The Fastest Way To Get Turned On, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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A sexually arousing moment can come together just right with a wide variety of ingredients: The vibe of the setting, your mental state, and the sensations you prefer all factor into play, just for starters. To get right to the root of that last bit—that is, physical and emotional preference for stimulating arousal—you might consider the influence of your sun sign in astrology and the particular part of the body over which it rules.

While the auspicious link between the zodiac system and elements of physical anatomy can manifest in a variety of contexts (from how you typically sense your surroundings to the way you move through space), it may also hold sway over the best sexual turn-on for each zodiac sign, according to astrologer Valerie Mesa. To get an even deeper picture of your star-sanctioned sexual predisposition, you might also consider the sign ruling over your eighth house—the astrological house covering areas of transformational desire—and its linked body part, as well.

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  • Valerie Mesa, Miami-based clairvoyant astrologer and soul coach

To that end, read on to learn the part of the body connected with each zodiac sign, and how that may drive the swiftest route to sexual arousal.

Here's the best turn-on for each zodiac sign, according to an astrologer:


Aries comes at the top of the zodiac line-up—and in bed, they're also top-centric: "Aries rules the head and the first house of self and identity," says Mesa. So, when it comes to turning on an Aries, "whether it's an erotic head massage or a soft caress on the face, they'll be aroused quickly by touch in that region," she says. If your partner is an Aries, take it a step further by running your fingers through their hair or, after confirming their consent, pulling on it gently, and watch as that sets off their fiery spark.


Taureans tend to really feel physical sensations to the fullest. "Governed by irresistible Venus, this fixed Earth sign is considered one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac," says Mesa. "Once they're turned on, it may actually be hard to turn them off." To get anatomically specific, Taurus rules the throat and neck, making them partial to seductive neck-kissing, says Mesa. And a gentle shoulder-massage could very well get a Taurus in the mood, too.


Known for their duality, Gemini thrives within an ever-changing sexual milieu. In fact, their active imagination and curiosity make them particularly keen to sexual fantasy and talking dirty. Within the realm of the body, they rule over the arms and hands and often look for a similarly hands-on sexual partner, says Mesa. You can take that literally—by embracing their hands or sucking on their fingers—or more generally, by caressing any part of their body with your fingertips.


A Cancer's emotional state is frequently in flux, shifting like the tide with the movement of the moon, says Mesa, though their sex drive tends to skew toward the higher side. "In a sexual context, Cancer thrives with intense intimacy and sensual kissing," she says. And when it comes to the body, they rule over the chest, so any caring touch that accesses this erogenous zone is sure to turn them on.


As in most arenas of life, Leo tends to be passionate and charismatic in bed, adapting a star-of-the-show mentality driven by their planetary ruler, the sun. "The lion wants to be worshipped, admired, and desired," says Mesa. This fiery sign rules over the back, and will be most aroused by a sexy massage or even just a finger running down their spine.


It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this methodical Earth sign gets excited—perhaps even in a sexual way—by good hygiene and attention to detail in the form of a clean and tidy setting. They're also a giver at heart, says Mesa, making them naturally a bit more predisposed to cede (rather than take) control in the bedroom. Anatomically, Virgo rules over the stomach and abdomen, making this region a target for sexual turn-on, whether it's by way of kissing or caressing.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules over Libra, infusing this sign with an irresistible charm that could translate into a contagious sex drive, says Mesa. They're easily turned on by lower-back massage, as they rule over this region of the body, including the kidneys. To that end, Libra could very well enjoy some butt action, too, if anal fingering is something to which you and your partner both consent.


Genitals rank high on the list of erogenous zones for many people—but, in the particular case of intense Scorpio, the genital connection is on another level, says Mesa, as the sign rules over this part of the body. Oral sex is a surefire turn-on for this fixed water sign, which Mesa says has "an innate desire to fully merge with another person's mind, body, and soul" during sex.


Adventurous Sagittarius is just as eager for novelty during sex as in any other facet of life, and will be happy to try any new type of sexual position, fantasy, or prop at least once, says Mesa. Heck, they might even enjoy switching up the typical timing of sex and getting down to business in the middle of the day. Physically, Sag rules over the hips and thighs, and will be turned on by positions that allow a partner to grab hold.


Taskmaster Saturn rules over this practical Earth sign, which could take some time to fully open up, sexually speaking. But once they're comfortable around a partner, they could very well enjoy taking the lead, says Mesa. Cap rules over the legs, so they're bound to be aroused by a back-of-the-thigh grab during a steamy make-out session or even a gentle touch on the knee under the table at dinner.


With eccentric and innovative Uranus as their planetary ruler, Aquarius seeks out the non-conventional route to arousal. "Their sex drive tends to be strange, sporadic, and unexpected," says Mesa. Because they rule over the calves, their route to arousal could take a bottom-up approach: If they're into BDSM (and you've both consented to the play at hand), they could be turned on swiftly with a bit of bondage around the ankles.


Speaking of a bottom-up approach to arousal, we have Pisces, which rules over the feet. This could place the water sign at the feet of a partner, either literally or figuratively, as someone who may be aroused by adapting a submissive role in bed. A foot massage could be a turn-on for Pisces, as well—though, these spiritual empaths of the cosmos tend to be most turned on by sensing that a partner's in the mood, too.

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