Beyoncé Doesn’t Get *Nearly* Enough Credit (As a Health Hero)

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Truth be told: The long weekend seriously should have been four days instead of three. Because, if we lived in a matriarchal society, September 4 would be a national holiday—no question.  Today, Beyoncé Knowles, also known as Queen B, or *the* Queen, period, reaches the 37-year milestone of serenading (and schooling) the universe about womanhood.

Almost 21 years have passed since Destiny's Child's debut single "No, No, No Pt. 1" hit radio airwaves, and since then, Knowles has dropped an abundance of valuable #lifelessons in perfect pitch. Among them, the power of unwavering perseverance ("I'm a survivor (what), I'm not gon' give up"), the art of achieving boss babe independence ("We're smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business"), and how to break up, Sasha Fierce-style ("Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him boy, bye").

The voice of the 21st century has an entire internet army celebrating her day in, day out—but I would say she actually deserves even more, for her ahead-of-the-curve health habits. So let's celebrate her wellness resumé: Pour yourself a tall glass of Ayurvedic lemonade, and send up some praise hands for Beyoncé's constant push to be better. (After all, blowing people's minds for two hours straight on the stage takes fitness.)

beyonces birthday
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1. She has total heart eyes for kale

Back in 2014, when the cruciferous veggie was just tip-toeing onto the wellness scene to rival spinach as everyone's salad base MVP, Queen B wore a "KALE"  sweatshirt in her 7/11 music video. (Talk about the ultimate celebrity endorsement.)

2. She was literally all of us in a SoulCycle class

Just six weeks after giving birth to her twins Rumi and Sir in 2017, the star clipped into a bike for Angela Davis' SoulCycle class. Sources told E! that the icon was “totally into the music and bopping her head and grooving along," and that she crushed the weights section like a pro. Although we weren't present, we're willing to be that 1. Beyoncé sneezed at some point of the spin sesh and the beat got sicker, and 2. This is how the whole experience probably went down in GIFs.

3. She believes in whimsical cross-training

While powering through a 45-minute indoor bike ride is one of her fave ways to sweat, Beyoncé took a breather last year to hit the roller skating rink. Of course, her Instagram post included twerking while skating backwards. You know, just a day in the life.

4. She's into plant power

Ever since completing Marco Borges' 22-day eating plan, Beyoncé has been vegan on and off for years. Most recently, she used an all-veg-and-grain diet to prepare for her ***Flawless Coachella performance in April of this year. It's safe to say that no-harm nutrition has Bey feeling (and fueling) herself.

5. She dropped 11 major lessons to live by in Lemonade

When Beyonce's 6th solo album started streaming in 2016, everyone's wish to have a direct advice hotline to the singer came true overnight. The line-up of anthem after anthem preaches the necessity of feeling your feelings, assembling your power squad, remembering that you can always change your mind, and so much more.

Above all, the artist preaches the importance of being "Crazy in Love" with every aspect of life, the triumphs and the heartbreaks. She's here to remind you that—no matter what—you can totally handle this.

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