The Best Investment You Can Make This Summer Is a $40 Swimsuit From Target

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Listen: We've all seen the memes, and we all know it's legitimately impossible to walk into Target and not walk out with like, 25 things you don't need—I once hit the store for quick re-up of toilet paper and La Croix, and walked out with four new pairs of earrings and an entirely new set of bedding. But now that summer is here, I'd go so far as to argue that we all need (or at least, deserve?) to treat ourselves to a new bathing suit—especially when they cost under $40.

My first real foray into Target's incredible swimwear collection was in 2009, shortly before spring break my senior year of college (what up, Puerto Vallarta?!). My friends and I, dying for new bathing suits to wear on our trip, hauled out to the suburbs 45 minutes outside of our college town and went totally ham on everything the big box store had to offer. I wound up taking home three new bikinis for less than $100, and 10 years later I still wear two of them on the reg. So not only are Target's bathing suits cute and wildly affordable, but they're also durable as hell.

In honor of the fact that beach-pool-rooftop season is here, we rounded up the best picks from Target's swimwear selection—each of which you can get for under 430.


Photo: Target

Xhilaration Animal Print Women's Lace-Up Back Bralette Bikini Top ($15) and Bottom ($15)

The bathing suit equivalent of the leopard midi skirt.


Photo: Target

Xhilaration Women's Plus Tie Front Dot Texture Bandeau Bikini Top ($17) and Bottom ($20)

A sangria-colored suit perfect for sipping—you guessed it!—sangria by the pool.


Photo: Target

Xhilaration Olive Dot Women's Shoulder Tie Bralette Bikini Top ($15) and Bottom ($15)

I won't do the song justice but here we go: She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, olive polka dot bikini...


Photo: Target

Xhilaration Women's Ribbed Cut Out Tie Front Bralette Bikini Top ($15) and Bottom ($15)

For when you want to bring your own sunshine to the beach.


Photo: Target

Kona Sol Women's Plus Size Mesh Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit ($40)

A suit so cute it's worth the peculiar tan lines that might come with it.

Photo: Target

Xhilaration Women's Ruffle Neck Scoop Back One Piece Swimsuit ($30)

Think pink.

Photo: Target

Xhilaration Women's Crochet Trim Triangle Bikini Top ($20) and Bottom ($18)

TFW your suit looks like it cost way more than $38.


Photo: Target

Xhilaration Women's Plus Macrame Back Triangle Bikini Top ($17) and Bottom ($20)

A new twist on a classic black bikini, which everyone needs to get them through the summer.



Photo: Target

Xhilaration Women's Scallop Bandeau Bikini Top ($18) and Bottom ($20)

This bikini would look just as at home on a yacht in the south of France as it will next to the baby pool I'll be sitting by all summer (... a girl can dream, though!).


Photo: Target

Women's Shirred Tie Front One Piece Swimsuit, Navy Gingham Print ($40)

Ahoy, matey!


Photo: Target

Sugar Coast by Lolli Women's Ruffled One Piece Swimsuit ($40)

You know—just in case this is the summer when you finally  get invited to Diddy's white party. (Once again: a girl can dream)


Photo: Target

Xhiliration Women's Plus Seersucker Stripe Bralette Bikini Top ($20) and Bottom ($17)

Consider your Fourth of July beach outfit set thanks to this red, white and blue, well, set. 

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