9 Wool Shoes That Will Keep Your Feet Warm (But Not Sweaty) In Chilly Weather

Photo: Duckfeet USA
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Somehow fall is already here, and with it, its signature crisp, cool air and unpredictable weather. All this fog and drizzle has us wanting to cover our head to our toes in everything cozy. Speaking of toes, while you’re likely digging out your favorite sweaters and turtlenecks, we’re here to remind you that the fabric you cover your feet in can help stave off the chill, too—and we’re not just talking about thick, warm socks. We're talking about shoes—wool shoes, to be exact—which are the cherry on top to any ultimate autumnal wardrobe.

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  • Brad Schaeffer, DPM, board-certified foot surgeon at Sole Podiatry NYC and star of TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me

Over the past few years, wool has re-emerged onto the market as a popular shoe feature in both hot and cold weather. It makes sense—the natural material is more sustainable than synthetics for starters, as its decomposes faster in landfills and is more eco-friendly to source. As a performance material, it's one of the most prized fabrics thanks to its natural antimicrobial (bye bye, stinky feet) and thermoregulating capabilities.

“Wool is a very breathable material which can help maintain body temperature,” says Brad Schaeffer, DPM, board-certified foot surgeon at Sole Podiatry NYC and spokesperson for Dr. Scholl's. “In the cooler months like fall and winter, the natural fibers in wool shoes can help wick away moisture and keep your feet warm and dry.”

That plus the fact that wool is just plain cozy makes wool shoes a particularly comfortable shoe choice for the months ahead. Give your feet a fuzzy treat with some of our favorite styles, below.

Best wool sneakers

Allbirds mizzles
Allbirds, Women’s Wool Runner-Up Mizzles — $145.00

Available sizes: Women’s 5-10

Well+Good’s associate commerce editor, Frankie Krempa, dubbed Allbirds Mizzles her, “new go-to winter shoe” for good reason. They’re sleet-proof, drizzle-proof, snow-proof—basically “wet”-proof, or at the very least, repellant

Made of soft, never scratchy merino wool that’s treated with a water repellant, they’ll not only whick sweat away from your soles but protect your feet from weather, too All in all, they feel like ultra-thick, flexible socks with a durable, slip-proof sole. Just note: They sell like hotcakes, so get ’em while they’re in stock.

Merinos, Women's Lace-Ups — $100.00

Available sizes: Women’s 6-12

Allbirds aren’t the only wool sneakers on the market. Merinos specialize in lace-up, slip-on, and flat wool shoes with sneaker-like soles—and, boy, are they comfortable. If you’re looking for a cozy pair of shoes to wear out and about, to the airport, or on errands, Merinos are a cute option worth considering—especially because they’re sold in a bunch of bright colors, as well as a series of neutrals. (Psst: Check out the coral, red, and bright blue options that’ll stand out amongst the sea of black and white sneaks.)

Baabuk, Urban Wooler — $139.00

Available sizes: Women’s 6-11.5, in select half sizes.

Another wool sneaker brand to consider is Baabuk, which are the wooly cousin of Vejas or Sam Smiths. They’ve got that minimalist silhouette with a classic flat white sole, only instead of leather uppers, they’re made of wool. They’re a great business-casual option for fall and winter sneakers, and if they get dirty on your commute, you can pop them in the wash on gentle to give them a quick glow up.

Best wool clogs

Taos, Woolderness 2 Clogs — $135.00

Sizes available: Women’s sizes 5-12

Love the convenience of a slide but want to keep your toes covered? The Taos Woolderness 2 Clogs are just what you’re looking for. The floral-embroidered silhouette is sold in six colors and is known for being soft, warm, and form-fitting. As far as cozy shoes go, they’re about as supportive as it gets thanks to designated arch and metatarsal support, not to mention a smooth faux fur lining for extra warmth. They’re also equipped with a sturdy rubber outsole, so if you plan on wearing them in the elements, you’re covered.

Haflinger, GZ Clogs — $145.00

Available sizes: Women’s 5-11

Haflinger has been a leader in wool shoes for decades. Ever since I was a little girl (and honestly before I was born), my grandma has wholeheartedly sworn by the cozy, ergonomic clogs. But before you write them off thinking they might be too matronly based on that statement, remember that: 1) Coastal Grandma is very much a thing and grams love clogs, and 2) clogs, in general, are forecasted to be huge this fall. So, when considering the trend for your own wardrobe, be sure to check out Haflinger’s iconic embroidered-edge GZ silhouette. They’re felt-lined, slip-resistant, and sold in 22 colors on Amazon.

Birkenstock, Zermatt Shearling Clogs — $100.00

Available sizes: Women’s 4/4.5-12/12.5

Another fan-favorite clog brand with wool options? Birkenstock, of course! The Zermatt Shearling Clogs are the best of both worlds, as they feature a wool felt upper, as well as a shearling lining. They’re only sold in six neutral colors, though, so they’re not the best if you’re hoping for a pop of color. Otherwise, they’re pretty much the perfect neutral shoe you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Best wool boots

Ugg, Droplet Boots — $74.00

Available sizes: Women’s 5-12

As popular as UGG’s classic shearling boots are (and as much as we unabashedly adore them), we’re particularly jazzed about the brand’s newest launch: the Droplet waterproof, wool-lined rain boots, which are sold in black, white, and gray, as well as bright, seasonal hues. In addition to being lined with the brand’s UGGplush™ upcycled wool for added comfort and worth, the boots also feature a neoprene ankle collar, so you never have to worry about rain or cool breezes working their way into your shoes while out and about on a fall adventure.

Vivaia, Rachel Square-Toe Chelsea Boots — $139.00

Available sizes: 5-10.5, in half sizes.

Skirts and tights, jeggings, maxi-dresses—there isn’t much you can’t wear a Chelsea boot with. If you want one that’s sustainable and is equally versatile, add this pair from Vivaia to your cart. The uppers are actually made from wool and a recycled water bottles spun into an eco-friendly poly, making them extra durable on wintery walks. Inside, your feet can rest easy against the cloud-like latex footbed that’s also naturally deodorizing, so no worrying about things getting stinky. Available in gray, brown, and black.

Duckfeet USA, Århus Boots — $318.00

Available sizes: Women’s 4-12, in half sizes.

Prefer the timeless look of leather? The pebbled leather boots are lined with European sheep wool and sold in a variety of bright and neutral colors (including a vibrant pink, which is nothing short of head-turning). The top-rated Scandi-style boots can be worn tall or rolled over, and have laces for extra tailoring.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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