10 of the Best Vibrators on Amazon People Can’t Stop Buzzing About

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Online shopping is the best thing that ever happened to vibrators and society's acceptance of sex toys. Your browser is a one-stop shop for anything you might need or want, and the comments section on products can help you make confident decisions. And as far as specific the best corners of the internet for procuring one of these adult toys, consider Amazon to be a veritable sex shop—and a good one at that. With so many trustworthy reviews per product, you get the chance to suss out whether a given sex toy deserves a spot on your bedside table. So with these sterling reviews acting as votes of confidence, combined with knowledge of the best vibrators on Amazon, you're essentially ensured to experience orgasmic success.

Whether you're going solo with a new sex toy, or experimenting with sex toys with a partner (just remember to wash and avoid sharing sex toys with other people), a vibrator can intensify your next romp in the bedroom. And Amazon carries everything from the coveted Magic Wand line to less-known-but-still-awesome sex toy brands.

But since options can be overwhelming, I've done the research to make your add-to-cart experience so much easier. Below, find the best vibrators on Amazon that customers are really feeling.

The best vibrators on Amazon that reviewers can't stop buzzing about

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator
Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator — $50.00

When Well+Good sang this top-rated toy’s praises, more than 2,000 readers clicked the link to check out what the fuss is all about. Shaped like a C, one side delivers a suction sensation to your clitoris while the other side, which is insertable and vibrates, stimulates your G-spot.

There are more than 2,400 reviews for this vibrator, but this one summarizes it best: “I died and I’m never leaving my house again. By far the best sex toy I’ve ever used and I’ve used a LOT of sex toys. I’d pay $300 for this. Easy. Mind blowing doesn’t begin to touch it.” Basically, if you like that all-at-once sensation, you’ll likely five-star this toy.

We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator
We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator — $149.00

This vibrator is great for blended orgasms. With an insertable shaft for G-spot stimulation and a flexible arm for your clitoris, the twofer is here to serve. There are 12 different intensity levels, it’s waterproof, and you can use it with an app.

“This could possibly be the best new toy ever! Love that the smaller arm is flexible and can bend and move as needed. That is HUGE for me. Some rabbit ears just don’t reach or go over and above the area most needed. Vibrations are strong and a variety of speeds and modes. SO WORTH the extra dollars to get. I am glad I did it!” writes one reviewer.

Dame Kip vibrator
Dame Kip — $95.00

Small, discreet, and USB-chargeable, this compact vibrator can be used at home or on the go. It has a soft, angled tip, is easy to hold, and has five different intensity levels. And since it’s fully waterproof, you can use it on land or sea (read: shower sex).

Shibari Mini Wand Massager vibrator
Shibari Mini Wand Massager — $24.00

Did you know Amazon has its own line of sex toys? It does, and its iteration of the wand vibrator is actually great. In fact, the device’s premium-grade silicone material and 20 vibrating patterns have earned it the following review: “Have you ever been in the car, strolling down the highway, and hit the rumble strip and feel a little something something in your nether regions? Imagine that but multiple it by 100. […] Let’s just say this isn’t your grandma’s vibrator!”

*Orders three immediately.*

MELO G Spot Dildo Vibrator
MELO G Spot Dildo Vibrator — $24.00

With seven inches of insertable length, this top-ranked winner is great for deep, deep lovin’. It’s bendable and has 12 different vibrations. As one reviewer puts it: “It’s the perfect size. It’s not too huge but also big enough to get the job done.”

YOSPOSS Vibrating Anal Beads
YOSPOSS Vibrating Anal Beads — $20.00

If you’ve yet to try anal beads, it’s time for that to change. Unlike with plugs, which go in and stay in, anal beads are designed to be moved in and out of your bum to stimulate the ring of nerves at the entrance point. With a tip that’s no larger than the top of your pinky and the option to vibrate, this best-seller is the perfect first set. (Pro tip: Remove the beads just as you’re about to orgasm for a sensation that feels truly next-level.)

PHANXY Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator
PHANXY Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator — $26.00

A wireless vibrator is like a pair of Birkenstocks or an LBD: a must-own. This one has nine different vibrating functions that you can control through its wireless remote control. One reviewer writes, “The remote and the device are already linked. All you have to do is press the power buttons. She can keep the remote in her pocket discretely and change between the various different modes just by reaching in her pocket. Washing is simple, both the remote and device are completely water resistant and easy to clean.”

Lelo Sona 2 vibrator
Lelo Sona 2 — $100.00

This vibrator uses sonic pulses to reach all angles of your clitoris. It has 12 vibration settings and has a Cruise Control technology that allows you to press it against your body while maintaining the same intensity. It’s made out of a soft, premium silicone and is entirely waterproof.

Secret Lover Bullet Vibrator
Secret Lover Bullet Vibrator — $12.00

You may mistake this bullet vibrator for a tube of lipstick, it’s that compact. It has an angled tip to allow you to focus vibrations on your desired body area, and it has three different speeds and seven pulsating patterns. There’s just one button for the controls, so it’s easy-to-use, whenever you’re in the mood.

One reviewer said, “This thing is so amazing. It has the power and the high quality variety of vibrations that’s a lot of the $100+ options have! It’s small and firm, providing the perfect amount of pressure+intensity! I have not had any issues with the power; I’ve had it since March and have only had to charge it a few times, using it 10-30 minutes each session!”

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