These Are the Best Slippers To Wear if You Get Sweaty Feet Easily

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If you're looking for the best slippers for sweaty feet, you've absolutely come to the right place. Few things are worse than getting sweaty feet, thanks to slippers. It's not pretty—between the damp fabric, cave-like humidity, and smell (oof, the smell...) it's enough to make you never want to wear the things again. After all, slippers are supposed to be more comfortable, not make you feel like your feet are in a Slip N' Slide. (And if you're looking for slippers with arch support, we've got some great recs, too.)

If you're about to give up on slippers, don't. I promise—there are slippers that won't leave you soaked and stinky, and ones you can even wear as summer slippers. You just need to know what to look for.

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The best slippers for sweaty feet at a glance:

Why do my feet sweat in house slippers?

As New York City-based dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, previously explained to us, a lot of the reasons why our feet sweat so much has to do with the materials of our footwear. "Your socks and shoes should help the foot 'breathe,' and certain materials will absorb moisture instead of trapping it against the skin," Dr. Engelman said.

What materials to look for (and avoid) if you have sweaty feet

While trendy shearling booties and knee-high slipper socks might look comfortable, they might also make you feel like the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Instead, Dr. Engleman suggests aiming for fabric like cotton, wool (which is breathable), or terry cloth that's lightweight and sweet on the feet. Sweat-wicking materials (again, wool) are good, too, because when moisture gets trapped in the fabric is when things really get funky.

As for styles, skip out on the booties—slides, mules, and even thongs should give you better airflow. “Sandals will allow moisture to evaporate, as opposed to boots or leather shoes that trap in moisture," Dr. Engleman adds.

Give sweaty feet a break with footwear that's comfy and built to breathe. Here are the best slippers for sweaty feet.

10 of the best slippers for sweaty feet

Best breathable slippers: Shevalues, Soft Indoor Slippers — $18.00

Women’s sizes: 5-12

Men’s sizes: 3.5-10.5

Colors: 10

Returns: Standard 30-day returns through Amazon

If you’re looking for a straightforward slipper at an affordable price, these $18 slippers deliver. They’re cotton-crafted sandals with an airy and breathable design that are sure to keep feet cool and dry. Plus, the insole is memory foam, giving you a little extra pep in your step while you wear.


  • Several color options
  • Breathable design
  • Memory foam for cushion


  • Sizing may be limiting for folks with larger feet
Best unisex slippers: Parachute, Classic Turkish Cotton Slipper — $39.00

Sizes: Unisex XS, S, M, L, XL

Colors: 6

Returns: Free returns within 60 days

These luxe slippers are sure to give you happy feet. They’re made with a 100-percent Turkish cotton terry that’s dreamy and soft (not to mention, featherlight against hot, sweat-prone toes). Plus, they come in several colors and feature a grippy rubber sole so you won’t have to worry about sliding around on hardwood floors.


  • Free carbon-neutral shipping
  • Soft, 100-percent Turkish cotton terry


  • Limited unisex sizing may not work for all feet
Vionic relax slipper
Best odor-fighting slippers: Vionic, Relax Slippers — $70.00

Sizes: Women’s 5-12

Colors: 5

Returns: Free returns within 30 days

These podiatrist-approved slippers from Vionic are not only a hit with customers—they’re Oprah-approved, too! With an adjustable strap for customizable fit and arch support to boot, the comfy thong-style design offers cushion and stability. And, even though they’re plenty breathable, the plush terry cloth material has been treated to resist bacteria and odor (ya know, just in case).


  • Highly rated
  • Adjustable strap for customized fit
  • Generous arch support & cushion


  • May be too clunky for some
Best antimicrobial slippers: Morihata, Sasawashi Slippers — $66.00

Sizes: Unisex S, M, L, XL

Colors: 3

Returns: Within 30 days in original condition (incurs a shipping charge)

Japanese lifestyle brand Morihata designed these slippers to keep your house clean and germ-free. Instead of cotton, they’re made from sasawashi fabric—a blend of washi paper and antimicrobial plant fibers. The result? Lightweight slippers that’ll let your feet breathe while keeping you (and your home) clean. Just note that because the materials are so soft, these slippers aren’t intended to be worn outside or on cement floors.


  • Made with antimicrobial plant fibers
  • Soft-cushioned outsoles


  • Can’t be worn outside or on cement
  • No free returns
Best moisture-wicking slippers: Haflinger, As Slipper — $90.00

Women’s sizes: 7-11 (whole sizes only)

Men’s sizes: 10-15 (whole sizes only)

Colors: 3

Returns: Free returns (no time limit) in like-new condition

Here’s the thing about wool—even though it’s known for its warmth, it’s naturally a breathable fabric. It’s also antimicrobial, thanks to its thin, waxy coat that actually protects sheep from being laden with bacteria.

Wool slippers, like these from German brand Haflinger, are a sure bet against sweaty feet. In fact, several customers mention wearing them in all seasons. And, if you do get a little sweaty in them, they’re machine washable—just be sure to air dry.


  • Sturdy boiled wool design
  • Another antimicrobial pick
  • Machine washable


  • Limited size options
  • Limited color options
Best waterproof slippers: Joomra, Pillow Slippers — $20.00

Women’s sizes: 4.5-14.5, in half sizes

Men’s sizes: 4-12.5, in half sizes

Colors: 22

Returns: standard Amazon returns

According to customers, these pillow-like slides are like clouds for your feet. This pick swaps out fabric for ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is as moisture-proof as it is comfortable. Best part is, they come in about any color you can imagine, from neutrals to candy-colored pastels.

If you’re concerned about fit, you can shrink the upper strap of these slides a bit: the brand says to blow the strap with a hot hair dryer for a minute, then immediately slide your feet in (wearing at least two pairs of socks for protection!). After a few minutes, they should mold to your feet.


