Ready to Revamp Your Underwear Wardrobe? These Are the Best Underwear in Every Style to Get You Started

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A coat should keep you warm. Boots should make a statement. Underwear should simply stay silent. We all know from experience (care of bad pairs that cause dreaded elastic lines and un-pickable wedgies) that our underwear is the one item in our closet that we just shouldn't have to think about when we wear it. The best pairs are the ones that are comfortable, stay put, don't show, and feel barely there. That said, with so many options out there to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones will actually do as they promise and become mainstays in your collection.

Since everyone has a different body type, panty preference, budget, and ideal material, we've scoured the Internet and found the best pairs of underwear in every style under the sun to help you stock your unmentionables drawer with panties that you're *really* going to want to mention. Scroll down for the 12 best women's underwear styles on the market today. You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

Best thongs and bikinis

Uwila Warrior Zodiac VIP Thong — $22.00

We love an astro moment, and nothing says cosmic alignment like wearing a thong and *not* feeling like you have a wedgie. Behold: Uwila Warrior. Choose from Winter White or Shale to add a metallic embossed gold or silver decal in the astrological sign of your choice. Made with lightweight silk and cotton gusset for maximum hygiene, these thongs are extra comfortable and won’t be making an appearance under your clothes. Don’t wait for your birthday month!

Cosabella Magnolia G-String — $36.00

Red underwear just makes you feel like *that* girl. This g-string pair features a lace front but such a barely-there back that you’ll have no risk of panty lines or bumps.

Hanky Panky 5 Pack Original Rise Thongs — $110.00

Why buy one pair of underwear when you can buy five in one go? As a universal fan favorite (and my personal one, too), these thongs are supremely durable, have an original rise that sits just above your hip bones, look great, and feel oh-so-comfortable.

Aerie Ribbed Seamless Thong Underwear — $9.00

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting on your favorite pair of leggings and realizing that you have prominent panty lines. This seamless thong is here to save the day. It comes in eight colors, is made from super stretchy modal and nylon, and won’t cause any bunching or unwanted showing.

Parade Silky Mesh Thong — $13.00

Whether from your Instagram feed or posters on the subway, you’ve almost definitely heard of Parade. This mesh thong from the fan-favorite brand just proves why it is so universally adored—it’s cute and comfy. The style comes in 10 colors (plus this tomato-printed pattern), is mid-rise, and has a waistband that you can barely feel.

Only Hearts Whisper Sweet Nothings Coucou Hi-Waist Brief — $65.00

Feeling saucy? This crotchless pair of undies is hot, very breathable (*wink wink*) and made from the most beautiful lace. The high rise makes it perfect to wear under a dress or paired with a matching bra and, well, nothing else.

Esra The High Rise Thong — $26.00

Simple. No frills. All-out comfort. That’s the deal with the Esra High Rise thong—a thong that’s made with 100 percent antibacterial bamboo, so it keeps you feeling fresh all day long (it’s a great thong to wear to the gym). It’s also fabricated using zero toxic dyes, so you can feel extra good about wearing it without any kind of material ick factor.

Best full coverage underwear

Skims Cotton Rib Boxer — $32.00

The perfect underwear to sleep in? Boxer briefs. These long underwear are comfortable, supremely soft, cute enough to pair with a sports bra or cotton bralette and wear as a lounge set, and come in nine colors so you can wear a different pair every day of the week and have two to spare.

Uwila Warrior Silk Panty Gift Bundle — $98.00

Along with your three so-cozy full-coverage undies from legendary performance brand Uwila Warrior, you’ll get a convenient mesh bad and a mini bottle of gentle laundry detergent. Trust: You’ll be doing a lot of laundry when you touch the soft fabric on these panties and realize you have no choice but to live in them. Gift this practical (and stylish) set to yourself or someone you love—like you!

Knickey Mid-Rise Hipster — $14.00

Cotton underwear are the holy grail when it comes to comfort. They are breathable, soft, easy to clean, and irritation-free. This hipster pair comes in 11 colors and sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL.

Girlfriend Collective Copper High-Rise Brief — $18.00

Your pants, leggings, and sweats can be high-rise, why shouldn’t your underwear be too? This pair from athleisure powerhouse Girlfriend Collective is stretchy, sweat-wicking (so it’s perfect to work out in), and soft. The style comes in nine neutral shades for every occasion.

Thinx Cotton Brief — $34.00

Thinx underwear are your period’s knight in shining armor. They are high-absorbency so there’s no risk of leaking, and they hold up to three tampon’s worth of blood. The best part? If you don’t love them after 60 days, you can get a full refund!

Knix Essential Boyshort — $18.00

With 25 colors and patterns to choose from, you could stock your entire underwear collection with just this style. These boyshorts are super soft, quick to dry, and have a seamless construction for a panty-line free wear.

CUUP The Bikini — $18.00

Add a pop of sparkle to your underwear drawer with this festive bikini from CUUP. The cut is a perfect go-between for when you don’t want full coverage, but also like a little more material than a thong. The lurex material is also super fun and comfortable.

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