The Surprising Place You May Find Beyoncé Breaking a Sweat

Photo: Instagram/@beyonce
Last week, Beyoncé was spotted breaking a postnatal sweat at SoulCycle. Now, the new mom of three has upped her wheel game, going from a stationary Next Gen bike to a pair of roller skates.

Over the weekend, the queen posted an uncaptioned Instagram video of herself rocking out at the World on Wheels skating rink in Venice, CA. And, unsurprisingly, Bey's got moves on wheels.

The expertly pieced-together Vine-like video, set to "Caroline" by Aminé (a song in which, naturally, Beyoncé gets a shout-out), shows the Lemonade leading lady (sans Jay-Z and the #beybies) cruising forward, backward, and sideways, donning ripped jeans, a pile of necklaces, and this Amiri "Black Magic" t-shirt (and, at one point, a giggle-inducing face filter).

So is the roller rink the new spin class? Whatever you say, Bey.

When she's not blading or SoulCycling, here's the workout Beyoncé swears by. And it's safe to assume she does so while wearing all of this

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