These $10 Fancy-Smelling Body Wipes Are the Only Thing Better Than a Shower Itself

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There are few things in this world more uncomfortable than having to go through a day without a shower. By 11 a.m., your body starts to feel sticky and gross, and by the time that lunch rolls around, every other thought that pops into your head is something along the lines of: "Can everyone else tell that I smell kind of funky?"

So rest assured that the only thing that's standing in my way of skipping my shower and gaining an hour back in my day is the certainty that I'll smell like Tom Ford Neroli Portofino ($240) from head-to-toe for the entire day (and hopefully many after). While you'll certainly find me spritzing this perfume every chance I can in pursuit of smelling like orange blossoms, I found a solution that can help me nix the sweat while still smelling fresh.

SweetSpot Labs Neroli Mandarin On-The-Go Feminine Wipes ($10)  are 98 percent natural, glycerin and alcohol free, and gynecologist-recommended—so you can use them on your whole body, including your nether regions, and it smells faintly as if you've spritzed yourself with an iconic eau de parfum, while also getting clean.

Photo: SweetSpot Labs

Like the iconic perfume, the SweetSpot Labs wipes are also made with notes of neroli, plus the fresh scent of mandarin. The same scent also comes in a body wash—which retails for $12—and is made with a mix of aloe vera plus coconut, jojoba, and sunflower oils so that whether you're showering or not you can smell like the stuff.

Of course, there is room in your beauty collection for both products. While the wipes are great for a quick post-gym cleanse, they don't have the same staying power as an actual perfume when it comes to scenting your skin, so they won't keep your wrists or décolletage smelling luxurious for nearly as long as the Tom Ford perfume will. Even so, at $10 for a pack of 30 wipes, it's worth keeping these puppies in your gym bag for a full-body wipe down whenever you need a little more luxury—or a little bit less post-gym body odor.

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