The Genius Way This Fitness Star Turns Her a.M. Into a Dog-Friendly Dance Party


Welcome to Our Morning Routine, a spin on our cult-fave series about the a.m. rituals of wellness gurus—now featuring pets, too. We teamed up with ORGANIX®, the ultimate source for organically certified pet food, to get all the details of how healthy pet parents handle the morning rush.

Bethany Meyers and Papa
SLT instructor and fitness influencer; Chihuahua-Papillon mix and expert subway rider

I usually wake up at 8 a.m., depending on what time I'm teaching class. Papa sleeps in bed with me under the covers, tucked into my belly. He's really a big morning dog—he’s super loving in the morning and he’s really cuddly. Lots of make-out sessions.

I keep a book of poetry by my bed and usually read a few lines before my feet hit the floor. Currently by my bed is Seeds Planted in Concrete by Bianca Sparacino and Your Soul is a River by Nikita Gill. Then I take a Lumity Life vitamin —it’s good for your skin, and it’s all about beauty from the inside out. I also take an apple cider vinegar shot.

I always have an almond milk latte with honey. I usually have greek yogurt with granola, fruit, and coconut flakes. I love fruit because I’m a sugar junkie, so fruit is a good option for me without going crazy. I choose fruit seasonally, so right now I’m using tons of pears and apples, but in the summer it’s tons of mangoes and berries.

"If we’re keeping ourselves healthy by what we eat, then our dogs should, too."

I feed Papa ORGANIX® all the time. He’s like my child. There was a time when I didn’t use good dog food—I just thought dog food was dog food. But I pay so much attention to every single thing I put in my body. So I started paying more attention to dog foods, and a lot of them, it’s not even real stuff they’re putting into the food. In each ORGANIX® recipe, the number one ingredient is always organic free-range chicken or turkey, real salmon, or lamb. Papa is five years old this month, and I feel like like this is an easy decision. If we’re keeping ourselves healthy by what we eat, then our dogs should, too.

Photo: Ryan Brady for Well+Good
Photo: Ryan Brady for Well+Good

Papa is a really communicative dog. He has a for sure point of view. When you talk to him, he looks back and answers. When he wants his food, he goes over to the metal trash can and paws at the trash can, and it makes a really loud noise. And he’ll stay there pawing at it until I feed him. He doesn’t mess around.

My source of meditation is always in movement. That’s the release—when I’m able to let myself go. So for me, that time in my house when the candles and incense are lit and I’m in my home space, that is the meditation process for me. I love palo santo and copal, and I usually listen to classical music in the morning since my day is spent blasting workout beats. I always dedicate time to thinking of sequences for my classes, filming for my Instagram, or dancing on my picnic table. Papa comes up and dances on the picnic table, too

I always wash my face in the morning with a Skin Laundry cleanser, and then I use argan oil as a moisturizer. I use coconut oil in the shower and then when I rinse off, it’s like I’m already moisturized. I also love Way of Will oils, which are formulated for active people. I always do my makeup sitting down at my vanity, which is my time to check in with myself.

Papa usually comes with me during my day. He has a little carrier bag that he loves, and any time I go to take a yoga class or my own workout class, Papa is with me. He just sleeps through the yoga class and doesn’t make a noise and doesn’t come out of his bag. He’ll even go to SoulCycle class with me. He’s definitely my buddy. 

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Top photo: Ryan Brady for Well+Good 

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