  • Wide range of sizes and colors
  • Waterproof EVA material
  • Can be worn outdoors


  • Some customers say they shrink on their own
  • Slippery when wet
Best moisture control slippers: Kyrgies, Wool Slides — $69.00

Women’s sizes: 5-13

Men’s sizes: 7-15.5

Colors: 6

Returns: 60 days, unworn

Like Haflinger, Kyrgies is a leader in boiled-wool slippers. These snuggly shoes have everything you want out of a good slipper: breathability (even on hot days), odor-resistance, a trendy look—all made from sustainable materials. Plus, Kyrgies is Climate Neutral Certified and a member of 1% for the Planet.

While wool is a naturally moisture-wicking material, don’t go taking these out to your garden or patio. The brand stresses that this pair is absolutely not outdoor-friendly—however, if that’s your M.O. Kyrgies also makes an outdoor version of these slides.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Naturally wicks moisture
  • Brand is focused on sustainability


  • Cannot be worn outside and can’t get wet
  • Dry clean only
olukai kipe'a heu slippers
Best for high arches: OluKai, Kīpe'a Heu — $100.00

Sizes: Women’s 5-11

Colors: 6

Returns: Standard 30-day returns through Amazon

If you have high arches, you’ll want a slipper that offers more support than the average pair. That’s where these high-arch slippers from OluKai can help. They’re a breathable, thong-style design with a fuzzy shearling insole and a grippy rubber outsole. If you’re in need of a lift in the midsole they’ll certainly deliver—just note that the arch support may almost be too much for some people with lower arches.


  • Generous support for high arches
  • Breathable design with warm shearling
  • Grippy soles for outdoor wear


  • No men’s sizes
  • Arch support may be too intense for some
Quince organic Turkish waffle slippers
Best summer slippers: Quince, Organic Turkish Waffle Slippers — $30.00

Sizes: Unisex S, M, L

Colors: 2

Returns: Free returns within 365 days (unworn and in original packaging)

These lightweight slippers from Quince are great for summer. Made with organic Turkish cotton, they feature a waffle design that’s soft but not suffocating for the warmer (read: sweatier) months. In fact, many customers comment on how cool their feet stay in these slippers. They also have a rubber sole for traction on hardwood and are machine washable for easy cleaning. However, the brand’s unisex sizing is limited, so folks with larger or smaller feet may have a tougher time finding the right fit.


  • Lightweight, organic Turkish cotton
  • Machine washable


  • Limited sizing
Best outdoor slippers for sweaty feet: Dearfoams, Melanie Terry Thong — $24.00

Sizes: Women’s S, M, L, XL (5-12)

Colors: 2

Returns: Standard 30-day returns through Amazon

For fans of the flip-flop, Dearfoams Melanie thongs are a plush pick. The insole is made from dreamy memory foam covered in a terry cloth that’s lightweight and sweat-stopping. They also feature a rubber outsole, so you can wear them outside, too. However, sizing is limited and the brand recommends sizing up if you’re between sizes (several customers confirm this!).


  • Durable outsole for outdoor wear
  • Sweat-friendly terry cloth


  • Only 2 color options
  • Sizing runs small

Things to consider before buying:

Materials: Check out the materials used to make each pair of slippers. Do you prefer natural wool over synthetic fibers? Are you down with the feel of sherpa or do you prefer a waterproof material that’s easy to keep clean?

Design: Take a peek at the construction of each pair of slippers and ask yourself if the design works with your lifestyle. Are you hoping to wear your slippers on the patio? How about slippery hardwood floors? Are you OK with a flip-flop style design or do you prefer closed-toe slippers? Taking stock of the activities you like to do and the way you like your slippers to feel will help you narrow down your options.

Return policies: When it comes to shoes, sizing can vary from brand to brand. It’s important to know the brand’s return policy, especially if you’re between sizes or are opting for a pair that uses unisex sizing.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most breathable material for slippers?

When it comes to breathable slipper materials, our experts recommend sticking to breathable cotton, terry cloth, or sweat-wicking wool. It’s also important to consider the amount of ventilation in your slippers—if you typically have sweaty feet, you’ll be better off with a flip-flop or open-toe design.

How do you treat super sweaty feet?

If you experience super sweaty feet (also known as hyperhidrosis1 or excessive sweating), there are a few natural treatments you can try.

  • Maintain good foot hygiene: According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), it’s crucial to wash your feet daily and change your socks throughout the day.
  • Prioritize sweat-friendly gear: The APMA stresses the importance of wearing breathable shoes and moisture-wicking socks made from synthetic blends.
  • Try essential oils: While they won’t necessarily stop the sweating, naturally antimicrobial oils like neem oil and tea tree oil can help manage the icky side effects of sweaty feet, such as bacteria buildup and smell.
  • See a podiatrist: If basic hygiene and natural remedies don’t help with your sweaty feet, seek the help of a podiatrist to take a closer look at what’s going on.

Is sweaty feet a symptom of anything?

Sweating is a completely natural and beneficial process our bodies rely on for temperature regulation. Still, excess sweat can be frustrating. Here are some possible reasons you may be experiencing sweatier-than-normal feet.

  • Changes in medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic stress
  • Nervous system dysfunction

Of course, if you’re worried about excessive sweat, don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor.

Well+Good articles reference scientific, reliable, recent, robust studies to back up the information we share. You can trust us along your wellness journey.
  1. Nawrocki, Shiri, and Jisun Cha. “The etiology, diagnosis, and management of hyperhidrosis: A comprehensive review: Etiology and clinical work-up.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology vol. 81,3 (2019): 657-666. doi:10.1016/j.jaad.2018.12.071

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