How Bethany Meyers Proves Self Expression Is the New Fitness Goal

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If you go to bed dreading your a.m. sweat sesh, the problem probably isn't you—it's your workout. (Forcing yourself to grind out burpees when you really, really hate them is the worst.)

Bethany Meyers is here to change all that. The SLT alum and creator of the newly launched be.come method (with IRL classes at Studio B in New York City and online workouts hitting her legion of fans on Instagram now) wants to prove that moving your body shouldn't be punishment—but an exercise in joy.

"There are times when I want to move, I want to go, I want to be determined, I want to express," Meyers says, adding that it's all about balance. "Then there are times when I want to be still and rest and recover."

"I want to move, I want to go, I want to be determined, I want to express."

To demonstrate, we tapped Meyers to show off her body-bending techniques all over the streets of NYC in the first episode of our buzzy video series with ASICS, all about movers who are forging their own path.

So what goes into the moves you can watch above? Yoga, Pilates, and strength-training with a dose of real talk, making the Meyers cocktail a master class in empowerment. Her intuitive-movement method aims to help you improve alignment, stand stronger, and generally become (get it?) the best version of yourself.

And style plays no small part in this equation. An outspoken feminist, Meyers considers activewear a vehicle through which she expresses this philosophy to the world. Whether it's pretty pastel bra-and-legging duos,  sleek body suits, or edgy zip-ups, every decision in her uniform plays a part.

Watch her video for more empowering advice (and mesmerizing moves), and shop Meyers' activewear picks below.

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