11 Apps That Turn Your Phone Into Your Very Own Personal Trainer

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If you don't have Kim Kardashian West’s personal trainer on speed dial (causal), you can still use your phone—or Apple Watch—to ring in a killer workout.

Whether you want to lift weights, master bodyweight movements, learn new exercises, or become a marathon runner, there’s a personal training app for that—and we've rounded up our favorites, below.

C25K 2

What it does: This running app coaches users from couch to 5K (C25K, get it?) with an eight-week training program.

What it costs: Free for download; $4.99 for the pro edition

What sets it apart: It pairs with your Apple playlist or gives you the option to download the Zen Power Playlist, which further inspires an all-out push through your run. What’s more, once you wrap up the C25K program, you have the option to download the 10K, 13.1, or 26.2 trainer apps.


What it does: Choose your certified personal trainer, and then they’ll supply home and gym workouts built specifically for your goals, level, and body type.

What it costs: Free trial; $49.99 per month thereafter

What sets it apart: Where other apps let you choose pre-made workouts from CPTs, this app pairs you with a trainer to create customized plans specifically for your goals. Whether you want to manage your weight, tone up, or get stronger, they’ll be able to help and encourage you along the way.

Future Fitness
Future Fitness

What it does: Get on demand access to a personal trainer who will build and suggest workouts tailored to your body type and fitness goals.

What it costs: Free to download; $149.99 for membership

What sets it apart: The app allows you to check in with your trainer in real time via texting and FaceTime. You can also reschedule any planned training sessions without any cancellation fees. Plus, it connects to your Apple Watch to monitor all physical activity. For a in-depth breakdown on the app’s highlights and how it works day-to-day, check here.

streaks workout
Streaks Workout

What it does: This accountability tracker has 30 equipment-free exercises to choose from, which you can then incorporate into a 6-, 12-, 18-, or 30-minute workout alongside other exercises.

What it costs: $3.99

What sets it apart: Where many PT apps provide you with the movements, this one takes the time to track daily workouts in a visually appealing way that keeps tabs on your progress. And, since you won’t want to break a streak, you’ll be more likely to stick with your workouts.

Tone It Up
Tone It Up

What it does: Fitness lovers can come together digitally and experience a sense of community while checking into daily workouts led by top-tier trainers. It includes HIIT, yoga, barre, kickboxing, kettlebell, cardio, and even pregnancy workouts.

What it costs: Free 7-day trial; $12.99 per month for studio membership or $83.99 per year

What sets it apart: Within the app you have the option to message other members who are checked in to the same workouts as you. As such, you can pen-pal with fitness lovers all over the world to cheer each other on.

Skimble Workout Trainer

What it does: Skimble offers thousands of workouts, along with instructional images, videos, and gifs.

What it costs: Free for download; $6.99 per month for PRO+ subscription

What sets it apart: The app not only tells you which exercises to perform and how to execute them, it also tracks your heart rate while doing them, exhibiting the target zones (like in Orangetheory) to encourage you to push your limits.


What it does: Featuring thousands of audio-guided workouts—running, cycling, lifting, or stretching—along with programs for every level, Aaptiv truly has something for everyone.

What it costs: Free for download; $9.99 for unlimited on-demand classes or $99.99 per year

What sets it apart: Unlike other apps, Aaptiv adds over 30 new workouts each and every week, so you’ll never have to worry about getting bored or hitting a plateau.

Pear sports
PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

What it does: Provides users with real-time personal training from Olympians and world champions. PEAR also offers video content to ensure proper form and modification options.

What it costs: Free for download; $5.99 monthly or $39.99 annually

What sets it apart: The app pairs to the Apple Watch so that you can download your favorite PEAR workout, track distance, monitor calories burned, and witness your heart rate in real time.


What it does: Offers curated workouts from trainers and the option to mix and match exercises into your own custom routine. Each exercise comes with an instructional video so that you can perfect your form while aiming to accomplish your goals.

What it costs: Free for download; $12.99 per month

What sets it apart: In between workouts, the app will make small adjustments to your sets and reps to help you maximize your gains and minimize the chance of plateaus.


What it does: Fitplan puts workouts by some of the industry’s top fitness instructors right at your fingertips.

What it costs: All single day workouts are free; unlimited subscriptions ring in at $15.99 monthly, $38.99 quarterly, or $83.99 annually

What sets it apart: The instructors within the app are well-known names within the industry. So, if scoring a Karjenner physique is the goal, click over to Kim K’s PT Melissa Alcantara and choose a workout from her page.


What it does: This augmented reality app logs sets, reps, rest times, progress photos, and more, as well as highlights every muscle targeted in a workout.

What it costs: Free to download; $3.99 per month or $31.99 yearly

What sets it apart: The app shows which muscles are in rest mode and indicates when a muscle is 100-percent rested so that you can be absolutely certain when it’s safe to add it into an upcoming workout.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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