Pandemic or Not, Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Best Relaxes, According to Susan Miller

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It’s been a stressful, exhausting slog since lockdown began a year ago (!!!), so you need to seize fleeting moments of calm when they come your way. The good news is that there's at least one astrological reason all of us can breathe a sigh of relief: the Age of Aquarius.

We’re at a cosmic turning point that urges the rise of technology, a focus on community care, and a generally more progressive, forward-thinking point of view. Think: less hostility, more robots. So we should take some time to rest up, because we'll need to be alert in order to create in this new, joyous world. Thankfully, all-star astrologer and AstrologyZone founder Susan Miller, has some insights to share regarding the best way to relax based on your zodiac sign. Below, Miller shares a bespoke tip for how each zodiac sign can kick back and relax—pandemic or not.

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  • Susan Miller, star astrologer and founder of Astrology Zone

The best way to relax based on your zodiac sign, according to Susan Miller


Aries is the sign of physicality, and as such, they can best relax by way of physical outlets. Miller recommends hiking, power walks, or anything else that engages the body and brings in fresh air.

Also of note is that the influence of Aquarius should will help Aries rams expand their friendships this year. So maybe you can get active with a friend or a social club—just make sure to stay at a social distance.


With a Madonna-esque focus on the material world, Taurus is all about retail therapy.

If you don't have the budget for a shopping spree, Miller recommends making a sensuous experience with candles, perfume, music, and sparkly bath bomb. Taurus has a huge career year ahead, so rest is imperative to their success.


When it comes to Gemini, the "only way they relax is by talking—either on Zoom or a phone call," says Miller. That’s when they’re happiest, since Gemini is a master orator, and perhaps the wittiest of the zodiac signs.

Still, the better the conversation, the better they feel, so while Gemini can talk to anyone, they prefer an intellectual mirror. The best way to relax for a Gem is to engage with someone who can match the level of banter or talk about high concepts. Aquarius will have some fresh ideas to discuss, while Sagittarius will bring brilliant philosophies (and plans for your next post-pandemic trip) to the table.


Cancer needs to either get away from their everyday routine in order to relax. To do this, Miller recommends trying a new recipe, but if that's not for you, consider trying pattern-making hobbies, like macrame or knitting.

And good news, Cancer: Miller says 2021 will see you making money.


For Leo, the most important aspect of relaxing is actually booking some much-needed me-time. The activity itself can vary—they just need a concrete time block where they can bask in whatever their mind and body says that they need.

Miller adds that this year, Leo is learning to work with their partner on a new and deep level, which means that you won't be carrying the burdens of 2021 alone. Take some solace in that, because even a bold and fierce ruler like the zodiac's lioness needs a little help sometimes.


"Virgo likes to be engaged," says Miller, which means that they're going to seek out something like puzzles as a form of modern meditation. Their detail-oriented eye will help them get through those jigsaws in record time.

That said, Virgo has a hard time relaxing, so while something like reading can be soothing, not just any text will do. Miller recommends a book that'll really take you out of your current situation. FWIW, I'd steer clear of any zombie apocalypse tomes.


Honestly, Libra, you're posed to have a killer 2021—you have the best aspects of any sign and extreme luck in love, according to Miller. And while we know Libra can get caught in a whirlwind romance (they do rule the house of partnerships, after all), make sure not to neglect your platonic relationships. Being surrounded by your loved ones is an important destresser for you.

"Libra needs friends like they need oxygen—so do your social distancing," says Miller.


Scorpio is secretive, and Miller points out that they need concrete alone time in order to relax. Other people will simply have to wait it out until they're ready to emerge.

So, what should a Scorpio do while rejuvenating? Miller says this sign likes whodunnit mysteries, and I'm sure the latest true crime doc will be eerily soothing to them as well.


Sagittarius relaxes best in motion, but since travel is still not a realistic option for most (sigh), you'll have to keep your adventuring small-scale. Consider watching the National Geographic channel to appeal to your need to explore.

"Make a list of where you want to go next, and read up on history—there’s a lot of preparation for a long trip, so start saving pennies and frequent flier miles," Miller says. "In the meantime, sports are great for Sag. Try to find a way to work out and learn a new sport, if you can safely."


Capricorn is the sign most tied to tradition and nostalgia. That's why when it comes to relaxation, Miller recommends this Earth sign goes back to their roots.

"Call an older relative, such as an aunt or uncle, and ask them to tell them about fond memories of when they were little," says Miller. "You will be drawn into what feels like a movie set of a time that existed before you were born. It may inspire you to do more research on your ancestry."


Congratulations, Aquarius: This is your Emerald Year, which should instantly make you feel way more relaxed. "You only get this every 12 years" Miller previously told Well+Good. "You get everything you want. You are offered so much, you have to be choosy with what you take."

If stressful days do come around (because we can't stay cosmic prom queen forever), Aquarius needs to be around technology in order to unwind. Millers suggests VR, a virtual planetarium, or a telescope to look at the night sky. They get comfort from the cosmos, but in a more science-y way than spiritual Pisces.


Miller says this year marks a meditative one wherein Pisces should mull over what they want. You're preparing for your Emerald Year in 2022, and Miller says you'll get a fun preview of the bounty to come between May 13 and July 1. In the meantime, though, do some emotional spring cleaning. "If they have anything they have to discuss with a therapist, this would be the year to do it, so they can enter 2022 feeling fresh and unburdened," Miller says.

Additionally, Pisces can unwind with meditation, swimming, tai chi, a walk by the lake, poetry, and photography. "They see beauty that other people miss," says Miller.

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