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These Genius Sunscreens Will Let You Re-Apply Without Messing up Your Makeup

Rachel Lapidos

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My vampire, winter-loving self has recently gotten a wakeup call: The sun is out. Long gone are the beautiful gray days that cold weather brings (AKA my fave), and daily sunscreen is an absolute must (as, admittedly, it should be 365 days of the year). As pretty much any dermatologist will tell you, re-applying sunscreen throughout the day is just as important as putting it on in the morning, which raises a frustrating conundrum: How are you supposed to get that additional dose of sunscreen on your face if you’re wearing makeup?

I find it super easy to add the SPF step to my morning routine as I’m getting ready—I can just choose from a makeup primer with SPF in it, an SPF-spiked moisturizer, or a regular ol’ layer of sunscreen right underneath my makeup. But reapplying midday isn’t as much of a no-brainer, because by nature it requires messing up your makeup. After all, nothing quite destroys your perfectly finessed “no-makeup makeup” look by slapping on a whole bunch of thick, white lotion. Your highlighter, mascara, and lipstick don’t even stand a chance.

Thanks to some seriously genius innovations in the SPF world of late, though, there are now sunscreens that are perfect for spritzing or brushing or slathering onto your skin on top of your makeup—without transforming your look from pristine to a Dali painting. Below, I’ve rounded up the perfect sunscreens that you can wear over your makeup, regardless of whether you’ll be spending the season soaking up the sun or hiding from it until fall (like I will be). Now, you and even your most flawless #facebeat officially have no excuses.

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