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These Are the Best Slippers To Wear if You Get Sweaty Feet Easily

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If you're looking for the best slippers for sweaty feet, you've absolutely come to the right place. Few things are worse than getting sweaty feet, thanks to slippers. It's not pretty—between the damp fabric, cave-like humidity, and smell (oof, the smell...) it's enough to make you never want to wear the things again. After all, slippers are supposed to be more comfortable, not make you feel like your feet are in a Slip N' Slide. (And if you're looking for slippers with arch support, we've got some great recs, too.)

If you're about to give up on slippers, don't. I promise—there are slippers that won't leave you soaked and stinky. You just need to know what to look for.

As New York City-based dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, previously explained to us, a lot of the reasons why our feet sweat so much has to do with the materials of our footwear. "Your socks and shoes should help the foot 'breathe,' and certain materials will absorb moisture instead of trapping it against the skin," Dr. Engelman said. "Look for cotton and avoid polyester or lycra. Sandals will allow moisture to evaporate, as opposed to boots or leather shoes that trap in moisture."

While trendy shearling booties and knee-high slipper socks might look comfortable, they might make you feel like the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Instead, aim for fabric like cotton, wool (which is breathable), or terry cloth that's lightweight and sweet on the feet. Sweat-wicking is good, too, because when moisture gets trapped in the fabric is when things really get funky. As for styles, skip out on the booties—slides, mules, and even thongs should give you better airflow.

Give sweaty feet a break with footwear that's comfy and built-to-breathe. Here are the best slippers for sweaty feet.

Best slippers for sweaty feet

Shevalues, Soft Indoor Slippers — $17.00

These $15 slippers are a beloved by more than 7,000 Amazon customers for being airy and breathable in all the right places. They’re a cotton-crafted sandal design that are sure to keep feet cool and dry. Plus, the insole is memory foam, giving you a little extra pep in your step while you wear.

Parachute, Classic Turkish Cotton Slipper — $39.00

These luxe slippers are sure to give you happy feet. They’re made from 100 percent Turkish cotton that’s dreamy and soft (not to mention, featherlight against hot, sweat-prone toes. Available in white, light grey, dark grey, blush, and tan.

Vionic, Lydia Slipper — $49.00

Podiatrist-approved Vionic makes feet-friendly staples, like these comfy thong-style slippers that are indoor and outdoor friendly. They’re not just breathable—they’re supportive and aid in natural alignment, designed for all-over comfort.

Terrelique, Relaxation Slips — $48.00

If cotton won’t even cut it, opt for these ridiculously comfy slides. They’re made from 100 percent recycled plastic, so there’s no cotton or shearling that’ll make feet sweat. Between the weaved design that massages your feet while you walk and peppermint oil infusion in each pair, they’re relaxation defined.

Morihata, Sasawashi Slippers — $70.00

Japanese lifestyle brand Morihata designed these slippers keep your house clean and germ-free. Instead of cotton, they’re made from sasawashi fabric—a blend of washi paper and anti-microbial plant fibers. The result? Ligthweight slippers that’ll let your feet breathe while keeping you (and your home) clean.

Haflinger, As Slipper — $90.00

Here’s the thing about wool—it’s a naturally breathable fabric. It’s also anti-microbial, thanks to its thin, waxy coat that actually protects sheep from being laden with bacteria. That being said, wool slippers, like these, are sure bet against sweaty feet.

Joomra, Pillow Slippers — $20.00

These pillow-like slides are like clouds for your feet. They swap out fabric for ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is as moisture-proof as it is comfortable. Best part is, they come in about any color you can imagine, from neutrals to candy-colored pastels.

Kyrgies, Wool Slides — $59.00

Like Haflinger, Kyrgies is a leader in boiled-wool slippers. These snuggly shoes have everything you want out of a good slipper: breathability (even on hot days), odor-resistance, a trendy look—all made from sustainable materials.

Serena & Lily, St. Helen Spa Slipper — $48.00

Love that just-stepped-out-of-the-spa slipper look? Then this is the pair for you. They’re made from Turkish cotton, meaning they’re cool yet super absorbent when they need to be. Pair with a plush bathrobe to complete your spa-inspired look.

Dearfoams, Melanie Terry Thong — $24.00

For fans of the flip-flop, Dearfoams Melanie thong are a plush pick. The insole is made from dreamy memory foam covered in a terry cloth that’s lightweight and sweat-stopping. It also features a rubber outsole, you can wear them outside, too.

Haven Well Within, Plush Slippers — $38.00

For less than $40, snag these colorful cotton slippers from Haven Well Within. They’re made from 100 percent cotton that leaves feet cool and airy, even when you’ve got the heat cranked. Available in spectrum of pastel hues, like lavender, seafoam, and slate blue.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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