Put Off Laundry One More Week With This $7 “Dry Shampoo” for Clothes

Photo: Love Home Planet
Confession time: The only thing I hate more than washing my hair is washing my clothes. I mean, wearing them once doesn't warrant a full spin cycle, right? And don't even get me started on dry cleaning, because that stuff is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. Because of this, at any given moment, approximately 50 percent of my already-worn wardrobe lives in what I like to call the "in-between pile" on a chair in the corner of my bedroom.  Said pile exists because I can't bring myself to actually suds up my clothes after a single use, but I also can't totally justify putting them back into my closet after they've already been worn. Super gross? Yes, 100 percent.

I might be a complete troll about this type of thing, but in fairness, you would be too if you didn't have a washing machine and had to schlep your laundry six blocks any time you wanted clean clothes (anyone? anyone?). Luckily for me and anyone else out there who has this type of complicated relationship with their laundry (please, for the love of the Internet, I hope I'm not the only one), Love Home and Planet recently released a new Dry Wash Spray ($7) that will help you get at least one extra wear out of your favorite going-out top without feeling (or smelling) disgusting.

Touted as "dry shampoo for your clothes," the spray helps you delay washing by spritzing your clothes with something sweet. While it's undoubtedly great for saving time, it also happens to be good for the environment, because it helps get things clean without having to use any water. "We created this product so that we can save water together by washing clothes only when they really deserve it," the brand says on its website, noting that the sprays are also vegan and cruelty free, and powered by compressed air rather than any yucky greenhouse gases.

After trying it own on my own "chair-drobe," as LHP calls it (LOL), I've gotta admit that I'm impressed. It helped get the smoky smell out of a dry-clean only shirt I wore to a dive bar a few weeks ago, and in addition to perfuming it with a lovely rose and murmuru scent, it also somehow made it feel cleaner. Plus, it's a cinch to use: All you have to do is lay whatever you want to "clean" out across a flat surface (I chose my bed), and spray. Hang it up for 15 minutes, which if you're like me is approximately the amount of time it takes to do your makeup, throw it on, and go.

While, sadly, the spray can't totally replace a good old fashioned trip to the dry cleaner, it can get you one extra wear out of your first date shirt. That's $7 well spent in my book.

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