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Haven’t Worn a Bra in Months? These are the 12 Best Barely There T-Shirt Bras

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Like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, finding the right t-shirt bra is no easy feat. You need one that's the perfect size, has the right strap width, doesn't squeeze or gape, and is supportive. And once you've ticked all of those boxes, you usually end up holding something that looks like it could have lived in the back of your grandmother's closet for decades. Fine, t-shirt bras aren't exactly strut-your-stuff lingerie, but they can still be comfy, seamless, and cute. For something you spend more than half of your day in (during normal times) the least you can ask for is a bra that you don't have to constantly adjust and fidget with and won't show under a shirt. Even better if you can forget it's there entirely.

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What to look for in a t-shirt bra

According to intimate apparel expert, Dora Lau, t-shirt bras changed how we build bras. "Before, every bra had seams and were visible under smooth fabrics. T-shirt bras are made with a molded pad and molded fabric so it’s very smooth, and it has a wire for support." When picking out the right t-shirt bra for you, Lau says to first examine the shape of the cup. You want to see that there is enough depth so that it allows the breast to fall into the cup without compressing it. Use your hands and stretch the cup, noticing the amount of stretch–too much and you won’t get enough support. Additionally, the wire is another big function of the support and should fall right under the breast. Straps should have some stretch, but it should be controlled stretch. And, a good t-shirt bra will also have at least three rows of hooks and eyes for adequate adjustability.

Jenny Altman, a bra expert, emphasizes that fit is essential. "For a good t-shirt bra to do its job, the cup needs to be a perfect fit. If you’re spilling over the cup at all, you’ll be able to see that through your t-shirt." When putting it on, Altman recommends doing the "scoop." "When you put on your t-shirt bra, lean forward and scoop each breast into place. This will really help in getting all of the side/back spillage into the cup where it belongs (hey, we’ve all got some!)."

Other things Altman advises to look for include a smooth back and sides (look for a wide back and wide wings) for that hidden bra look. Color-wise, anything in the nude color family will blend better with your skin tone and disappear under your clothes, especially a white tee. Think pale pink, pale gray, or even a lilac, she says.

Finally, hand wash your t-shirt bras when they have any sort of molding or padding in the cups. "If you use the washing machine and/or dryer and the molding dimples, they’ll never appear smooth again."

Best t-shirt bras

Lively The T-Shirt Bra
Lively The T-Shirt Bra — $45.00

Coming in six different color ways to suit any style, this MVP t-shirt bra is soft but supportive, flattering yet functional, and is the perfect every day go-to grab, ideal for all breast shapes and sizes.

CUUP Triangle Bra
CUUP Triangle Bra — $68.00

Instagram favorite bra brand, CUUP, does not disappoint when it comes to their t-shirt style. Known for their sexy, mesh numbers, this lightly-lined option features minimal teardrop-shaped cups for support and flexibility, but not too much padding. The buttery soft fabric also lends to the barely-there feel.

Cosabella Evolution Bralette
Cosabella Evolution Bralette — $79.00

With three levels of hook and eye closures on the back for ultimate adjustability, this bralette is a t-shirt bra classic. The padded cups, smooth microfiber fabric, and clean stitching keep the bra nearly invisible under even the tightest of tees.

Pepper Mesh All You Bra
Pepper Mesh All You Bra — $50.00

Are you a proud member of the Itty Bitty Bitty Committee? If so, Pepper makes bras just for you. Specifically designed for AA, A, and B cups, this brand bestseller is ultra-flattering (read: no annoying bra gaps), and made to suit those with smaller boobs, because a cute bra shouldn’t discriminate.

Savage x Fenty T-Shirt Bra
Savage x Fenty T-Shirt Bra — $45.00

When it comes to versatile but sexy lingerie, Rihanna can do no wrong. This t-shirt bra comes in a whole host of sizes ranging from A to H, so everyone can experience the comfort first hand. The buttery soft cups are made with a moldable foam, so they will shape to your breast shape as you wear them.

Skims Fits Everybody T-Shirt Bra
Skims Fits Everybody T-Shirt Bra — $52.00

With nine different shades to match every skin tone. This Skims t-shirt bra is the perfect answer to a sheer, white tee. The bra sports full coverage with light padding, with an underwire that is specifically designed to hug your natural shape and flatter your bust.

Knix WingWoman Contour Bra
Knix WingWoman Contour Bra — $60.00

Wires just not for you? This wireless option from Knix boasts the barely-there-under-a-tee qualities of the other bras on the list, but also a plunging neckline and molding foam cups for increased comfort and no mid-day adjusting.

On Gossamer Next to Nothing Micro T-Shirt Underwire Bra
On Gossamer Next to Nothing Micro T-Shirt Underwire Bra — $46.00

If you like a barely there feeling bra, this Next To Nothing t-shirt bra takes comfort to a whole new level, says Altman. “It has adjustable narrow straps, an elastic band, t-shirt cups, and a U back and light foam padding to give you nipple coverage without any extra bulk in the cup.”

Montelle Intimates Wireless Convertible T-Shirt Bra
Montelle Intimates Wireless Convertible T-Shirt Bra — $54.00

Wire-free, this convertible, versatile t-shirt bra is made with a microfiber fabric and comes in a variety of colors and can support up to an F-cup. Adds Altman, “Soft molded foam cups give you coverage while multi-position convertible straps can be worn classic, halter or crisscross (tank top win!).”

Lively No-Wire Push-Up Bra Trio
Lively No-Wire Push-Up Bra Trio — $90.00

Prolong laundry day a little while with this three-pack of t-shirt bras. They’re push-up and wire-free. “The gentle padding at the bottom of the cup gives a naturally fuller look for sizes A-DDD,” says Altman. “The J-hook turns the straps into a racerback so you can pretty much wear this smoothing bra under everything.”

Natori 'Pure Luxe' Underwire T-Shirt Bra
Natori Pure Luxe Underwire T-Shirt Bra — $72.00

With an ultra-smooth fabric and contoured cups, this bra will sit comfortably on your body and hidden under a t-shirt. The thin straps have an nice lace detail for those days where you want to wear a tee but still feel fancy.

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-Shirt Bra
Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-Shirt Bra — $18.00

This Calvin Klein bra has clean lines, good coverage, and a hook-and-eye closure. The band provides support but lies flat, and the cups have memory foam to hug your curves just right. The bra comes in sizes 30B-40D.

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