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The 7 Best Warming Lubes That Heat Things Up in the Best Way Possible

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You know that tingly, fuzzy, squirm-in-your-seat sensation you get when you're suddenly "in the mood"? Bottle that, and you have yourself a warming lube. These sexy slicks can literally turn the heat up on your sex life, increasing blood flow where and when you need it most. And we've got a list of the best warming lubes to stock your bedside table with right here.

Why warming lube?

Before we get to our best picks, it helps to understand how warming lubes help in the first place. Some people like to experiment with how different sensations, warm or cool, bring pleasure in the first place. Others might need a little help getting in the mood, which is where these lovely lubes can really help. Keira L. Barr, MD, a physician, menopause specialist and ambassador for the wellness company, Lyma, explains through periods of stress, hormonal changes, and menopause, vaginas can experience more dryness, sensitivity, and irritation.

"Estrogen is key for the normal functioning of the skin and blood vessels. It’s also key for collagen production, increased skin thickness, increased hyaluronic acid production, improved skin barrier function, and maintaining skin hydration," she says. "As our hormones diminish in menopause, the functions they perform to maintain the health and vitality of the skin diminish as well, characterized by a decrease in skin hydration, including lubrication... Add in the impact of life’s daily stressors and a lack of quality sleep from shifting hormones—hello, hot flashes—and it’s a double whammy for drying up your intimate bits."

Layer on a tank in libido and desire, and getting "in the mood" is easier said than done. That's where warming lube can help—just as long as you have the right one.

Just look out for not-so-hot ingredients

As with most products that go in, on, or around our sexual organs, you need to be diligent about the ingredient list. Warming lubes should leave you tingly or more aroused—not running for the closest ice bath because your vulva feels like it's on fire. To avoid a not-so-hot experience, Dr. Barr suggest avoiding the obvious no-nos, like alcohol, parabens, and if you have really sensitive skin, fragrances. Less obvious ones, like menthol and capsaicin, should be researched, too. They're not necessarily bad, but they can cause adverse reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin.

"Some lubes may have mentholated ingredients, have compounds derived from red peppers, or chemicals that can cause tissue dehydration, which is the exact opposite of the desired effect," Dr. Barr says. "In addition to the warming additives that can be irritating, some water-based lubes may include chemical preservatives, like glycerin and propylene glycol, which may be sensitizing for some people’s skin and create uncomfortable sex."

Tl;dr—if there's any ingredient you wouldn't put on your skin, you probably don't want it near your vulva. Dr. Barr says bad ingredients layered with sex-induced skin friction can ultimately leave you inflamed and vulnerable to infection. Try to stick to natural ingredients you patch test on your inner arm first.

It's also equally important to be aware of how well these lubes play with your bedroom accessories. Not all lubes can be used on silicone toys or contraceptives."For instance, knowing whether your lube is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene condoms, or polyurethane condoms helps you choose your  protection accordingly,"  Dr. Barr says.

"And above all, get really curious about why you may need or want to use lube. Given how significantly stress and sleep can impact your hormonal balance, and in turn your level of lubrication, tune in to your body and what it really needs so you can fully support your libido, lubrication and level of pleasure to maximize your sexual experience," Dr. Barr adds.

'Nuff said. Light your fire with the best warming lubes your money can buy below.

The best warming lubes your money can buy 

Foria, Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD — $44.00

While Foria’s Intimacy Oil isn’t touted as a warming lube, we can confirm: things heat up fast. That’s because this sleek, silky oil works to naturally stimulate blood flow and arouse you in all the right places. It’s made with two ingredients (coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD), so it’s about as minimalist as you can get, and the warm sensations? Talk about hot.

Mojo, Warming Horny Goat Weed Glide — $20.00

The name alone should let you know things get spicy when this lube is in play. While it does contain glycerin, there’s a load of other natural warming ingredients that will turn the heat up in the best way possible. Of course, there’s nature’s aphrodisiac horny goat weed, as well as extracts of cinnamon bark, ginger, and goji fruit.

Promescent, Warming Female Arousal Gel — $20.00

Like Foria’s gel, this isn’t technically a lube, it’s an arousal serum. Rather than slathering it on like a lube, you just lightly dab on and around the clitoris and wait for it to warm up. It doesn’t take long—most reviews say that things heated up in five minutes or less. For $20, it’s an easy way to spice up partner or solo play.

Wicked, Ultra Heat Personal Lubricant — $14.00

This silicone-based lube is another steamy option for heating things up. It’s blended with natural extracts like cinnamon bark and vanilla that turn the temps whether you’re alone or with a partner. There’s no glycerin, parabens, fragrances, or animal byproducts, however, there is silicone, so be weary before using with certain condoms or toys.

Sliquid Organics, Sizzle — $19.00

True to its name, Sizzle will leave you sizzling. The water-based formula is friendly with just about everything, and it’s completely free from anything you wouldn’t want in a beauty product, like sulfates, parabens, and alcohol. However, there is food-grade menthol, so if you’re prone to dryness, no before you squeeze. Otherwise, sit back and feel the burn (in a good way, of course.)

Lubilicious, Warming Lube — $15.00

We can’t decide what we love more: the warm, tingly sensation this lube brings, its groovy name, or the vintage inspired branding on every bottle. It’s designed to mimic the natural body, so that warming sensation feels a lot more real and closer to your body’s natural lubricant than other products. Take it from us—a drop of this stuff is, indeed, lubilicious.

Pulse, Aloe-ahh (Pack of 6) — $30.00

Pulse’s aloe-based lube isn’t technically warming on its own. But warmed up in the Pulse Warmer ($200) and you’ve got yourself a safe, hydrating slick that’ll leave you totally satisfied. Between the aloe and the vitamin E, you’ll feel moisturized and nourished hours after play time.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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