The 5 Best Tropical Wellness Retreats for Fall 2017

Photo: Yoga For Bad People

Not quite ready to make the transition into fall's denim leggings and lace-up hoodies? Well, don't pack away your cropped tops just yet. As the wind chill starts to drop stateside, there are still plenty of opportunities to chase the heat—the best of which involve wellness retreats in exotic destinations.

The five healthy getaways that follow are guaranteed to ease those end-of-summer blahs. Whether you feel like unplugging in Bali, breaking a sweat in Cuba, or hiking, biking, and kayaking your way through the Galapagos, there's nothing like a long-haul retreat to make you forget that PSL season came way too soon.

So gather up your skorts and start practicing your minimalist packing technique—because it's always summer-ish somewhere.

Keep reading for the 5 best long-haul wellness retreats for fall 2017.

Photo: The Den

October 14–21: The Den Meditation's Bali Retreat

Ubud, Bali

Is virgo season leaving you wondering what the heck you’re doing with your life? Much-loved Los Angeles life coach/meditation instructor Ryan Weiss wants to help you figure it out—in paradise, no less. For one week at the Soulshine Bali Resort, he’ll be leading a series of workshops, meditations, and yoga sessions, all designed to help you bust through the BS and discover your truest self. (Spoiler alert: Your job, relationships, and other so-called markers of success have nothing to do with it.) Also on the agenda: hikes, beach and temple outings, and a trip to a monkey forest. Squee!

Photo: SurfYogaBeer

October 19–22: SurfYogaBeer in Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Good news: Despite the current administration’s change-up of Cuba travel rules, yoga retreats on the island are apparently still fair game. (For now, at least.) SurfYogaBeer’s upcoming getaway is a particularly epic one, with an itinerary both active—yoga on a coffee plantation, swimming in natural watering holes, salsa dancing—and cultural. (Think artists’ studio tours and a visit to “Cuban Williamsburg.” Really.) And just in case this four-day whirlwind doesn’t sound like enough of a lesson in endurance, The Fhitting Room trainer Mark Ribeiro will also be on hand to run you through daily bootcamp sessions.

Photo: New York Pilates

October 25–30: New York Pilates Tulum Adventure

Tulum, Mexico

New York City’s cool girl-approved Pilates destination is popping up south of the border this fall, with a trip that offers a lot more than just planks and bridges. Sure, daily mat workouts are a major part of the deal, but you’ll also meditate, get massages, run on the beach, go exploring, and make new friends. The best part? You’ll have not one, but three top New York Pilates instructors leading the way: Heather Andersen, Britni Lariviere, and Arianna Henry. That means ultra-personalized attention in all of your workouts—plus, a super-inspiring power posse to grab margaritas with afterwards.

Photo: Yoga For Bad People

November 5–12 / November 12–18: Yoga for Bad People in Costa Rica

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

This retreat is expected to be so popular that Yoga for Bad People co-founder Heather Lilleston is offering two sessions back to back. The place? A pair of private luxury homes on the beach. The perks? Two daily yoga classes, morning meditation, and all the water sports, waterfall hiking, nightlife, and other fun you can cram into a week. You’re promised lots of personal attention to your yoga practice during the sojourn, since both groups will be kept small and intimate. (In other words, it’s a perfect opportunity to finally troubleshoot your scorpion pose.)

Photo: DuVine

November 11–20: DuVine’s Ecuador + Galápagos Bike + Adventure Tour

Various locations

If nothing else, this 10-day trek through the Andes Mountains and Galápagos Islands will give you lots of interesting conversation starters for holiday party season—but you’re pretty much guaranteed to come away with a lot more than that. You’ll be cycling to volcanoes, textile markets, snorkeling sites, and other Instagram-worthy spots, while spending your evenings recovering at some seriously gorgeous hotels. When it’s all over, you’ll have biked, hiked, and kayaked a total of about 89 miles. That’s a lot of potential small talk averted.

Time to pack your bag, load up on healthy travel snacks, and set that OOO alert. Don't worry: You'll still have plenty of time for pumpkin spice lattes when you return. 

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