6 Podiatrist-Approved Shoes That’ll Keep You Cool and Comfy On Your Daily ‘Hot Girl Walks’

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If you're a fan of fitness TikTok ("FitTok?"), you may have come across the viral "hot girl walk" somewhere on your feed. Started by Mia Lind, a TikTok content creator, "hot girl walks" are a cute moniker for a 4-mile walk (or less!), powered by your favorite jams, where you reflect on your accomplishments and goals. So far, the #hotgirlwalk movement has amassed more than 435.6 million views and counting, with millions of people (even dads, because anyone can do it) participating to break a sweat and practice some self care.

Before you hit the pavement to join in on the fun, we recommend a comfy pair of sneakers to cushion your feet and prevent any walking-related injuries. When looking for your next pair of "hot girl" kicks, Nelya Lobkova, DPM, a podiatrist based in New York and founder of Step Up Footcare, recommends shoes that have an insole with a deep heel cup to prevent, "abnormal outward and inward tilting of the heel, which throws off alignment." You'll also want to keep your eyes peeled for a cushioned midsole, which dictates the stability of the shoe, Dr. Lobkova says. "In order to prevent a common walking injury like plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel), there needs to be cushioning in the midsole to prevent impact on the heel," she adds.

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Need recommendations? Dr. Lobkova has got you covered. Grab your headphones, queue up your favorite Spotify playlist, and scroll down for the best shoes to wear on your next "hot girl walk."

6 shoes to keep you comfy and cool on your 'hot girl walks'

Photo: New Balance
New Balance, Made in USA 990v5 Core — $185.00

New Balance’s 990v5 core is a tried-and-true shoe, offering, “good cushioning and an Ortholite insole for mild arch support,” says Dr. Lobkova. It’s ideal for “hot girl walks” because it has a six millimeter heel-to-toe drop, which supports healthier foot mechanics and prevents stress on your joints. Pair them with a cute exercise dress for the ultimate “hot girl” outfit.

Sizes available: 5-13 in narrow, standard wide, and extra-wide widths.

Colors and patterns available: Gray, black, and navy blue.

Photo: Hoka
Hoka, Bondi SR — $175.00

One of the most cushioned shoes in Hoka’s lineup, the Bondi SR is perfect for doing some distance walking. It has a cushioned midsole and memory foam collar, which cradles and cushions your feet with each step. There’s also a 6-millimeter drop to support better heel-to-toe movement and a treaded sole that provides traction even in slippery conditions. Be it around the block or for miles, Hoka sneakers will withstand wherever your feet take them.

Sizes available: 5-11 in half sizes and standard or wide widths.

Colors and patterns available: Black and white.

Photo: On Running
On Running, Cloudventure Waterproof — $170.00

Rain can be make or break your “hot girl walk,” but not with On’s Cloudventure shoes. Made of recycled polyester, these kicks are 100 percent waterproof, sealing out any water or debris while allowing your feet to breathe. The midsole is cushioned, making the shoe, “supportive for every day walking,” says Dr. Lobkova, and you can count on not slipping or sliding thanks to the brand’s signature gripping sole.

Sizes available: 5-11, in half sizes.

Colors and patterns available: Black, white, navy blue, and maroon.

klaw 528, one of the best orthopedic shoes for women
Photo: Klaw Footwear
Klaw, 528 Walking Sneaker — $148.00

“The Klaw sneaker has a deep heel cup and medial and lateral arch support in the insole, an ultra-light cushioned midsole, and a slight forefoot rocker for efficient walking propulsion,” says Dr. Lobkova. It’s also constructed out of rainproof leather, so your “hot girl walk” is still happening even if it rains or shines. Whether you walk two miles or five, Klaw 528 has got you covered.

Sizes available: 4-11

Colors and patterns available: White, black, yellow, and gray.

Ships August 29, 2022*

brooks Ghost 14
Brooks, Ghost 14 — $110.00

Folks love the Brooks Ghost 14 for its shock-absorbing super sole that takes the pain out of walking on hard surfaces. Chances are, your stroll is going to take you over concrete and pavement, which is where these sneaks come in. The lofty midsole supports your feet, especially in that heel-to-toe dropping movement. They’re so comfy, you can speed things up into a “hot girl run”—only if you’re so inspired, of course.

Sizes available: 5-12, in half sizes and medium or wide widths.

Colors and patterns available: 33 different colors.

Asics, Unisex Protoblast — $120.00

Here’s the thing: Even though, “hot girl walks” is a gendered moniker, anyone can (and should) join in the fun! If you’re looking for a unisex style to get your steps in, check out Asics’ new gender-neutral collection, specifically, the Protoblast, which is bursting with cushion from the midsole up. Inspired by the brand’s running and basketball collections, this sport sneaker doubles-down on comfort, from the upper to the outsole, stopping shock in its tracks.

Sizes available: 5.5-15.5

Colors and patterns available: Maroon or white.

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