The $20 Device That Has Me Canceling My Waxing Appointments

When I was just past puberty, I started tending to my newfound body hair. I took care of bikini hair removal (bye, brand-new pubes!), plucked that random chin hair, and let my mom nix the facial hair that had just started to sprout above my lip.

Ever since then, I've had to deal with the upkeep of all of this hair, but I don't live with my mom anymore (who was really great at waxing in a gentle manner—hi mom!), so I had to find another solution. The easiest one, going to get a professional wax, is time consuming and not something I want to spend my money on every single week. Lasering the area can result in hyperpigmentation for some, so I've always skipped that option on my face, and hair-removing lotions or creams haven't yielded great results for me.

I didn't find the answer to my ever-so-permanent dilemma until a little handheld device called the Flawless by Finishing Touch ($20) came across my desk. It looks like something out of Star Trek—it's a sleek stick that's the size of a makeup brush with an actual 18 karat gold plated head (for hypoallergenic purposes, of course). When I flicked it on, a chic white light indicated it was ready to get nix the hair above my lip. I went for it.

The product instructs you to go over your fuzz in small, circular motions. I did that over my upper lip—which honestly took less than 10 seconds—then examined the results. Peering into the mirror, I didn't see any hair sitting there. I glided my fingers where it used to be, and it was as smooth as a dolphin—smoother than even waxing has ever made it feel. WTF, I thought—how was that so magically easy?

Apparently the hair removing wizardry all lies in microscopic spinning technology. You don't feel a thing, you can't cut yourself with it, and you aren't left with marks or irritation (which waxing can definitely leave behind). If you're wondering if your lip hair grows back twofold, know that it doesn't. I've turned practically all of my friends to the device—they've all broken up with their waxer for it without any hesitation. Consider it the answer to your wildest fuzz hair-removing fantasies.

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