The Best Part of Beyoncé’s Twin Reveal Photo (Besides the Babies, of Course)

That backdrop deserves a mic drop of its own.
The veil is back. The floral arch is back. And with 7 million likes and counting, that can only mean one thing: The Carter twins have officially made their Instagram debut.

Last night, while most of you were sleeping, Beyoncé introduced the world to Sir Carter and Rumi, her one-month-old twins with husband Jay Z. In true Queen Bey fashion, she hasn't offered up any additional details about the #beybies. It's clear from the photo, though, that the little guy and gal are angelic—and the singer's ethereal robe definitely falls under the dreamy cover-up category. The real scene stealer here, however (if that's even possible), is the blooming backdrop she's standing in front of.

These stunning backdrops aren't just for the rich, famous, and internet-breaking. You can make one, too.

Massive floral arrangements make for a perfect #nofilterneeded Insta-accessory. (Remember Kanye West's rose wall for Kim Kardashian?) But these stunning backdrops aren't just for the rich, famous, and internet-breaking. You can make one, too—it just takes lots of flowers, wire, and a bit of time. Plus, a few pro tips couldn't hurt.

"It looks like there are probably two ways they could have constructed this: either with a store-bought metal arch or...their own wooden frame," celebrity florist Michael Putnam tells Vogue.

Once you've procured your foundation, "go in with a base greenery plant and wire it into the entire structure," he continues. "It looks like they used ferns and eucalyptus, but you can really use any type of foliage." From there, add your filler flowers, then add the larger blooms on top, followed by any delicate specialty stems. (Putnam says Bey's OG arch used roses, peonies, orchids, and poppies.) And if you want to one-up the icon, add the only thing missing from her picture: a crystal crown.

Flowers aren't just great for photo ops. You can use their essences to boost your mood and essential oils to heal your heartbreak—just like Miranda Kerr

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