let your feet dry out quickly. If you're more inclined to high-speed rollercoasters or rides where you get jostled around, you might want to stick to closed-toe styles for added safety.
  • Style: A day out at Disneyland can be an opportunity for you to show off your personal style! If bright colors and patterns are key to completing your 'fit, there are plenty of sneaker brands on this list (especially Brooks, and New Balance) that will deliver.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it OK to wear Crocs to Disney?

If Crocs are supportive and comfortable enough for you, there's no reason you can't wear them to Disney. Just be sure to take advantage of the heel straps to ensure your shoes don't go flying off on a ride.

Are New Balance Shoes good for Disney?

New Balance makes no shortage of podiatrist-recommended kicks, so we think that most of their styles are a great fit for Disneyland. On this list, you'll find the Fresh Foam X 1080v13, which is a lightweight, breathable, and supportive pair.

Is it OK to wear flip flops at Disney?

While flip flops may seem like a great choice for water rides, the lack of support can make for a rough day on your feet. If sandals are your vibe, we recommend opting for a pair with good arch support and a heel strap to make sure they stay secure on rides.

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