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‘I Have 36DDD Boobs and Couldn’t Find a Bralette That Fit Me, So I Created One That Works for Everyone’

Photo: MINDD
Here’s what no one tells you about having big boobs: they’re not the easiest to live with. Take it from someone who had a breast reduction at 24—life as a D-cup is no cakewalk. The lusty gawking and unwarranted opinions are one thing (that’s an article for a whole different day), but finding a cute bra or bikini top that actually fits and is comfortable? A Herculean feat.

This is a huge, very real problem. Women with large breasts simply don’t have a lot of options on the intimates front. Especially when it comes to things like lacy, wireless bralettes or unlined sports bras, the amount of affordable, comfortable choices are few and far between—which is why Helena Kaylin, who’s a 36DDD herself, founded MINDD, an entirely wireless bra brand specifically designed for D+ women.

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MINDD’s story is pretty simple: Kaylin wanted a little lacy bralette to wear for herself, and nothing worked. Even the global intimates and athletic brands she spent the bulk of her career working for didn’t have bras that fit her size, nor did they seem to acknowledge the massive gap in the market.

“When I look back on my career, I realize that with every career move I was getting closer and closer to a seat at the table,” Kaylin says. “But even when I eventually was at the table, I didn’t have voice. People hear what they want to hear, but they don’t want to acknowledge the fact that these problems do exist.”

This all came to a head in 2018 when she left her role as Chief Marketing and Design Officer at Carbon38 to start her own venture. Her “aha” moment was when she realized she wasn’t wearing her everyday bras (think: wire, adjustable straps) and was instead opting for the comfort of her ill-fitting sports bras. She also knew so many other women and adolescent girls who were having the same. exact. struggle. “Nine out of 10 girls I spoke to said wire was their number one pain point,” Kaylin says. “And when I would ask them to send me pictures of their dream bra, I would get all the emails back of pictures of a lacy bralette.”

She launched MINDD in February 2020, just in time for a pandemic where comfort became a top priority. And boy, did she deliver. Rather than using harsh, uncomfortable underwire or unnecessary padding, each bra uses MINDD’s patent-pending technology called “knit zones” that are seamlessly weaved together (so you never feel them) and eliminate any sagging, digging, or stretching out. Sounds dreamy, right? Plus, every one of the seven zones is strategically placed throughout the bra, maximizing comfort, and more importantly, supporting movement.

“We worked with bio-mechanical engineers to actually understand the movement of the breasts,” Kaylin says. “People don’t realize this but when you walk, your breasts move from side-to-side. When you run, they actually move in this figure-eight type of movement. We wanted to accommodate for that.”

Their fit is one thing, but their look? These bralettes are actually cute – something women with big breasts rarely come across. Bye-bye bland nudes. MINDD’s beautiful line of bralettes (or bras, they’re synonymous in this case) come in your standard neutrals plus an array of trendy muted colors, like a dusty rose, slate blue, and icy lavender. Seriously, so pretty. They’re also affordable. While supportive lingerie for bigger breasts can costs hundreds of dollars, each style retails for $68, which is on-par with boutique brands like ThirdLove, Negative, and SheFit.

Most importantly, they’re inclusive. They come in 5 sizes, but don’t let that number fool you: they span from a 28C to a 44F with a suuuper easy sizing chart, making it simple to figure out your right fit. With MINDD, you don't have to choose between aesthetics and comfort -- you can have the best of both of worlds, and feel amazing while doing it. And that's been Kaylin's mission all along.

"We all deserve to feel included and feel really good in our skin," she says. “I want people to know that beauty and comfort can co-exist.”

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