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The 16 Best Swimsuits To Buy if You Have Smaller Boobs

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Let’s set the record straight up front: All bodies are swimsuit bodies. That said, finding a swimsuit that makes you feel your most confident can be hard. Particularly if you’re trying to find a specific style to flatter a certain feature. Case in point: The best swimsuits for a small bust. Again, it’s worth reiterating that people with small busts can wear whatever type of swimsuit they please but—speaking from experience—there are certain things to look for when choosing the best swimsuit brands for a small bust to ensure you’ll get the perfect pick.

To get more insights, we asked Sarah Landman, CEO of swimsuit brand Solid & Striped, to share her tips for choosing the best swimsuits for a small bust. “Look for triangle and halter tops, as these tend to fit a small bust best,” says Landman. Of course you can go for those more structured types if you like the style, but they typically leave you more exposed due to all the extra space. Plus, a perk of having smaller boobs is that you don’t need as much support, “which can be a big limitation when shopping for swim,” says Landman. And if you do prefer your swimsuits give you a lift, Landman recommends looking for swimsuits with light padding, of course, but also textured fabrics to give the illusion of more volume at the bust.

The best swimsuits for small busts

No matter your style or swim plans, read on for the 16 best swimsuits for small busts.

Best Triangle Top for Small Busts

solid and striped
Solid & Striped The Morgan Top Stripe Combo — $88.00

This classic triangle top has a sturdy waist band along with adjustable straps, so you feel secure along with removable padding to customize the look. The striped fabric also adds some dimension.

Best String Bikini for Small Busts

l space
L*Space Brittany Gingham Bikini — $92.00

An itsy bitsy string bikini pairs perfectly with a small bust. Not only can you adjust the straps, you can also customize your triangle shape by cinching in or spreading out the bottom. This one isn’t padded, but the textured gingham print adds some oomph.

Best Bandeau For Small Busts

tahiti bikini top
Paper London Tahiti Bikini — $130.00

As we mentioned earlier, a perk of a smaller bust means you don’t have to worry about support, allowing bandeau tops to enter the chat. This one adds major volume—no padding needed—thanks to its multicolored ruffles that also make it stylish enough to pass as a top.

Best One-Piece For Small Busts

PQ sierra
PQ Sierra One-Piece Swimsuit — $154.00

Bikinis get all the cred for being the sexiest swim choice, but have you ever seen a deep V-neck one-piece? And while bustier types have to worry about something slipping out with such a low neckline, small busts nary to even give it a thought. The knotted waste, deep back, and floral print also just make it a flattering swimsuit all around. It’s selling quickly, though—you can find a similar style by the brand from Revolve, too.

Best Knotted Bikini For Small Busts

Andie The Santorini Top — $60.00

There’s a triangle top and then there’s a knotted triangle top. The difference: A major lift to your cleavage. Something about how the knot pulls the two sides together feels like you’re giving your boobs a hug. Plus, it’s comfortable, and you still feel supported.

Best Scoop Neck Bikini For Small Busts

Frankie’s Bikinis Gavin Ribbed Scoop Bikini — $90.00

Have your coverage without adding too much fabric with this scoop-neck pick. This top looks like a string bikini from the back but has plenty of coverage in the front, so you don’t feel exposed. That said, there is a side boob peekaboo that’s worth mentioning.

Best Halter One-Piece For Small Busts

Summersalt The Halter Plunge — $95.00

A halter top does for the boobs what a ponytail does for the face—a little pick-me-up. This deep v-neck halter gives full coverage on bottom so the neckline and decollete can steal the show.

Best One Shoulder Bikini For Small Busts

left on friday
Left On Friday Offshore Top — $85.00

If you’re looking for a suit to play volleyball or possibly go for a jog in, here’s your match. The sports bra-like fit is paired with an asymmetrical one shoulder strap for an aesthetically unique look. Just know that you won’t be getting a lift or cleavage with this style.

Best Square-Neck Swimsuit For Small Busts

Haight Global Crepe Manu Top — $129.00

This square-neck top is paired with extra wide, thick straps that not only offer additional coverage but also keep it looking tailored and incredibly chic. This style is best for coverage and comfort. When you’re not headed to the pool, pair it with a high-waisted maxi skirt for that summer picnic.

Best Halter Bikini For Small Busts

Athleta Longline Plunge Bikini Top — $54.00

The flattering look of a v-neck, the oomph of a halter, and the security of a tank top—this bikini does it all. The adjustable straps criss cross in the back and tie in the middle for a customizable fit.

Best Underwire Bikini For Small Busts

Lovers And Friends Ride With Me Top — $108.00

This top doesn’t have padding, and yet the boob-hugging fit, and unique underwire give major liftage while still allowing you to breathe. The adjustable straps and S-hook closure in the back create a secure fit.

Best Unique Bikini For Small Busts

beach riot
Beach Riot Jessica Top — $118.00

Play up your shoulders a la Dolly Parton with this reverse halter top that gives you coverage with a unique twist. The black and white bikini ties at the neck with a thick back hook closure on bottom.

Best Underwire One Piece For Small Busts

LA Hearts by PacSun Blue Topanga One Piece — $53.00

While many one-piece swimsuits can glaze over small chests, making them appear even smaller and flatter, this one emphasizes the bust with underwire cups while keeping the rest of the suit simple. The classic style is flattering on all.

Best Cut Out One Piece

agua bendita
Agua Bendita Gemma Twist One Piece — $180.00

A cut out swimsuit is less stressful for small busts, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a little nerve-wracking. This suit gives all the style with lots of cut outs but pairs it with a very secure and strategic bandeau across the boobs so you don’t have to be *as* concerned with slipping up.

Best Push-Up Bikini For Small Busts

cross front
Sea Level Cross Front Bikini Top — $85.00

When you want to emphasize what you’ve got, this bikini top comes in handy. The crossover front, underwire, and padded bikini gives major oomph to whatever you’re working with.

Best One Shoulder One Piece For Small Busts

ulla johnson
Ulla Johnson Martina Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit — $345.00

Rather than adding padding, add a ruffle for some extra volume on top. This flattering silhouette gives full coverage while still feeling effortlessly stylish and cool.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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