The Most Powerful Tarot Deck for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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It's hardly surprising if your fascination with astrology extends to tarot cards, or vice versa. As astrologer and tarot card reader Maria Sofia Marmanides points out, tarot and astrology are both rooted in symbology, or a system of symbols, and decoding what everything means in each framework requires a similar open mindset. "When you are learning either art, it’s not just memorizing what each tarot card means or what every zodiac sign or planet signifies," says Marmanides. "You have to synthesize what their specific appearance means in the context of that particular reading." With this in mind, having the best tarot deck for your sign can help you contextualize both frameworks at once.

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Certain tarot cards connect to specific zodiac signs, while the four suits of tarot relate to the four elements in astrology: cups represent water signs, pentacles represent Earth signs, wands represent air signs, and swords represent fire signs. Knowing this baseline information is helpful for being able to contextualize tarot readings in a way that's optimized to your specific zodiac sign.

"Both tarot and astrology rely upon the fusion of archetypal knowledge and the reader’s creative intuition," says Marmanides. "And you can use both together to add richness to either kind of reading. Knowing that someone is an Aries, you might consider how the Emperor tarot card’s symbolism can be a guiding principle. If a fiery Leo sun sign gets a tarot reading that is very pentacles—so Earth-based—you could ask them if they’re channeling their creativity and passion in a grounded or a material, real-world way."

To set you on the path of astrologically informed tarot readings, we searched for the best tarot deck for your sign (or other cosmic-guidance deck, like oracle). Scroll down to learn more.

Below, find the best tarot deck for your sign, so you can get more from readings


Prism Tarot — $48.00

Aries are known for their bold looks and quick-to-the-punch attitude. That’s why this deck’s graphic images set against a kaleidoscopic neon background makes it the perfect match.


Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck — $21.00

My dear friend owns this, and I—a textbook bull—fell head over heels. Between the Art Nouveau style, botanical touches, and soft pastels, it’s a Taurean dream.


Angel Number Messages & Affirmation Oracle Deck — $44.00

Gemini is known to be a master communicator, sending out messages that are crystal clear and to the point. That’s why this sign might want to work with angel numbers instead of trying to decrypt the meanings of wands and cups.


Moonology Oracle Cards — $17.00

Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon, so why not look to that for guidance? These Moonology oracle cards include moon phases and astrology for spiritual guidance.


The Gilded Tarot Card Deck — $24.00

Leo is known for bearing a regal presence with an unmistakable flair. As such, they deserve this golden tarot card deck fit for a queen.


Modern Witch Tarot Deck — $24.00

Want something saturated in divine feminine energy? Virgos will love the Modern Witch Tarot Deck, which depicts powerful women as embodying them the tarot archetypes.


Messages of Love Independent Oracle Cards — $35.00

A child of Venus, Libra values all things beautiful, fair, and romantic. That’s why they’ll gravitate to a love-oriented deck, especially one that won’t sugarcoat the truth (Libra likes to weigh all the possibilities of a situation, after all).


The Marigold Tarot — $47.00

The Marigold Tarot is basically what would happen if someone was like “what if we made every card like the death card?” Death and Scorpio often go hand-in-skeletal-hand, but for more elegant-leaning Scorpios, the Luna Somnia Tarot Deck ($55) is perfect.


Full Prisma Visions Tarot Cards Deck with Guidebook — $16.00

With its flaming colors and scenic illustrations, fire sign Sagittarius will love taking a trip with the Full Prisma Visions deck.


The Rider Waite Gift Set — $23.00

Capricorn values tradition above everything else, which is why this gold standard of tarot decks makes sense as their go-to. Invest in a collector’s edition like this one (Capricorn values quality items, after all).


The 5-cent Tarot 2nd Edition by Madam Clara — $50.00

Aquarius, you lovable weirdo: The 5-cent tarot deck is the perfect match for your eccentric ways.


The Starseed Oracle Deck & Book Set — $22.00

Pisces is the most mystical of all the zodiac signs, so I’m betting big that you already have a tarot deck or two on your altar. For something a little different, try the Starseed Oracle Deck, featuring dreamy art that speaks to a Pisces’ whole aesthetic.

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