11 People to Follow on Snapchat for Major Healthy-Eating Inspiration

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Instagram's great for glamour shots of drool-worthy superfood dishes from your favorite healthy chefs—but Snapchat's the place to go if you want to see how they're actually created. (Which, if like me you get hungry just looking at a smoothie, is completely necessary.)

Because the buzzy social media app—which showcases your "stories" for 24 hours before they vanish—documents seat-of-your-pants action (as opposed to super-filtered and curated images), it's the perfect outlet for sharing recipes.

From vegan cookbook authors to seriously connected influencers, these are the best social media accounts to follow. So if you're ever in need of inspiration to take your bowl game to the next level—or tips on making a rockstar dinner using only fresh veggies—lean on these kitchen gurus and their delicious (and highly photogenic) creations.

Here are 11 Snapchat accounts that will give you major #foodspo—be prepared to screenshot.

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Photo: Instagram/@shutthekaleup

1. Jeannette Ogden (@ShutTheKaleUp)

The yoga instructor and health enthusiast often snaps inside looks of her enviable pantry (think SunFoods galore and goodies from Vital Proteins—basically a smoothie lover's dream arsenal) and genius breakfast ideas, such as her far-from-boring oatmeal bowls.

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Photo: Instagram/@choosingchia

2. Jess Hoffman (@ChoosingChia)

Montreal-based Hoffman is passionate about wholesome, plant-based recipes. Expect to see the fresh produce that goes into her juice of the day, step-by-step videos of her fave recipes (like breakfast granola pizza—swoon), and glimpses of her workouts—often with her cute dog in tow.

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Photo: Instagram/@elsas_wholesomelife

3. Ellie Bullen (@Elsas_WSLife)

The Australian nutritionist may only be 23 years old, but she's already published a recipe eBook. On Snapchat, you'll get plant-based dish inspiration and go along (virtually) as she shops her local farmers' market—where they crack coconuts directly from the tree.

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Photo: Instagram/@earthyandy

4. Andrea Hannemann (@EarthyAnd)

One reason to follow the vegan blogger? She's based in Hawaii. Cue sun-dappled shots of her kids surfing, beach sunsets, and tropical recipes—plus yummy local eats (mushroom burgers!). She also has a ton of cooking hacks at the ready, like the fastest way to clean a blender and how to cut a pineapple. (And yes, her Snapchat handle is one letter off from her other social platforms: @EarthyAnd, instead of @EarthyAndy.)

nutrition stripped
Photo: Instagram/@nutritionstripped

5. McKel Hill (@McKelHill)

The author of Nutrition Stripped (who knows how to get creative with turmeric) posts behind-the-scenes videos of recipes she features on her blog, glimpses of her book tour, and daily tips about fruits and veggies. (Did you know pineapple helps with digestion?)

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Photo: Instagram/@8thandlake

6. Marie Reginato (@Marie8thandLake)

The macadamia milk porridge wizard often documents her veggie-based meals as she whips them up, meaning you get an inside look at how to re-create them in real time.

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Photo: Instagram/@minimalistbaker

7. Dana Schultz (@MinimalistBaker)

The mastermind behind those better-than-restaurant vegan nachos serves up videos of whatever she's baking at the moment. You'll see Thai curry, vegan snickerdoodles, and other delish (but approachable) recipes to copy, stat.

crosby tailor
Photo: Instagram/@crosbytailor

8. Crosby Tailor (@CrosbyTailor)

The Los Angeles-based chef who advocates eating dessert to burn fat is often documenting the process behind his jaw-dropping creations—like prebiotic ginger snaps and mint superfood squares. The best part? They're all sugar-free and full of superfoods and adaptogens. You'll also catch Tailor hiking in nearby Runyon Canyon as he doles out workout motivation.

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Photo: Instagram/@emilieeats

9. Emilie Hebert (@EmilieeeHebert)

The vegan college student and blogger knows your kitchen isn't always stocked with all the superfoods you wish you had—which is why her recipes are super realistic. Watch for her easy-to-follow meals like Cajun-style vegan red beans and rice, mocha avocado chocolate pudding, and barbecue chickpea wraps that keep the list of ingredients short and sweet.

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Photo: Instagram/@balancewithb

10. Blair Flynn (@BalanceWithB)

Two words: energy balls. Flynn—a yogi and health food aficionado—is constantly sharing her screenshot-worthy snacks (like coconut chocolate chip cookie clusters) and wholesome, plant-based recipes you'll want to make for your post-workout treat (or, hey, for your daily 3 p.m. kick-back).

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Photo: Instagram/@wellandgoodnyc

11. Well+Good (@WellandGood)

And of course, you'll want to follow us! We're always digging into the newest, buzziest healthy eats in our 'hood (like the By Chloe vegan banana pie apple spice cake, for starters), trying superfood-packed recipes, and sampling the latest nutritious snacks that are sent to our headquarters—tiger nuts, anyone?

If you're still looking for some (easy) meal inspiration, here are 3 superfood-packed dinners you can make in less than 20 minutes. Plus, for dessert, a simple (and delicious) chocolate vegan ice cream recipe.

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