*This* Style of Sunglasses Best Protects Against Sun Damage, According to a Dermatologist

Photo: Stocksy/Beatrix Boros
It might be time to spring clean your collection of sunglasses, because while many styles look super-chic, they're not all adept at adequately protecting your peepers. (Womp, womp.) But making a just few simple swaps will keep your eyes safer from sun damage and your skin looking young and fresh.

First, ditch your duds that have metal frames (looking at you, aviators!) and use plastic instead. Dermatologist Vivian Bucay told Allure the metal varieties reflect light on the tops of the cheeks, which can lead to burns and sun spots—and no pair of shades is cute enough to be worth those effects.

Mirrored lenses block more UV rays than regular tinted lenses, limiting the amount of sunlight coming through and hitting your eyes. Opting for these will minimize eye wrinkles from popping up.

Also, opt for optical shades with mirrored lenses, which Dr. Bucay says "block more UV rays than regular tinted lenses," so they limit the amount of sunlight coming through and hitting your eyes. This will help prevent wrinkles from popping up around your eye area in the process.

If you don't have any plastic, mirrored options on hand, don't worry: This is your official excuse to splurge on a trustworthy new pair. It's for your health, after all.

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