There Are Over 6,000 Sports Bras on Amazon—These Are the 8 Best 

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They say that the only two certain things are death and taxes, but I'd argue that "accidentally wears a sports bra that isn't supportive enough" also belongs on that list. Basically every person with breasts that I've talked to has had some sort of sports bra horror story. Mine is my boob popping out during a Crossfit workout (why do I keep bringing this up?). Not to be dramatic, but buying a sports bra is an activity that can have real world consequences. And this is where Amazon comes in.

The great thing about Amazon is that there are thousands of options for virtually anything you want to buy. The terrible thing about Amazon is, well, the same. Decision fatigue is real! Luckily, Amazon is filled with a passionate trove of reviewers, which makes the decision-making process easier (and also, at times, hilarious). I scoured the site—and the reviews—to find the best sports bras on Amazon, according to reviewers. Each of the below bras have four stars or higher, and have been reviewed by over 1,000 people. Keep scrolling to shop the picks, from an $8 three-pack perfect for yoga to a super-comfy high impact sports bra.

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Champion Women's Spot Comfort Full Support Bra, $23.50

"Great exercise bra...hate taking it off! Supportive and provides adequate coverage with just the right amount of padding. Love being able to fasten it in the back; sports bras without the traditional hook closures are hard for me to manage. Very, very comfortable!!! Will order again!" —Amazon reviewer carol anne, size 34D

Wacoal Women's Underwire Sport Bra, $65

"Seriously, if you're staring at this bra at 3AM with a glass of wine and wondering if you should get it... GET IT. Also, stop drunk shopping online. It's not good for you. But buy this bra then start exercising again. That way you won't be up at 3AM with insomnia. AND your boobs won't hurt. I'm very happy with this bra and am considering buying another in a different color. It lifts my girls up and SEPARATES them which is amazing and makes me feel like a super hero." —Amazon reviewer Glenda S, size 38G

Champion Women's Freedom Seamless Racerback Sport Bra, $19.36

"I didn’t think this sports bra would provide enough support, but I’m pleasantly surprised! It’s very comfortable and so far (3 runs) it has worked well for support. I am a 34D and have usually bought sports bras with clasps because they are typically higher impact... I’m super excited that this style works and provides enough support because it is very lightweight and comfortable. I am however, using it in winter when I am wearing multiple layers. But I still think it will work well even in just a tank top. Recommended even for larger bra sizes!" —Amazon reviewer M. Swingler, size large


Glamorise Full-Figure Magic Lift Seamless Wire-Free Sports Bra, $60

"This is the best sports bra I have ever owned. If you are large chested you know how hard it is to keep these things in place or not spilling out of somewhere or even get them in a sports bra. But this solved all that. I went off the size guide and then added 1 cup size to that to be safe. I am usually a 30G and purchased a 30GG. It hooks in the back like a bra so you don't have to pull it over which would be a nightmare. The straps are thick and soft and don't dig in your shoulders. It keeps them separated so you don't get a uniboob. You can actually workout which in this!!! I wear it daily as a bra as well because I love it so much." —Amazon reviewer alisa430, size 30GG

Fruit of the Loom Women's Built-Up Sports Bra 3 Pack, $8

"These sports bras are great. I'm a 34B and these hold the girls in place during my low impact workouts. I may need a more stabilizing garment for more intense exercise, but for brisk walks and yoga these are perfect." —Amazon reviewer kemee, size 36


Mirity Women's Racerback Sports Bra, $29.97

"I love these! They fit PERFECT! After reading reviews I ordered a size larger than normal and they were a perfect fit. (I am 5'7" and I wear a 34A so I ordered a medium.) The colors are vibrant and they are very comfortable." —Amazon reviewer Jersey's Mom, size medium

Syrokan Women's Workout Sports Bra, $24.99

"This is so far THE BEST sports bra I’ve ever had. Tried everything I can think of, every sport brand and the result was the same every time-either not enough support, looking funny, either killing my shoulders and my chest was flattened..everything was just a mess. I was almost sure that there is just not a right sports bra for me. Usually I wear 32 or 34DD so that is kind of a struggle to find a bra with big cups and small back-what about sports bra-disaster. Until I tried on this one.. seriously, this is so perfect I can’t even describe. Ordered size M and it was just right. Extremely comfortable, really high support but same time it doesn’t hurt your back or shoulders. I’m throwing all my other sports bras right now and ordering different colors of this one. Totally loved it." —Amazon reviewer Vanya, size medium


Panache Women's Underwire Sports Bra, $70

"This bra fits amazingly. It's super comfortable, and is extremely flattering for a sports bra. It's made of durable material and it fit exactly as I expected it to. It's extremely supportive, there only being a small amount of jiggling when jumping. It's a very high quality product. This is my first time purchasing a Panache sports bra, but I will be exclusively buying from this brand next time I shop for a sports bra." —Amazon reviewer Shar Ward, size 30FF

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