Beyoncé Really Said ‘Virgos Can Be Sexy, Too’—And This Astrologer Backs Her 100%

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The neat freak. The wellness whiz. The methodical mastermind. All of these reflect archetypal traits of Virgo, exaggerated to the level of near-cliché stereotypes. But, the sensual flirt? Not so much—well, at least up until Beyoncé (who is, yes, a Virgo) dropped her latest album on Friday. Renaissance, her first album in six years, features a vibe-y bop called none other than "Virgo’s Groove," which displays an often-hidden side of Virgo: a deep, sexy, pleasure-loving side.

To understand why the energy and lyrics of “Virgo’s Groove” (“Baby come over…Come and move me through the night”) came as a surprise to many—especially given its release in the classically sexy Leo season—it’s helpful to know how Virgo is typically perceived and why. Ruling over the sixth house of daily rituals and health, Virgo is undoubtedly detail-oriented. Thanks to its rulership by intellect-oriented Mercury, it’s also a sign of analytical thought and precision. Together, these descriptors have inspired some common tropes about Virgos—“that they’re shy, demure, and pure,” says astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss, “all of which can be way off the mark, as Beyoncé shows us.”

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So, what's the real meaning of "Virgo's Groove," and what does it divulge about Virgos themselves? “The truth is that a Virgo sun like Beyoncé’s can reveal a secret, super-sexy vixen within,” says Weiss. On the one hand, Virgo’s ties to physical wellness and health make them “all about the mind-body connection,” Weiss previously told Well+Good. And tapping into this loop is key to sensuality. On the other hand, Virgos naturally tend toward perfectionism (as evidenced by all that detail-oriented thinking) and typically love to be of service, says Weiss, “both of which can make them very good in bed.” After all, wouldn’t you want to get it on with a partner thoughtful and methodical enough to, ahem, cover all your sexual bases?

“The truth is that a Virgo sun like Beyoncé’s can reveal a secret, super-sexy vixen within.” —Stefanie Iris Weiss, astrologer

In the case of Beyoncé, this Virgo-esque perfectionism has long been evident, says Weiss. “Every photo, every lyric, every choice she’s ever made to collaborate—it’s all very well thought-out and deliberate, which is extremely Virgoan.” But at the same time, Virgos tend to keep the sexy, pleasure-forward side of themselves private, and show it off just to their lovers. “Virgos are consummate compartmentalizers,” says Weiss. Just take Beyoncé’s longtime alter ego Sasha Fierce, a powerful sex icon whom she has claimed to embody on stage, while also saying that this wasn't who she was in real life at all.

Now, as Beyoncé has wholly come into her own—and moved through the growth-inducing phase of her Saturn return—it’s clear that she no longer feels the need to hide behind a persona. That trajectory is common for many Virgos, says Weiss. “As a Virgo grows older and more confident, they tend to feel brave enough to share the hidden parts of themselves.” This comes through clearly in "Virgo's Groove," as the singer admits to her lover that while they don't have "time" like they used to (acknowledging changes to their lives over the years), she needs more "you on me and me on you." And then proceeds to be...pretty explicit about what that would entail.

As such, the “overt, oozing, shame-free sexuality” of Renaissance makes total astrological sense, says Weiss, as does Beyoncé’s comfort with embracing and even celebrating her own sexy Virgoan *groove.* (We got hints of this transformation in earlier songs, like "Partition" and "Blow" from her self-titled fifth album, but Renaissance seems to be the fruit of her complete evolution.)

Part of this Virgo growth is likely also tied to how she’s learned to embody her shadow side (aka her opposite sign), which is Pisces. “The shadow is the part of our subconscious mind that we keep under wraps or struggle to acknowledge, understand, and accept,” says Weiss. “For Beyoncé’s Virgo sun, growing up and into her powerful, sex-positive self also requires integrating that Piscean pleasure-loving, boundary-less dreamscape.” And for any Virgo, embodying your whole essence may also involve embracing some of that opposite energy of Pisces—the sign most associated with free love.

That’s precisely what Renaissance reflects, in Weiss’s eyes: “By sending up both queer culture and church culture, and embracing almost too many musical influences to name, Beyoncé really dives into the undulating rainbow of the Piscean collective unconscious.” Translation: This is Beyoncé at her most open and honest yet—and a fabulous display of the full, ever-so-sensual potential of Virgo to boot.

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