The 10 People to Follow on Snapchat for Seriously Awesome Workouts

Photo: Instagram/@koyawebb
If you've worn out the play button on YouTube, scroll-exhausted the #fitspo in your Insta feed, and you're looking for a new workout source, consider Snapchat. Yes, really: The social media app that allows you to use fun filters and share your latest adventures with your friends is not just Instagram's unpolished cousin; it's also the ideal place to showcase hot and heavy sweat sessions.

Because your Snapchat story only lives on the app for 24 hours, there's less pressure (your Instas are there forever), so there's no need to worry about posing with your highlighter and braided ponytail perfectly in place. In fact, keeping it real is encouraged.

Plenty of Well+Good-approved fitness trainers and stars are documenting their workouts on the in-the-moment app, where everything feels a bit more exclusive and behind-the-scenes. Whether you're watching a buzzy instructor push clients through a tough set of reps or an it-girl documenting just how intense her a.m. workout really is, you'll get that fly-on-the-wall element that Snapchat nails so well. Not to mention trainer-quality moves straight to your phone, so you can try them when you hit the gym. (Or from the living room—no judgement.)

Read on for the 10 people to follow on Snapchat for some unfiltered #fitspo.

hannah bronfman
Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman

1. Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbgood)

The wellness influencer and fitness aficionado has always documented her workouts on her impeccably curated Instagram—but that can only show so much. On her Snapchat, you'll find videos of her actually sweating through jump squats, lunges, and various dynamic (and impressive) moves at studios around New York City (including current fave modelFIT) or poolside in the Hamptons.

tone it up snapchat
Photo: Instagram/@toneitup

2. The Tone It Up duo (@karenakatrina)

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn are known for their beach workouts and nutrition plan, which is followed by thousands of women (the #TIUTeam). On their Snapchat, you'll find plenty of behind-the-scenes videos of the workouts they film for their program—plus some cute athleisure outfit inspo and workout hairstyles to copy, stat.

emily skye
Photo: Instagram/@emilyskyefit

3. Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

Emily Skye—a super-fit Australian who has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and her own F.I.T. program—is always sharing her strength training-focused workouts that you can do at the gym (or even at home—score!). If you follow her Snapchat, you'll see funny rants, healthy meals, and easy-to-follow moves to add to your regimen (which is how she got that respectable six-pack she shows off in almost every shot).

anna victoria
Photo: Instagram/@annavictoria

4. Anna Victoria (@annavictoriafit)

The Instagram fitness star loves inspiring her followers to be their healthiest selves, and on Snapchat she regularly puts out the call for sweaty selfies. (Gotta love a bit of mass motivation.) Watch for her funny snaps from inside her local gym (which is in Rome, Italy—try not to be too jealous), where those around her spend most of their time watching TV as she sweats it out.

lyzabeth lopez
Photo: Instagram/@lyzabethlopez

5. Lyzabeth Lopez (@lyzabethlopez)

Holistic nutritionist and creator of the Hourglass Workout, Lyzabeth Lopez Snapchats behind-the-scenes looks at her video shoots as well as training sessions where she pushes clients through glute-burning workouts using battle ropes and jumping lunges. Your quads will hurt just watching.

joe holder
Photo Instagram/@ochosystem

6. Joe Holder (@jholder88)

Joe Holder is a Nike master trainer at S10, and on his Snapchat you'll see thorough walk-throughs of the moves he (and his clients) do in the NYC studio. Expect lots of resistance band work, upgraded planks, and creative strength training exercises that will give you great gym inspo, along with relatable snippets about his commute.

koya webb snapchat
Photo: Instagram/@koyawebb

7. Koya Webb (@koyawebb)

Koya Webb's Snapchat is your chance to vicariously experience full-on glamour yoga. The holistic health coach and instructor travels all over the world—and documents herself mid-vinyasa no matter where she ends up. Whether it's mid-hike on a scenic mountain or on a boat in Greece, you'll catch plenty of inspo for your next flow.

kirsty godso
Photo: Instagram/@kirstygodso

8. Kirsty Godso (@kirstygodso)

Kristy Godso's another Nike master trainer, and it shows: She snaps herself in early-morning gym sessions (often with her boyfriend) doing enviable dynamic exercises (in cute leggings, natch). Besides her seriously awesome workouts around NYC, expect to see healthy drool-inducing dishes and cameos from trainer pals like Holder (above).

khloe kourtney kardashian
Photo: Instagram/@khloekardashian

9. Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian

I know, they're Kardashians (which make some people kringe)—but these two sisters religiously post boot camp videos with trainer Don Brooks, which should make any sweat-lover a little excited. Whether they're swinging kettlebells, jumping rope, or doing sprints, the two give details on the reps so you can choose to do the same moves yourself—and, honestly, they're so intense I'm dying to try them.

Photo: Instagram/@wellandgoodnyc

10. Well+Good (@WellandGood)

And, duh, you should follow us on Snapchat—where you'll get a glimpse of the coolest studios around NYC, the workout events we box or vinyasa our way through (last week we spent our evening spinning to Beyoncé on an IMAX screen), and the impromptu lunch breaks spent doing burpees before we grab Sweetgreen. There's never a dull moment in our HQ....

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