For a Holiday With an Extra Helping of #GirlPower, Beyoncé Decor Is Here

Although there will always be disagreements regarding the best holiday desserts (I'm staunchly pro gingerbread) and the proper way to stuff a turkey, one of the few sure things in life upon which all folks can agree is Beyoncé. The Beyhive controls basically the entire world—the kale lobby and SoulCycle fiends included—and there's nearly no one among us who can resist singing along to Destiny's Child classic tunes. Even during the holidays, Bey is there for us. Swoon.

This year, your seasonal decorations can do more than just shimmer: They can (and should!) imbue your home with a vibe that celebrates strong women, i.e.,  our musical savior and sister, Beyoncé. The time to celebrate women redefining what it means to be an icon while simultaneously dismantling the patriarchy piece by piece is, well, always.

Scroll below to see for Beyoncé-themed holiday decor.

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