Watch Beyoncé’s Historic Coachella Performance for Girl-Power Vibes to Fuel Your Week

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When Beyoncé took the stage at Coachella over the weekend, members of the Beyhive likely knew they were in for the type of high-vibe, fierce show the artist is known for. But the fans might not have realized they were about to watch history be made: Queen Bey became the first black woman to headline Coachella, the California-set annual music festival that first began in 1999. And she even invited her squad to make a surprise appearance.


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For nearly two hours, Beyoncé busted out her top hits including "Crazy in Love," alongside a marching band, and "Lemonade," surrounded by step dancers. The reasoning behind the performance's collegiate theme became clear today when the artist announced that her newly formed BeyGOOD initiative would provide $100,000 in scholarship funding to students at historically black colleges.

Beyond those sky-high good vibes, the Coachella show also provided all the girl-power energy you could possibly need to kick off a great week via a surprise reunion. Beyoncé brought out her Destiny's Child ladies—Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams—to completely slay their '90s hits "Say My Name," "Soldier," and "Lose My Breath" as a group. Yeah, no one was ready for that jelly.

If you couldn't make it to Indio, CA, to see Beyoncé's history-making show up close and personal, don't worry: You can relive the magic from anywhere. Let this video inspire you to get after it this week—Mercury is finally out of retrograde, after all!

Watch Beyoncé's history-making Coachella performance below.

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